This is a fictious story all involved are over 18. Not for minors, that means anyone under the legal age in their country. If you can vote you can read.

I rushed home from school, the events of last night still fresh in my memory.

My sister Sarah had just had a massive orgasm spurting with such force I jumped. She wrapped her legs around my head, holding my face in the spurting streams that erupted from her convulsing pussy. My balls were painfully shrunken and my dick throbbing by that time. Once her orgasm subsided she growled at me “now you wipe up this mess with your clothes; and do my laundry when you wash them!” I bent over the slippery pool, her juices still dripping from my face; Sarah got up and walked towards the door. Thinking she was leaving I reached down to grab my dick, my hand barely grazed the tip, when I was shoved face first in the puddle. “And if you touch your dick even once I’ll break it! I’m going to take your toothbrush and stick it in your ass while you clean.” She punctuated this comment by prodding my asshole with her big toe. Well let me tell you, it istanbul escort felt like it took forever before I got into bed and was able to relieve my self in a sticky orgasm. I hoped she would let me fuck her tonight.

Our mother was already gone by the time I got home, Sarah was sitting in the living room watching TV. She looked like a toad, chubby, dull hair and a bad case of acne. Oh, what a perverted mind she had, blackmailing me into her sex slave. She used me for all her depraved and sick fetishes. Oh, I loved it so.

When she heard me come in she demanded to leave my clothing in the doorway and to lock the door behind me. “Well I see that you think this will be fun,” poking at my hard dick ” I think I’ll change your mind by the end of the night. Lay down.” I laid back and she positioned the chair near me. Roughly she grabbed my dick between her two feet and started to stroke my dripping dick. The way she held my dick between her feet was rough yet it made me come in a few minutes. As I was cumming, Sarah started to rub my cum all over her feet kabataş escort and in between her toes. Scraping my dick with her toenails.

“Now clean my feet you perverted little panty sniffer! And don’t forget about between the toes.” I went to work like a hungry dog lapping at her feet, slobbering all over them. “When you’re done with my feet, you’re going to go into the fridge and get me the margarine, a cucumber and a carrot.” Listing them with an incredulous grin growing on her face.

“Oh yeah, don’t forget the cayenne pepper.” I rushed to the kitchen and grabbed everything she wanted.

“Ok, now bend over you slut.” She yelled “I’m going to stick this carrot up your ass.” She then proceeded to smear the carrot in margarine and placed the carrot at the entrance to m asshole. My asshole had never had as much as a finger in it until my sister had started to abuse me. After a few minutes of fucking my ass with the carrot she grew bored and said “Ok, enough of this, we leave the carrot where it is, and your going to fuck my ass while I shove this kadıköy escort cucumber deep into my pussy!” With that she turned over and smeared the cucumber with margarine.

“Now make sure your dick is nice and slippery.” She had just begun to shove the cucumber into her hairy pussy. The cucumber slowly disappeared as I was smearing margarine and my dick and on her asshole. I thought I was going to cum before I even got the head of my dick in. She was moaning and grunting trying to make my dick go deeper in her ass, while at the same time I could feel the cucumber thru the thin membrane in her ass.

“Now fuck me hard little boy,” she screamed ” I want to cum all over the floor and watch you lick it up!” I was happy to oblige . I was going hard and strong until I looked down and seen my dick going in and out of her distended asshole. That did it for me the carrot popped out of my ass and I came screaming. Sarah orgasm was right after mine and ended in her spurting all over the floor.

“I didn’t tell you could cum in my ass,” she said “You get down here and suck every bit of your cum out my ass.”

Her asshole was still pulsating and dripping with cum. After ten minutes of sucking on her ass she said that was good enough. “Once you have the floor cleaned, my little bitch, I want you to make a salad with those vegetables. I hate to see good food go to waste!”



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