My sister is two years older than me. Two years and three months to be exact, We’ve always got along great. Perhaps it’s the age difference but I suspect it’s sports. We’ve both played every possible sport since we qualified for whatever peewee league existed in our area. So, she was busy doing her thing and I was busy with mine, we both supported each other, wanting the other to succeed on whatever team it might be at the moment. I’ve been pretty good and she’s been even better. I’m now a senior in high school and she’s at the local community college, about ready to move on to a major college next year.

I think it’s fair to say she’s a fox. She’s far from the butch dyke jock like some may think of. She’s been Prom Queen and Miss Something-or-other a couple times. She earns money modeling. Dark hair, great body, about 5’9″ tall, gorgeous face. I do all right too in looks. 6’2″, good shape, work out all the time, perhaps not movie star handsome but with the same dark hair and a face that’s definitely related to hers. We’re Irish heritage on both sides with green eyes and fair skin to go with the dark, almost black, hair.

But we’re different, too. She’s always had boy friends, dated a lot, is very outgoing. I think I’m almost afraid of girls. Can’t seem to know what to say when I’m around them. Lots of guy friends but no girl friends. I envy guys who seem to be able to just make out with any girl they see. In my senior year, already eighteen, I’ve finally got up the nerve to ask a girl for a date for the first time.

Karen’s very nice. Seems willing to put up with my being quiet. And she’s about as gorgeous as Sis. Blonde instead of dark and 5’5″ instead of 5’9″ but with a similar great body and a very pretty face. I’m supposed to pick her up at her house this Friday to go to a movie and then probably a snack or something. It scares me to death. What should I do exactly? I mean, I’m normal, at least sort of. I would hope to get around to having sex with a girl sometime and Karen would be perfect. But I don’t even know how to kiss, let alone fuck. And I have no idea of what to do to get her interested or how to go about the whole thing. I think most guys did this back in seventh grade but I never have.

Anyway, my sister, Sue, and I are sitting on the couch watching something dumb on TV. She seems to like it but it seems silly to me. A guy hugs this pretty girl and gives her a quick kiss. I never planned to but apparently my thought came out aloud.

“I wish I could do that.”

“Do what, Mikey?” Sue asks me.

“Oh, like that. Just casually hug a girl and kiss her. It seems like everyone can do that but I can’t.”

“Can’t hug? Can’t kiss? Why not?”

“I don’t know. It’s just I’ve never done it. I don’t know how. And I don’t have the nerve to do it.”

“You have a date tomorrow don’t you? And that’s what’s bothering you.”

“Well, yeah. I guess so.”

“Who with?”


“Little blonde Karen with glasses?”

“Well, yeah but she isn’t all that little any more and she doesn’t wear glasses any more. I think she’s pretty and she has a terrific body. I’m surprised she agreed to go out with me but from what I’ve seen, she really hasn’t dated a lot either.”

“If I remember, her parents are pretty strict. Probably scared off some dates.”

“Well, I’ve always got along with them. I don’t think they should be a problem. My problem is, how do I go about kissing her without scaring her and making her mad at me? And how do I move on to something more if I ever do manage to kiss her?”

“Well, the kissing part is easy.” She hunches herself over right next to me. “”You’re going to a movie with her, right?”


“O.k., pretend I’m her and we’re in the movie, sitting next to one another. Put your arm up around behind me, yeah, like that. Drop it a little so you’re holding my shoulder. Yeah, like that. I’ll be willing to bet she’ll lean to you and put her head on your shoulder, like I’m doing.”

She snuggles up next to me and leans my way and puts her head on my shoulder. “I think that’s what she’ll do. If, instead, she grabs your hand and tosses it back at you, well, you aren’t going to get anywhere anyway, so lets forget that. O.k., lean your head down some and kiss my face wherever you can, the side of my face maybe. “

I do as she said. I manage to kiss her cheek. She turns her head and looks at me. “I bet she’ll do what I just did. Now, kiss her on the lips. I mean, kiss me.”

I kiss her.

“No, Mikey. You’re not kissing the teacher or grandmother. Kiss her for real. Here, let me kiss you the way you’re supposed to kiss her.”

Her lips are soft and they push against my lips. Her lips seem to move a little. And she keeps kissing me, it isn’t just a peck. She stops. “Like that,” she says. “Now you try it on me.”

So I do. I try to do as she did. “Well, that’s better. A lot better. But it doesn’t seem like you really have any emotion behind it.”

“Well, you’re my sister.”

