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My sister Anna – Chapter 1:

Drunken confessions

Make no mistake, I love my sister, but I also hate her most of the time.

Ok “Hate” might be a strong word, I should use “Despise with compassion” instead.

Whatever that means.

We grew up in a suburban area where the most exciting thing to happen was a live concert performed by a local rapper. Who went by the name of E-loy, silly name I know but he was actually quite good. Sadly, as so many before him, he died of a drug overdose.

It was me, my sister Anna and our two parents living in a relatively small house, meaning my sister and I had to share a bigger bedroom. When we were young it worked out great. We almost never fought and got along great, building pillow and blanket forts.

Now however, we are both seven years older. Me at eighteen and my sister who just turned nineteen last week.

Nowadays we almost always fight about who gets the bigger bed of the two we have there and when we have dates coming over, who gets the bedroom. The one condition both of us always have is that the bedroom stays clean. Meaning if you make a mess, you clean up the mess.

It was also around this time that I really noticed how much she had grown. I mean I’ve noticed it before, gradually but it came to me one day while eating breakfast. We were sitting at the table a sunday morning, her eating brown bread with jelly and me working on my own cereal bowl. At nineteen she was around 174 cm with a beautifully toned body, and maybe B or C cups. One of her many passions were running boring marathons and on top of that she was part of the cross track team. She was the girl of many young men’s dreams and if she wouldn’t have been my sister I would try to get with her too.

And me?

Not hot, you could call me boyishly handsome. With the same dark brown eyes as my sister and the same brown hair, though my hair was a lot shorter. The last few months I have been working out and you can see a hint of abs and broader shoulders. It’s a work in progress.

But my sister always made me feel bad because she was so active and had so many hobbies. I just never understood how she did it.


One saturday night my sister went to a party with her friends and our parents were of on a weekend retreat probably banging the shit out of each other. So I took the opportunity to watch a movie in our living room. Being all alone in the house meant I could blast the speakers without anyone complaining. I was sprawled out on the şişli elit escort sofa with a bowl of popcorn in my lap, wishing I could have a girl to cuddle with.

After the movie ended at eleven, I brushed my teeth and went to bed. Seeing as my sister wasn’t at home I claimed the bigger bed for myself. Almost finding sleep just before I heard my sister stumble through the front door probably drunk off her ass. She shuffled around downstairs making all sorts of sounds, then came up the stairs and practically ripped the door open. On unsteady feet she started undressing right beside my bed. She stood right in the moonlight, slowly and clumsily taking off her clothes. It was a beautiful sight, as her dark blue dress fell to the floor, shortly followed by her bra I saw her breast bounce heavily. They were beautifully round and below them was her flat toned belly. She pulled of her panties as well giving me a glimpse of her hair-free mound in the dark.

“oh my god” I thought to myself as my dick grew faster and faster, my heart rate increasing until it was pounding loudly in my chest. Making me wish she was my girlfriend.

Then she did something I never could have guessed in a million years.

She climbed into my bed and snuggled in beside me under the covers. I felt her boobs against my chest and her hand trail down my chest and stomach and I heard her moan as she grabbed a hold of my cock and started stroking it slowly.

I was about to say her name to get her attention but she just looked me in the eyes through the moonlight.

“Please Andrew, I need it so bad.”

“But we can’t, god knows I want to but we can’t.”

Her eyes now glistening with desire and something else, something I could not guess.

Then she kissed me… And my mind exploded with thoughts and emotions. Why? How? This feels amazing, is she too drunk? Should I stop this? She tastes like Tequila and strawberries.

She pulled away after what felt like an eternity and quietly said with tears filling her eyes, “I love you Drew, I have loved you for a long time now. And I realized that tonight.”

I didn’t know what to say, sure I loved her too, but as a sister. But I was so horny that I needed to find a release. My body controlled my desires and my primal urges to mate took over. So instead I said, “If we do this, no one can never know.”

“No one but us little brother” she said with her hand still on my hard cock, stroking it a little faster than before.

We both knew that further conversation was unnecessary and we explored each others bodies şişli escort for a few minutes, but it felt like hours. Me feeling her breasts, pinching her nipples, running my hands down her stomach towards the heat that emanated from between her legs. And her stroking my hard cock with ever increasing intensity. We kissed with ever increasing desire and at some point the covers flew of. She broke our kiss as I reached her pussy with my fingers and she moaned loudly into my face.

