For newcomers who might like to catch up on the previous chapters, a quick summary follows.

On holiday in Devon with my parents and brother Matt, we make friends with Abi and her daughter Sally. So begins a series of increasingly exciting sexual adventures.

* Chapter One – I accidentally stumble across Matt fucking Sally. Abi catches me watching them, and she masturbates with me while we both watch.

* Chapter Two – That evening in our bedroom, I tell Matt that I saw him with Sally. We each masturbate, and he ejaculates on my naked body.

* Chapter Three – The next day, I meet Sally on the beach while skinny-dipping and sunbathing topless, and we have sex.

* Chapter Four — That night, Sally asks me to film her and Matt fucking. Afterwards, they film me masturbating.

Now read on…


The next morning, after breakfast, I was sitting by the pool reading a book. Matt had stayed all night with Sally in her room, and only crept back to get some clean clothes before breakfast. He looked a bit tired, but happy, and so did Sally when I saw her at breakfast. Lucky them: I’d just had myself to play with.

After a while, I heard a car pull into the car park and saw Abi getting out. She saw me and waved, so I waved back. She came over, with a rather sheepish grin on her face.

“Ah, the Prodigal Mother returns,” I said, smiling back.

“I’m really sorry about last night,” she said. “Sally phoned and told me how kind you’ve all been, making sure she’s okay and everything.”

“It’s fine,” I laughed. “I’m afraid my parents thought it was all a bit of a joke. I think you’re going to get wound up something rotten for the rest of the week.”

“Serve me right, I suppose,” she said. “Are they around now? I really should go and see them.”

“I think they’re down on the beach,” I said. “Sally’s with them as far as I know.”

“Yes, she did say that was what she was planning to do. Look, if you’re not going anywhere do you mind looking after my bag while I pop down and see them?”

“I think they might have gone right round to the main beach,” I said.

“Oh, in that case I’ll call Sally and see,” she decided, delving in her bag for her mobile. After a few seconds, someone at the other end answered, although from the half of the conversation I could hear it didn’t seem to be Sally. Nevertheless, Abi seemed happy enough as she put her phone away again.

“That was your Dad,” she said. “Your Mum, Sally and Matt have just gone in the sea with the surfboards, so they could be a while. I might as well freshen up and have a coffee; do you fancy one too?”

“Sure,” I said. “Why don’t I order them while you pop upstairs?”

I ordered two coffees from reception, and Abi came down just as the waitress had brought them out. She had put on a skirt and a clean white blouse, and I noticed straight away that she didn’t have a bra on underneath. Her dark nipples looked hard: had she been touching them already? She flopped down on a chair, and her breasts bounced interestingly. I wasn’t wearing a bra or bikini top either, though I’d put on a loose t-shirt so it wasn’t too obvious. Even so, I wondered if Abi had noticed.

“That’s better,” she said, crossing her legs and revealing a nice expanse of bare thigh. “I felt a bit sticky after that drive back, but I’ll feel better after a coffee.”

She looked good. And suddenly I wanted her. My head gave a little spin; with the others out of the way, what better chance would we have? Was she already thinking the same? After the other day, we did have unfinished business.

“Did you have a good time?” I said. It sounded a bit lame, but I had to say something. “Is your head okay?”

“Oh, I’m fine now,” she replied. “I wasn’t that much over the limit, but I didn’t want to take any chances. I hadn’t seen her for a while, so it was good to catch up on the gossip – which is probably why I forget what I was doing and drink a bit too much.”

Then she leant over and squeezed my knee.

“And how about you Annie?” she said, and I noticed that she was blushing slightly. “We haven’t had much of a chance to speak since…you know. I began to think you were regretting what happened.”

“Not at all,” I said, smiling back. “Actually, I was just wondering when we’d have a chance to, you know, follow it up.”

Her hand was still on my knee. Without wasting any time, she slid her fingers round and caressed the smooth skin at the back of my knee, then slowly slid them up the underside of my thigh, squeezing the warm firm flesh. I shivered slightly at her touch. Her hand moved up to the top of my thigh and stroked under the hem of my short skirt. A little tremor of desire ran through my body. My eyes flicked up as I caught sight of the waitress moving inside, and Abi sensed my nervousness. It wouldn’t do to get caught by the staff.