“Well, yeah. But just for the moment pretend I’m not. Pretend maltepe escort that I’m a girl that you want really bad.”

So I try again. I can actually feel my cock getting hard. “There,” she says. “That’s it. Kiss her like you want to. That was great Mikey. Now let’s try it again. This time, pretend you’ve already kissed her several times and you want to move on a little. O.k?”

She leans to me and kisses me. I kiss her back like I did before. She starts pushing her tongue between our lips. “What are you doing?” I ask her, breaking our kiss.

“I’m french kissing you. It’s sexy. It lets her know you’re interested in her as being sexy. She’ll probably let you, will even put her tongue into your mouth. You can sort of suck on each other’s tongues. So, let’s try it, o.k?”

So we kiss again and it actually is very sexy. I manage to get my tongue into her mouth, too. It’s a little messy, trading saliva, but it’s fine.

“O.k. Mikey, end of lesson. We keep this up and we’ll end up in bed and brothers and sisters aren’t supposed to do that. But just do like we just did. It’ll work. Let her respond, you don’t want to move ahead any faster than she’s willing for you to.”

She hunches herself over a couple feet away and we both start watching the TV again. But my mind is racing. I liked that, really liked it. I hope Karen does.

Karen does. It takes me awhile in the theater to get up my nerve to try it but it works. She kisses back pretty much as Sue had. Neither of us sees much of the rest of the movie and when the lights come on we both lean back and look at each other as if we wish it had stayed dark and we were still kissing. We then went and had coffee and some pie and talked. I’ve never talked to a girl as easy as I did with Karen. Another big, long kiss at her front door. She agrees to go out with me the following week.

Next day, Sue asks me how it went and seems happy when I tell her it was all perfect, thanks to her help. But then I spend several days worrying about what to do next with Karen. I can’t just keep kissing her, she’s going to want to move on but I have no idea what to do next. Thursday evening, Sue and I are again on the couch watching the same stupid program as we had the week before.

“What do I do next?” I asked her.

“Next?” she says. “What do you mean?”

“With Karen. We’ve kissed and she seems to like it. So now I need to go to the next step. What do I do next?”

“Mikey, most guys have gone through this on their own when they’re maybe fourteen. What you do next is feel her up a little.”

“Feel her where?”

She slides over next to me. “O.k., kiss me like we did last week.” So I do.

“I think you’ve gotten pretty good at that. Practice must help. Now, no girl likes to be too surprised or get mauled so whatever you do, be gentle and kind about it, like you like her. Now, we’re sitting her kissing. What do you do with the arm that’s not around my shoulders?”

“Well, as I think about it, I put it on her waist.”

“Do that.” I do. “Now, just take that hand and move it up onto my breast.” I do. “Gentle, I said. Don’t grab just feel it lightly.” I do. “That feels good. I bet Karen will think so, too. If she doesn’t, she’ll take your hand and move it away. I’m not sure because I’ve never done that. She probably means it but if she does that, kiss her some more and then try it again.” Through this, I’m softly holding her breast.

“Uh-huh, like that. You’re doing great. Now the question is, what next? You can’t just stay holding her like that for hours. If she’s letting you do that you need to try a little more.

Depending on what she’s wearing, you want to try and get your hand under her blouse or top onto some bare skin. Maybe unbutton a button, maybe pull her top up out of her skirt or pants, whatever.”

She’s wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I slip my hand up under her T-shirt and move it up until I can hold her breast again, over the brassiere she’s wearing. ‘Good move, Mikey. Comfortable, not scary. But now you have to get under the bra somehow. Most bras fasten in back. So move your hand around onto my back. Uh-huh, like that. Now just feel my back a little, run your hand up and down. Caress is the word, I think. You’re not giving me a massage you’re trying to tell me you like the feel of my skin.”

I do that. She feels great. I kiss her again as I caress her back. “Oh, yeah Mikey, like that. Now, feel the back of my bra strap, find the hooks. You’ve got to do this one handed if possible. You want to pull the hooks out of their holders or eyes.” I try. “No, don’t break them, just slide them out. Yeah, you did it.” I’m now running my hand up and down on her bare back. I kiss her again. She takes my arm and pulls on it a little and I realize she’s trying to get me to move it around to her front and onto her breast again. So I do that, onto her stomach and then up some, sliding under the loose bra and holding her bare breast.”