After a short moment of me playing with her clit and her stroking my now extremely hard cock. She broke away from my touch and pushed me over on my back. She didn’t hesitate and got on top of me on her knees, straddling me. I looked up at her and saw how she glistened with a thin layer of sweat in the moonlight coming through the window, and it was glorious. Her eyes filled with love, her long brown hair sticking to her body, her beautiful round but slightly different breasts moving with the rise and falls of her heavy breathing. Her toned belly with that beautiful line down the middle and her strong legs straddling me.

“I have been waiting for this moment for years Drew, to have all of you to myself with no one to stop us…”

She rose up to her knees, put her fingers in my mouth for lubrication and reached down behind her to grab my cock. Covering it with my saliva and then pointing it upwards in the air. Then she slowly lowered herself onto my cock as she continued “…To feel your beautiful cock in my pussy, to have you inside me.”

I groaned in pleasure as she eventually bottomed out on my pelvis, seeing stars in the corner of my eyes. I felt my cockhead pressing on her cervix and I saw that she also felt it because her eyes widened and she let out a moan of both pleasure and a bit of pain.

The thought of making her pregnant popped into my head as I didn’t have a condom on. But as soon as she shifted on my cock all doubt disappeared.

I didn’t say anything and she didn’t need to say anything, we weren’t virgins. Far from it, we were both quite experienced, something we always were willing to share with each other. I simply just moved my hands from her hips to under her tight ass and lifted her up a few centimeters so that I could start thrusting upwards into her. At first I went slow so that her soaking pussy could accommodate to my hard cock, conjuring small but frequent moans from her. I could feel how shivers went through her entire body every time I bottomed out inside her, hitting her cervix each time.

I started to pick up the paste and increased my speed şişli eve gelen escort as she begged me to fuck her harder. The room was filled with the smell and sound of sex and both of our bodies were covered in sweat. I still held her up with my hands so that i could thrust upwards in and out of her now dripping pussy. The pace I had could be compared to a jackhammer, I didn’t know I could fuck someone this fast. But looking at her in this state, hair sticking to her sweaty chest and cheeks flustered. I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to give her all I had.

Eventually though, the muscles in my body couldn’t handle it anymore and I slowed down.


“Yeah.” I answered panting, drenched in sweat.

“Then lie still and let me ride you… little brother.”

I could not say no to that and relaxed as she got up to her feet in a squatting position over me. She gave me a wicked smile and smacked down hard, making me grunt.

“Ho-oly shi-it.” I tried to say but got interrupted by the sheer force of her bodyweight rising and falling down onto my dick.


This was raw fucking, a moment of pure lust, me and my sister taking out both of our sexual frustrations on each other. And since none of us have had sex for a while we had lots of energy to release.

“Sis…” I managed to get out.

In tune with my throbbing cock she knew what I had to say and increased her relentless attack.

“Do it Andrew… I-I’m on… Pill!”

I was right on the edge of spilling over clenching the sheet and her thigh for dear life. As she bent forward and pressed her lips onto mine, digging her nails into my chest, I felt it coming. My vision blackened and my entire body tensed up as my cock throbbed violently inside of her. Releasing rope after rope of my seed up towards her womb.

She continued to ride me throughout my orgasm and as I held my breath I thought I would pass out from pleasure. A silent long drawn out “fuuuuuuuuuuck!” escaped my lips.

She let out a final moan before collapsing onto my body, breathing heavily. Our sweaty bodies becoming one and hearts beating fast. Lying there and embracing each other I felt our mixture of my sperm and her juices drip down on my softening cock as it was released from her magnificent pussy.

She rolled of and snuggled up to me with one arm across my chest, her brown hair sticking to her body in messy locks and twirls. A satisfied “Mmmm.” escaped her lips as she drifted off to sleep in her drunken state. Leaving me awake with so many thoughts, feelings and a sense of pride that my sister. My incredibly hot sister just revealed that she loves me and then continued to fuck me into another dimension.

“This will change things for sure.” I thought to myself as I happily pulled her as close as I possibly could, letting myself also drift off to sleep.

…To be continued



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