Before I start, let me say that my sister in law, we will call her Amber, has never spent very much time talking with me. I am fifteen years older than her and I didn’t think we had much in common. We would make small talk and every so often she would talk to me about sports and that was it. She wasn’t rude but never went out of her way to try to get to know me as I had first tried with her. She is a cute girl, with long hair and a great body with huge tits. Here is how I found out about her body.

For the first two years I knew her, I never saw her in anything other than a big sweater or very large t-shirt. I just thought she really didn’t care about what she looked like until one day in the summer when I was in the pool. Amber came up on the deck and asked how the water was. I told her it was great. That’s when my opinion of her changed very quickly.

She took off her shorts revealing some long attractive legs and then she grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it over her head and my heart skipped a beat. She had on a very plain one piece swim suit but contained in it was the biggest pair of tits I had ever seen on a girl her size. They were easily DD if not bigger. I could not stop staring at her. She got in the pool and started swimming around and I tried to think of something else.

About ten minutes after she started swimming around she came over to shallow side of the pool where I was leaning against the wall drinking a beer. She didn’t stand all the way up but she was kind of crouched down just enough for her tits to be right above the water line. Amber then just started talking to me like we were old friends. She was joking and talking about sports with me and then she asked for a beer. I told her they were on the deck in the cooler. She swam away and got two beers and brought them back. She handed one to me and kept one for herself.

I opened mine and took a drink and watched her struggle with the cap. All the while, I was really watching her big tits being squeezed together as she struggled. Finally she gave up and asked me to open it. I jokingly asked what’s in it for me and to my great surprise Amber responded that I already had been rewarded enough because she knew I was staring at her tits the entire time she was trying to open the beer. We both laughed and that was it that day as my wife and brother in law then joined us in the pool.

About two weeks later my wife came outside and told me her brother and Amber were coming over and I said OK. This time I was cleaning the pool. When they arrived I spoke to my brother in law for about ten minutes as Amber went in the house with my wife. Then out came Amber wrapped in a towel and şişli rus escort my brother in law went in the house.

Amber and I started talking and she asked if I minded if she floated around on a raft while I cleaned the pool. Of course I said OK and this time I was smarter, I had on sunglasses so she wouldn’t know I was staring at her tits. What I was not prepared for was what happened when she took off the towel. She had bought a new swim suit that was nothing like the plain one from a couple weeks ago.

As she got in the pool and got on her raft she asked if I liked her new suit and I laughed and told her it was great but she might not want to make any sudden movements because she might give a show she didn’t want to give. The suit was still a one piece but it was cut higher on the thigh and had a very deep v-neck design that showed a lot of cleavage. She laughed at me and called me a perv. I kept cleaning the pool and Amber floated around adding to her already great tan. My wife and her brother came out and asked if we would mind if they ran over to their parents house as they had just spoke with them and they needed some help with something. We asked if they needed help and they said no so we told them we would see them when they got back.

As I finished cleaning the pool Amber got off the raft to help me put away the equipment. She was handing me stuff and I was fumbling with it and she laughed and told me this would go quicker if I stopped staring at her tits and just put the things away. I laughed and told her to be quiet and give me the things.

When I got back in the pool Amber was swimming around and I sat on the steps in water up to my mid chest. She swam over to me and we started talking and again she mentioned her new suit and kind of modeled it a little and I laughed again and told her she better not jump around too much in it or she was going to give a show she might not want too. She laughed and looked and me and started bouncing up and down in the water and as she did so, her big tits were bouncing too.

I made no effort to look at anything except her tits. She did this for about thirty seconds and when she stopped she laughed because she noticed me look up at her face instead of her tits. She walked toward the steps and looked down and told me that I was wrong, the suit held them in. I laughed and said barely. Obviously she hadn’t noticed or didn’t care but both of her tits were almost falling out and one was clearly just barely container her nipple. I pointed this out and laughed and she started fixing them. I told her not to fix them because of me. She then sat down on the stairs next to me and continued şişli türbanlı escort repositioning them and I had the perfect view.

