My Sexual Life pt 3. The Sleepover pt 1The Sleepover Part 1Bedtime was an event every night. No longer did I beg my parents to be allowed to stay up later. Every night I was eager and ready for bed. Once I was tucked in and the light went out it was time for Barbie. I would normally wait 10 minutes or so for my parents to return to whatever they were doing, usually watching TV. Barbie was usually tucked under my mattress, waiting patiently for me. When she wasn’t there, she was tucked in the bottom of my school bag. We had lots of fun adventures out in public as well as in bed, so she was always nearby. I would pull her out, straighten her hair and clothes, then run my fingers over her sexy body. I would pay special attention to her breasts and pussy as my little boy cock began to harden. I would kiss her mouth, then lick her breasts and pussy while I rubbed my cock.Once hard, down came my pyjama bottoms. Barbie would lay on her back with her breasts exposed and her legs spread. I would mount her and begin rubbing my little cock up and down between her legs. Getting more excited, I would raise my ass in the air and with one hand propping myself up, I used the other hand to wrap Barbie’s legs around my hard little cock. When she was ready and all locked up, I would start humping her harder. My cock would slide up her belly and against her sexy chest, my tight little balls slapping against her plastic pussy. Soon I would reach the point of my ecstatic release. One last thrust and I would shudder to an incredible boygasm. My hard little cock would shoot out its load of hot clear cum all over Barbie’s naked breasts. I would continue sliding against her wet chest and stomach as my boygasm subsided, then I would roll over, bring Barbie up to my lips and kiss her beautiful face. Then, of course, I would lick my way down to her breasts and stomach and lick up all my yummy boy cum. I would kiss her one last time and put her to bed. At school, Danny and I hung out a little more. We would sometimes have lunch together, talking about what we had done with our Barbies the night before. One week, Danny asked if I would like to come for a sleepover on the weekend. I said I would have to ask my Mum, if she said yes, I would definitely come. After calling Mrs Gordon, my mother said it was ok. When I saw Danny the next day, we were both very excited.Saturday afternoon I was on my bike and off to Danny’s house. My mother had checked my bag to make sure I had my toothbrush and a change of clothes, but I was smart…I had snuck out of the house in the morning and hidden my Barbie in a bush by the letterbox. On my way out I grabbed her and off I went. Danny answered the door with a big grin and invited me in. We dropped my bag in his room and went into the living room to see his Mum. Mrs Gordon got up and came over to me, her arms wide. She wore tight blue jeans and a grey sweater. She still managed to look beautiful. She hugged me into her, as usual my face pressed into her chest.“Here he is”, she exclaimed, “Danny has been so looking forward to you coming. How are you Sweetie?”“I’m good thanks, Mrs Gordon”, I replied. “You look very pretty today” Oh, Sweetie!” She looked down at me with a brilliant smile.“You’re a little sweet talker, aren’t you” she beamed. “That deserves an extra special hug”She gripped my face in her hands, bent down and kissed me softly on the lips, and then, to my absolute delight, smooshed my face directly into her right breast! If she had been topless my nose would’ve been pressed straight into her nipple! She shook my head gently left and right and giggled. My little cock was hard in an instant, straining against aliağa escort my underwear. A slight moan escaped Mrs Gordon’s lips as she released me.“Such a cutie!” she sighed. “Still got that little crush on me honey?I blushed and looked at the floor.“Um, no” I replied sheepishly.“Oh…really?” Mrs Gordon replied, “That’s a shame, I thought you might’ve liked to be my boyfriend”My heart skipped a beat and I went even more red than I already was.“Um, yes Mrs Gordon” I stammered.“Hehehe” She laughed a delightful sweet laugh then bent down and kissed me on the cheek.“Why don’t you boys go and play. Let me know if you’re hungry and I’ll whip my boyfriend up something tasty”. She winked at me, gave a sexy little half laugh, and wandered off into the kitchen.