My Slave, Her Maste. (Part 2)Hannah’s slave weekend wasn’t over. Monday Morning Rich had one last suprise for hannah when they arrived at Sea-Tac Airport to pick up her sister, Samantha. He presented a pink vibrating egg, This request had been for her to wear the vibrating egg and go through Sea-Tac Airport terminal where her sister would already be waiting. Hannah was to visit the shops, and he was to control the pleasure she was getting.Rich ordered he to insert the egg in the truck while in the parking lot of the airport where people was coming and going as the picked up or droped off loved ones. Hannah lifed her skirt and moved the crotch of her panties aside, She fingered her possy to get it wet enough to create a lube effect to insert the egg. Rich gave her a few minutes to walk ahead of him before he folloed her. Hannah was walking through the mall, alone – but she know he’s watching her from somewhere. He can’t be too far away, considering… well, the remote that controls the vibrating egg he’d made her wear. Hannah was reluctant to oblige the request, because she was his slave, even if it’s after the weekend. But the look in his eyes made her do it anyway. Hannah couldn’t deny a request, not from him.Even if the egg wasn’t turned on yet, Hannah certainly was. She could feel the lips of her pussy moving as she walked; they were already very wet. Hannah couldn’t hide her blush, knowing that the egg hidden in her core could start vibrating at any moment, as if it wasn’t already enough to just wear it in a crowded public place.Hannah had no idea where he was in the over-crowded airport, but she could sense his eyes on her, taking in her flushed face, her legs in the skirt she’d decided to wear. At least then she would appear to walk normally. Hannah was wearing a padded bra to cover her C-cups, so no one would be able to see her hard nipples. The downside being that they were trapped, and the pressure and friction gave her constant pleasure.Entering one of the stores, Hannah felt the egg being turned on. A mewl escaped kurtköy escort her lips, which she quickly hid by pretending to cough. “Damn it. Why couldn’t she control her reactions to any kind of sexual stimulation?” she thought to herself. She immediately decided that she was going to work on that, though that wouldn’t help with her current situation. She went over to a rack of magazines, making sure most of my body and face were hidden as she pretended to flip through the Star. If only she could see him – walk up to him. That was the ultimate goal. Hannah had to find him. Then he’d take her somewhere private and give her release. If she were to cum before that… suffice it to say it’d include more public actions.But she couldn’t control it. And she wasn’t sure she wanted to. The fact that people could see her, could catch her while being sexually stimulated, was definitely a turn on. Hannah knew he wanted her to get caught, to see what would happen and how she’d react. She desperately didn’t want to give him that pleasure.Doing her best to ignore the vibrations, Hannah focused on the magazine. A moan escaped her lips as the vibrations were turned up. She blushed deeply, put the magazine back and had to leave the store. Hannah’s breathing was heavy as she scoured the area. I really had to find him.Hannah walked as quickly as the vibrations allowed her, as quickly as she could while still keeping the egg inside her. Not in the coffee shop, not in the cafe, not anywhere in sight. He had to be hiding in the crowd. As Hannah passed a shop the sold clothes, the vibrations were turned up again. She covered her mouth with her hand, biting down to stifle a moan. He didn’t want me to go in there, did he? Hannah thought. So Hannah entered the store, looking around. The vibrations were turned up again. Hannah steadied herself against the wall as her knees felt like they’d buckle under her. She moaned again. There was no way that anyone who’d heard that would not recognise it as a sound of pleasure. maltepe escort To Hannah’s suprise, her twin sister, Samantha came to her. Samantha was browsing while waiting for the pick up. Samantha raised an eyebrow. “Are you okay, sis?””Fine,” Hannah managed to say, her voice at an abornmal high pitch. “Have you seen Rich around? I really need to…”The vibrations were turned up again, so she quickly turned away from Samantha and bit on her cheek this time. She could feel her orgasm getting closer by the second now, as blood filled her mouth. She’d bitten too hard.”I’m really wondering what’s stimulating your pussy right now,” Samantha answered with a grin, her hand reaching down to Hannah’s skirt. “Mind if I?”Samantha lifted her skirt, finding her soaked panties. With one quick motion, she moved them aside and pulled on the string hanging out between her sister’s pussy lips. The movement made another moan escape Hannah’s lips, followed by a whimper as the pleasure stopped.”Ooh, A vibrating egg. I wonder who’s controlling that,” she mused, bringing the toy up to her lips and licking it slowly, looking in Hannah’s eyes. “Guess whoever it is in for a treat, huh?” She lowered the toy again, putting it against Hannah’s lips. “Or am I?”A louder moan escaped Hannah’s lips, the vibrations now reaching her clit. Samantha removed the toy, pulling Hannah away from the front of the store and to the fitting rooms. She slipped inside one, pushing Hannah against the wall and kissing her roughly. “I missed you so much,” she added as she broke the kiss.Hannah’s eyes had been closed, and as she opened them, Rich was standing behind her.”Have you been working on your orgasm control? I was sure that the public setting and the vibrations would be enough to make you cum long before now,” he said. “I don’t get to do this often.”Hannah was surprised, her eyes wide, juices dripping down her legs. “Wha-” but she was interrupted by Samantha licking along her slit.”You’ll see what,” her sister whispered as he leaned kartal escort in to kiss her, her sister’s tongue still working its way between her pussy lips. Hannah moaned into the kiss, unable to keep quiet any more than she was with the vibrator – especially now there were two working their magic on her.Soon Hannah’s skirt and panties were discarded, as well as the blouse she’d been wearing. Her nipples were being assaulted by Rich, loud moans sounding through the fitting room and probably the rest of the store as Hannah was getting close to orgasm. “Please, make me cum.”Happily, Rich and her sister pleasing her body obliged, and soon she was a writhing, moaning mess as juices flowed from her pissy, muscles contracting as she orgasmed. Hannah kept moaning, the orgasm kept coming, her clit throbbing in Samantha’s mouth. Rich released his cock and pushing against Hannah’s lips, which she opened to welcome it and suck on it.Samantha also stripped naked, and Hannah was forced down on the ground. The room was just big enough for her to lay down, as Samantha positioned her pussy against Hannah’s and started grinding. Still sensitive, whimpers escaped Hannah’s mouth, soon turning into sounds of pleasure. The sounds were muffled by Rich’s cock in her mouth, which she started pleasing eagerly. Hannah tried to focus: sucking his cock deeply, tasting him, worked her tongue, moving it in circles, the way she knew he liked.Her sister was grinding her pussy against her sister’s pussy in a frenzy, filling the room with her moans – joined with those of Rich, fucking her face. Hannah’s own were muffled, but she was moaning the loudest as she felt juices that weren’t her’s trickling down to her ass, as Rich’s cum filled her mouth and she swollow most of it greedily.What Hannah couldn’t swallow covered her face with his cum. The sight of that apparently made Samantha go off. She thrust her clit roughly against Hannah and moaned, her words incomprehensible – and after orgasm, they abruptly stopped their assault. Hannah hadn’t gotten to come yet, both of them having been too focused on their own pleasure.”You did well, my love,” Rich panted, standing up, looking at her, a mess covered in love juices, longing for another orgasm, lying on the ground. “But you’re going to have to do better to be rewarded again.”



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