My wife confessed me how she cheated me. First timThis is a true story, based on all the details my wife confessed me about when she cheated on me.She confessed me that she cheated me many times with her work colleague when I was traveling for work, but now I write about the details of the first time she cheated me.When I returned from my trip and she confessed me her infidelity, I confessed her that turn me on to know more. My wife was surprised, and began to tell me everything from the beginning.I wanted to know also how she was dressed. She told me that she went to work that day with this clothes:One day, after work, my wife went with eryaman escort some coworkers to a bar. There my wife got drunk and accept the invitation of her new coworker to his home. He was a young guy, and allways tried to fuck my wife but she refused and told him she was married.Once in his house, he directly approached my wife and without saying amything he began to touch her assShe confessed me she was so wet, because she needed sex and I was out on a work trip, and he was a muscular 18 year old pretty guy. While he was touching her ass, she began to kiss him and she bagan to touch his hard cock.She wanted to feel his hard cock escort eryaman in her mouth from the moment she touched it, so she knelt in front of him while he was standing and she began to lick all his cock with her tongue.Then she told me that she started to suck his balls that were shaved and she was excited by the fact that he was shaved she confessed me.Meanwhile he took off her clothes, she was on her knees with her underwear, when he took her by her head and slowly began to fuck her mouth while he said her to look at his eyes.In that moment my wife’s phone started ringing because I was calling her, but she did not answer eryaman escort bayan me, and now i know that she was being facefucked by her younger coworker.At that moment when the k** realizes that her husband was calling her, he got harder because of the situation and started to fuck her mouth faster and deeper.She confessed me that after my call the k** fucked her mouth a long time until he cum a lot all over her face and hair without asked her anything.That was the first time someone cum on my wife’s face… I had never done it because she didn’t want to. She confessed me that she had an ambiguous feeling, because she was disgusted but at the same time she was very excited by the fact of being unfaithful with a young guy that used her like that without asking anything.That was only the first time. If i have time i’ll upload more of her experiencies.Comment all you want.



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