“I love your Mum!” I said to Danny, meaning it in more ways than one. Danny smiled and agreed that she was pretty cool. We hung out and played for the rest of the afternoon, even going for a ride on our bikes for a while. Just your normal basic stuff. Dinner time came around and we all sat at the table, eating the delicious meal Danny’s Mum had made. We chatted and laughed while we ate. I really was falling in love with Mrs Gordon. She was a great Mum, caring and sweet, and so pretty. I thanked her for dinner, and, when we were finished, I helped her clear the table. She told Danny to go have a shower, I could go next she said. While Danny was showering, I helped Mrs Gordon do the dishes. We talked about all kinds of things, laughed and giggled, and generally had a great time. When we were done Mrs Gordon hugged me again and thanked me for helping. When Danny was out, it was my turn for a shower. I headed to the bathroom and Mrs Gordon brought me a towel and facecloth. She lingered for a moment after handing them to me, smiling. “Need anything else, Sweetie?” she asked. “No thank you Mrs Gordon” I replied.“Well, sing out if you do”Mrs Gordon closed the door behind her, and I was left alone in the bathroom. I took off my clothes and put them in the corner. The was a washing basket in the corner. I could see Danny’s clothes in there on the top, but something poking out from under his clothes piqued my interest. Something pink and lacey. I reached in and pulled out the freshly worn panties. I had never held anything like them before. They felt so soft and sensual. My little cock stood immediately to attention. I turned the panties over in my hand, admiring them as I started to rub my cock. I automatically brought the panties up to my nose and inhaled the wonderous scent. A mixture of Mrs Gordon’s perfume and something I had never smelt before, her sweet pussy. The scent was overwhelming. My cock spurted the biggest load of boy cum ever. Four spurts of cum shot out of my cock, two of them landing in the laundry basket, all over Danny’s clothes. The third splashed onto the floor in front of the basket and the fourth into Mrs Gordon’s pretty pink panties. I wiped my cock clean with her panties and brought them up to my face again. I wiped her scent and my cum on my face, replaced her panties into the hamper and had my shower.While drying off after, there was a knock on the door. It was Mrs Gordon. Through the door she asked if she could come in. I wrapped the towel around me and said yes. She smiled as she entered, saying she wanted to collect the dirty laundry to put in the washer. I watched as she bent over and started pulling the clothes out. When she picked Danny’s shirt out of the hamper, she paused and looked at her hand. It was wet. She looked at the shirt, then her hand again, and brought it up to her face. I couldn’t quite see, but I heard her sniff her escort aliağa hand. Did she know it was cum? Next, she picked up her panties. I knew these were definitely wet with my cum. She carefully inspected them, running a finger across the wet spots on them. She lifted her finger and smelt it again. She did all this with her back mostly to me, but I could see enough to know what she was doing. She seemed to be considering what might have happened, how her panties might have ended up with wet spots all over them. Wet spots that smelled like cum. I stood there, astonished, with a towel wrapped around my waist as I watched what happened next. Mrs Gordon wiped her finger across a wet stain, brought it up to her nose, sniffed it again, and then brought it down to her mouth. Her tongue poked out a little and she licked her finger. Oh my god!!! I had just seen Mrs Gordon lick my cum from her finger!As I stood there, my little cock hard as a rock under my towel, Mrs Gordon gathered the rest of the laundry. She left the panties on top in plain view and held them all against her chest. She turned towards me and we both stood there for a moment, looking at each other. Her eyes scanned down, surely she saw my hard boy cock poking against the towel. My gaze was virtually locked on her panties which were now pressed against her breasts. She followed my gaze and looked down at the panties. She moved a step closer to me, then stopped.“Oh no!” she said, “Whatever this is all over my panties, I’ve got it all over myself”“Michael, Sweetie, can you hold these for me please?”She stepped forward again and thrust the pile of laundry into me. They were high enough that her wet panties hit me in the face before I could bring my arms up to take all of it. With that, she lifted her sweater up and over her head. I almost came! There was Danny’s Mum standing in front of me in her bra! It was a very pretty white lace half cup bra with almost sheer fabric covering her amazing breasts. I could clearly see her nipples, which looked rock hard through the fabric and her right areola had popped over the top of the cup. My jaw dropped, and so did my towel. It had only been held up by my hands, and sheer luck, and over the 4 or 5 seconds it took her to remove her top it slowly but surely unwound and fell to the floor.Mrs Gordon gave me an incredible smile and reached out towards me. I was frozen. She lifted my chin and planted a very slow lingering kiss on my lips.