“Mikey you’re a natural. Now move your hand a little and find my nipple. Yeah, Rub it between mecidiyeköy escort your fingers. Yeah. Pull on it a little. Oh my, Mikey. I think that’s the end of the lesson. I may have taught you too much because you’re turning me on and you’re my brother. In fact, I need to go to my room and use some of my toys.” She pulls away from me and stands up and leaves. I watch her go, realizing that’s she really is a gorgeous, sexy girl.

In the movie the next night, Karen and I are kissing right off the bat. It takes me half the movie or more to get the nerve to try what Sue had suggested to me but it works. Karen doesn’t have on a T-shirt, I have to unbutton it a little but the result is the same. It takes me even longer to get her bra unfastened but she leans forward a little to give me room and I do it. In a little while, I’m holding her bare breast, playing with her nipple. She uses her one hand to grab my cock. I have on underwear and pants so she’s feeling it outside all that material but she’s grabbing and moving her hand and figuring out what I’ve got there. I’m hard as a rock. She’s not nearly as gentle as I’ve been.

“Michael,” she says. “Kiss my breast, suck it.” I pull my hand out for a moment and unfasten two more buttons and then get my hand back on her breast and lean down to get my face to it. I kiss it like she asked. I get my tongue out and lick around on it, getting my tongue to her nipple. Then I get my lips onto her nipple and suck like she asked. She’s moaning and working her hand on my cock like mad. I think she’s going to make me cum. Then she leans her head against my shoulder. She’s almost biting my shoulder and I can hear her making a noise but muffling herself into my shoulder. Her whole body sort of jerks and jumps, her hips are jumping and she grabs my cock really hard and just holds it. Then she falls back almost like she’s fainting or something. I move my head back and look at her. She’s smiling.

We kiss again and the movie is over. She buttons her blouse and we get up and leave. I can tell, her bra is still unfastened and she doesn’t seem to care. She says, “I don’t really want any coffee or anything, why don’t we just get in your car and spend some time.”

It ends up that I suck on her breast and then the other one and we kiss a lot and she feels my cock through my pants and moans a lot. Then she does like she did before and stiffens and then faints sort of and says she needs to go home. At her front door we kiss and she tells me that next week her parents are going away and I should come over and we can just stay at her house instead of going to a movie.

The next day and Sunday both Sue and I work at our part time jobs and don’t see each other except as we eat or pass on our way in or out. Monday evening, she’s on the couch watching TV, another dumb show of some sort. I come in and say, “Sue, I have another problem.”

“Oh, Karen?” she asks and I nod yes. “How did it go last time?”

“Very good. I not only felt her breast but kissed it and sucked on the nipple. And then the other one.”

“You’re doing great Mikey. What did she do?”

“Well, she felt my cock a lot. Not bare, it was inside my pants. And the reason I sucked her nipples is that she asked me to.”

“Great, Mikey. I think she’s ready for more, don’t you?”

“I know she is. She told me that her parents are going away and she wants me to come over to her house and we’ll be alone and able to do whatever we want. So now I’m going to need to do a lot more that I don’t know how to do.”

Sue looks at me and grins. “That doesn’t strike me as a big problem. It should all come pretty natural. But if you can, get both of you naked in her bedroom. Or in some bedroom. Naked bodies pressing against each other is always really sexy. It turns me on just thinking about it. And somewhere along the line you should eat her.”

“Eat her? What do you mean?”

“Get your face to her pussy and lick her, use your tongue on her clit and make her cum. I guarantee you, every female in the world loves to get eaten.”

“Oh, I’ll screw that up. I’ve never even seen a pussy, I have no idea what a clit is. There must be good ways and wrong ways to do that and I’ll hit the wrong one, I’m sure. It scares me.”

“Oh shit, Mikey. I’m into this too far to stop now. Let me show you.” She stands up, grabs her shorts with her hands and pulls them down her legs, then grabs her panties and does the same. She standing there in front of me naked from the waist down. She gets on the couch right next to me and turns and lays on her back and spreads her legs real wide, one foot is up on the back of the couch, the other on the floor. “Lean down Mikey and take a good look.”

She’s hairy. “You’re hairy,” I say.

“Well, yeah. I’d be even hairier but I trim it so it doesn’t get in the way of what you’re about to do. Maybe you should trim your hair down there, too, for Karen. Now lean down closer, lower than all the hair.” She has her fingers down there. “See,” she says, using her fingers to pull herself open. nişantaşı escort I can see, she’s all pink inside. ‘Now put your tongue in there and lick me.” I do that. “Aah,” she says, “yes, like that. You’re eating pussy whether you know it or not. Now lick down a little lower. Yes, push with your tongue. Yes. That’s my vagina, that’s where your cock would go if you were fucking me. Now lick up inside me some. Ah, yeah, right there. Feel a bump? That’s my clit. Karen will have one, too. That’s the most sensitive spot on my body. Lick back and forth right there. Ah yeah. Like that. Just flick your tongue on it.” She makes a funny moan kind of noise.