She pulled the shoulder straps off to the side of each arm a little and I watched and she worked them back down in the suit and just as she was done she looked at me and laughed and asked if I had been watching the entire time and my response was of course and I told her there was no way I was missing that. We both laughed and it was at that moment I knew things had really changed. She didn’t pull the straps all the way back up on her shoulders and she started talking to me about all kinds of stuff we had never even spoken about.

We each had a couple of beers and continued talking and joking around and splashed each other and then the next change happened. I was kind of floating around on my back and we were talking and she dunked me under the water. I came up laughing and told her she was in trouble now and that she had seen what I do to my wife when she dunks me and fights with me in the pool. Amber just laughed.

I swam toward her and she tried to get away but I caught her soon enough and got her from behind. I should say that I am a very good swimmer and Amber is not. When my wife and I do this I usually grab her from behind and pull her under and we kind of wrestle around some and then I bring her back up and do it again. So I pull Amber under the same way I do with my wife. She starts struggling and fighting with me and I bring her up and we are laughing and still playing around. Well the one thing neither of us thought about were the straps that were now even lower and her tits were half out.

As I am holding her we both realize her tits are almost completely out. I have her arms wrapped up and we are still playing around but I turn her around and let her go so she can cover up. Much to my surprise instead of covering up, she now comes toward me and grabs me and tries to dunk me again. She is laughing the entire time and so am I. I grabbed he and pulled her under with me and we come back up and we are bout a foot apart. That last dunk was all it took to completely free her tits.

As we are standing there I am staring right at her tits and she looks down and said well I guess you were right about this suit and starts laughing. She is still making no attempt to cover up and I figure I would press it a little further to see what happens. I move toward her and she reaches out to push me away just like we had been doing a few minutes before but I am too fast and in a few seconds I am behind her with my arms wrapped around her and we are playing around except now I am not şişli ucuz escort holding her by her arms, I have my arms around her body and my hands on her tits. We are laughing but I know she is getting into it because her nipples are rock hard and they are huge. What is even more obvious is that I am enjoying it because my cock is hard and keeps rubbing against her ass.

I am no longer even playing like I am fighting with her now, I just have as much of each of her tits in my hands as I can hold and she is grinding her ass against my cock. I move us back over toward the steps and I sit down with her on top of me. It is at this point I figure I should say something and I ask her what we should do about this and she said she didn’t know but she didn’t want me to stop. So I kept playing with her big tits and much to my surprise I feel a hand reaching back and she is now rubbing my cock through my suit. I am not a big guy so I will not say she is amazed by my length but I am rather thick and she just keeps rubbing and rubbing my cock. After a few more minutes of this I can’t take it anymore.

I reach down and un-tie my suit and push it down so my cock springs out. I grab her arms and turn her around and she looks down at my cock and grabs it again and I grab her big tits again. She surprises me at this point and pushes me up the steps so my cock is out of the water. She continues to stroke it and I keep playing with her tits for a few more minutes. Then the ultimate surprise, I am looking at her and she smiles at me and lowers her head down to my cock and takes it in her mouth. She is giving me an amazing blow job and all I keep thinking is how much I don’t want it to end. She continues sucking my cock and looking up at me and jerking me off too.

After what felt like an hour but I know was only about five minutes I tell her that I am going to cum and she lifts herself up and starts jerking me off with her tits right in front of my cock. After a few more strokes I start to cum. The first shot goes just to the right of her face and lands in the pool with some on her should and then the next shot gets her from her cheek all the way down to her tits. The next few shots all land on her tits and she is still pumping my cock like she wants more.

Finally she stops and we look at each other and both laugh. I told her that she has to wear that suit more often. She laughs and backs away and grabs a towel off the deck and wipes most of the cum off her tits and face. She then goes under water and rinses any more off and comes up right back in front of me. My cock is now laying down and there is a small puddle of cum on my stomach which she washes away. I drop down a couple of steps and pull my suit up and tie it and she puts her big tits back in her suit and pulls the straps up.

We both look at each other and she leans in and gives me an incredible kiss and says if we can keep this a secret we can have more fun. I smile and tell her I can keep a secret.

More to come.



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