“Oh, you taste so good lovely boy. I have to take care of this laundry now, especially these” she said, and lifted her panties from the pile. As we stood, mere inches apart, she held the panties to her face and inhaled deeply. My cock twitched with desire. She looked down and watched my cock for a few seconds, then reached forward and took the rest of the laundry from me.“Get dressed honey and come out to the living room”She moved past me, sliding the side of her breast against my arm as she left. I pressed my hand against my cock and came instantly in another mind blowing boygasm even bigger than the one into her panties. I dried and cleaned myself up, and then cleaned the floor with my towel, dressed in my pyjamas and headed for the living room.Danny was already in the living room, sitting in one of the armchairs watching tv. I sat down on the couch, right next to his chair. We watched tv for a bit, chatting idly, until his Mum came in. We decided to watch a movie, some family comedy, and Mrs Gordon went to the kitchen to get some drinks and popcorn for us. I offered to help so she had me bring the popcorn as she carried the glasses of juice. We placed everything on a small table aliağa escort bayan that sat between the couch and Danny’s chair, I resumed my seat on the end of the couch and Mrs Gordon sat on the couch, right next to me. Since stripping in the bathroom she had changed, now wearing a light blue lace nightgown with a robe of the same colour over it. She smelt so good sitting right beside me as we started watching the movie.It wasn’t long before Mrs Gordon asked me to pass her drink, which I did, and then put it back on the table when she was done. She asked a couple more times and on the next occasion said, “Oh, this isn’t fair, I’m distracting you from the movie”So, she reached over behind me for her drink. As she leant, her left breast was pushed into the right side of my head. She acted like nothing had happened, took a sip or two and leant back again to replace her glass. Once again, her ample breast pressed against me. Keeping one eye on the movie and the other on Mrs Gordon was becoming very difficult. Also difficult was trying to hide my hard little cock. I was wearing a very short pair of pyjama shorts which were getting a little small for me. I couldn’t tell if she was looking, but I hoped she was.The next time she leant over, something had changed. Her robe had slipped partially off, revealing her nightgown underneath. As her breast again pressed into the side of my face there was now just the sheer fabric of the gown between us. I was sure I felt a very hard nipple against my cheek. As she took a sip I looked at her. Only the left side of her robe had slipped, revealing her shoulder and the top half of her left arm. My gaze followed the thin strap of her gown down from her shoulder to her breast. A gorgeous hard brown nipple was clearly visible through the fabric. A quick glance up brought our eyes together. She smiled and leant back across me to return her drink. With my head turned, her breast now pushed directly into my face, her nipple slid down my nose, over my mouth, and rested on my chin. I couldn’t help myself and I softly kissed her breast. The glass returned, she slowly reversed her movement, brushing her nipple against my lips and leaning back in her seat.After 20 minutes or so Mrs Gordon asked if we would like any popcorn. Danny said no thanks, so she said to me“Honey, would you like to hold the bowl so I don’t have to keep leaning over you?I really would’ve preferred the leaning, but I said ok and took the bowl from the table and held it for her.“Just pop it in your lap, Sweetie” she said.Mrs Gordon helped herself, grabbing small handfuls. Occasionally she offered me a kernel and delighted in popping one into my mouth. We both smiled at each other. She had nestled closer, her breast now resting on my forearm as she leant into the bowl. I was going crazy. Every now and then she would drop a kernel, which usually landed somewhere in my lap. She would reach down to retrieve it, several times brushing my cock as she did. I spent the evening in little boy heaven with this beautiful woman beside me. We could’ve been watching the greatest film ever made and I wouldn’t have had a clue!The movie eventually finished. Mrs Gordon had spent much of it with her left breast resting on me. I hadn’t moved a muscle in an hour. When she wasn’t eating popcorn she would occasionally rest her hand on my thigh, sometimes with her forearm laying across my hip. Every now and then she moved and her forearm would brush against my little cock. I spent the whole time hard as a rock. Mrs Gordon got up and took the popcorn from my lap, brushing my cock with the back of her hand in the process. She smiled down at me and said,“Would you bring the glasses into the kitchen for me please Sweetie?”She glanced down at the clearly visible tent in my shorts and looked back up, making eye contact with me. She winked and added,“In a minute or two.”End of Part 1



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