“Now take a finger and reach down below your chin and see of you can push it into my vagina where you licked before.” I do that and can feel it slide in. “Yeah,” she says and moans a little. “Keep licking my clit and start sliding your finger in and out.” I do that. “Oh shit, Mikey, this is all too much. I know you’re my brother but let’s go up to my room and let you find out what it’s like to be naked with a girl.”

She puts her legs together and swings them over my head as she swivels to get her feet on the floor. She grabs her shorts and panties and says, “Come on,” and heads out. So I stand up and follow her. We go upstairs to her bedroom. She goes in and waits for me then closes the door behind us. “Take off your clothes and get naked before I change my mind,” she says to me as she starts taking her blouse off. Then we’re both standing there naked, looking at one another.

“Oh my God, Mike,”: she says, staring at my very erect cock, “you’re going to make a lot of girls happy with that.” Then she looks at me and grins. “Well, Karen will probably do this so maybe you should be prepared.” She steps to me and kneels down and grabs my cock with one hand and kisses my cock. Then she sticks out her tongue and licks it, bending her head to the side to lick back and forth. Then she gets her lips around the head and starts licking me inside her mouth. And sucking on me. And taking more of me into her mouth. Her one hand holds the base of my cock, the other is supporting my balls and sort of feeling them or rolling them around in her hand. I’ve never, ever felt anything like it. I know I’m going to cum. This is all too much. She swallows more and more of me, has over half in her mouth. She grips tight with her lips and slides back some, then back again, sucking and licking all the time. She only does this maybe three times and I start shooting off into her mouth.

She never lets go of my cock with her mouth. She must swallow what I shoot into her and she keeps on working back and forth on my cock with her mouth until she must have every last possible drop. She leans back and looks up at me, smiling. “You have a really great cock, Mike.” Then she stands up and heads to the bed and lays on her back. Her whole naked body laying there. She’s absolutely gorgeous. “Now, Mike, come her and start by kissing me. Then kiss down some and do to my breasts what you did to Karen’s. Then kiss on down and eat me like you were doing downstairs just now. C’mon, Mike, do it. This is what you’re going to do with Karen.”

I noticed that I’m now Mike and not Mikey and I hope that’s good. To Karen I’m Michael and I hope that’s good. So I start off doing everything she asked. We kiss and suck tongues. I think I can taste my cum. Then to her breasts. They’re perfect but I think Karen’s might actually be a little bigger. But Sue moans as I suck on her nipples just like Karen did. It’s amazing to have a gorgeous naked body to do all this with. I kiss her stomach. A lovely, firm stomach. Then I crawl down more to get between her legs. She lifts her legs up and moves her knees almost to her shoulders and I can see her pussy and lean in to get my tongue working on her.

I lick up and down. It’s nuts but for some reason, maybe I’m perverted, I actually like this. The taste is probably like raw meat sort of. Slightly salty but some other taste, just female sex I guess. I slide a finger into her and get my tongue flicking on her clit. She lasts a lot longer than I did but she finally cums. I wasn’t aware that a girl came like that. It’s different than when I cum but it’s sure obvious it’s happening. Lots of juices, she’s actually wet and so is my face. And she squeals some and her body jumps around and then does like Karen did and just relaxes, almost faints.

I look up and she just lays there and says, “You’re great at that Mike. Now fuck me. Get that big cock in me and fuck me.”

It all fits, almost surprisingly so. I find her vagina right away and start pushing into her. My cock hardened up again while I was eating her. It’s tight, seems to be pulling my skin back a lot as I push on in but there’s nothing in the way or anything, I just keep pushing until my pubic hair hits hers and I can’t go any further. “Mike, you really fill me. Now fuck me, pull out some and push in again, over and over.” I do that. The feeling is amazing. “I know I told you to be gentle but now start not being gentle. Fuck me as hard as you can, just really pound into me like you’re trying to hurt me.” I do that. And some more and even more. Sue is making noises now all the time. She has her arm in front of her face, trying to stifle her sounds. Makes me realize Mom and Dad are down stairs and she doesn’t want them to find out what we’re doing.



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