“Finish your coffee, then come to my room,” she whispered. She picked up her cup and went indoors, leaving me there with my heart thumping şişli üniversiteli escort in anticipation. I poured some more milk into my coffee and drank it down as quickly as I was able without looking too obvious. It was embarrassing — my hand was shaking so much I nearly spilt it all over myself. Trying to look nonchalant, I strolled in through the glass doors into the lounge and went upstairs. It was so stupid: I found myself looking round guiltily as I turned left towards Abi and Sally’s room instead of going up a flight to mine. Abi’s door was ajar, and I knocked softly, then pushed it open. She was there by the window. With a soft click, the door closed behind me.

I walked over to her, and she put her hand on my arm.

“You know, I kept thinking of you last night,” she said. “It might have been the drink, but I masturbated myself to sleep, thinking of you, wishing you were there cuddled up next to me.”

I blushed, thinking of how I had been masturbating too, though not alone, and of everything else that had happened since that first afternoon, only two days ago.

“I’m here now,” I said, and I leant in towards her and we kissed, gently at first, our lips just touching. Then she put her arms around me and pulled me towards her, kissing me passionately, taking my lower lip between hers and sucking at it. She was breathing heavily and I felt her start to push my t-shirt up my back, her hands on the bare skin of my back. I could feel myself starting to get aroused. But I was feeling another sensation; and I knew if I didn’t sort it out now, it would be even worse to have to break off later.

Abi was nibbling at my lip now, and her hands grasped the cheeks of my firm little bum, squeezing them through my skirt. Her hand touched my bare thigh and began to pull up my skirt. Reluctantly, I pulled my mouth away.

“I have to pee,” I confessed. “It’s the coffee…on top of two cups for breakfast… I’ll be as quick as I can. Don’t go anywhere!”

Such a strange expression came over Abi’s face.

“Don’t worry, Abi! I’ll only be a minute,” I said quickly, thinking maybe she was cross because I’d stopped her kissing me. She blushed pink, and I could see her struggling as if she wasn’t sure if she dared say something.

“Please, Annie, don’t hate me, but I… I’d like to watch you pee,” she mumbled. “I know I’m weird and sick, but I …”

I stopped her before she talked herself out of it. “I don’t think you’re weird or sick,” I said. “I think that’s kind of exciting. Just as long as it’s just wee you’re into.”

“Oh god no,” she said quickly “Just wee, honest. But Annie…if it’s ok…I want to see you pee in your knickers.”

Crikey! That was a bit kinkier than just watching me on the loo.

“How do you mean?” I asked. “Do you want me to sit on the loo with my panties on?”

“Maybe, Annie, if you…look, please just say if you don’t want to… but could you stand in the bath and pee through your pants? I like to watch it running out. Sometimes, when I’m at home, I pee on the kitchen floor before I’m going to clean it. Then I have to mop it up quickly, so the floor cleaner hides the smell.”

“Abi! You are so kinky,” I said with a giggle.

She blushed again.

“I haven’t admitted it to many people,” she said. “But I sort of hoped you wouldn’t mind doing it.”

“So you think I’m a kinky girl too?” I smiled.

“I know you are; I just want to find out in what ways.”

“Ok, so do you want me to just climb in the bath?” I asked.

“That’s right; just let me put the plug in first,” Abi said. “I like to see how much comes out.”

It was a nice big curved bath; very luxurious. I stood in it, suddenly feeling a bit weird. I spread my legs and hoisted up my short skirt. I looked up and saw Abi looking at me. I squeezed.

“Oh shit, I don’t think I want to now,” I said. “It’s ‘cos you’re looking.”

“Just relax, Annie,” said Abi. “Close your eyes and try and forget I’m here.” She had her hand down the front of her skirt. God, what was I doing? I used to be such a nice girl, and here I was standing in a bath about to pee my pants in front of a woman getting ready to masturbate.

I shut my eyes and tried to relax my muscles, thinking of waterfalls and fountains. I could feel the pee starting to well up in my bladder. It felt odd, getting ready to pee when I still had my panties on; instinctively my body seemed to be trying to resist. But oddly, as I thought of the pee spreading across the front of my pants and flowing down my legs, it seemed to do the trick, and I felt it start to flow.

“It’s coming,” I whispered, and held my skirt right up, bunching it around my waist out of harm’s way.

As the pee began to flow, I opened my eyes and looked down. I saw a dark patch spread quickly across the front of my pants, then the pee started to force its way through it: a sprinkle quickly turning to a stream as it began to flow taksim anal yapan escort faster, splashing into the bath. I felt the warm liquid spreading round my bare feet and I wriggled my toes in it. Some of it began to dribble down my thighs and legs, starting warm but cooling quickly as it ran into the bath. It was a pale yellow colour, and I could smell the characteristic sharp musky tang.

The relief of peeing, coupled with the weird thrill of doing it like this, was awesome. I looked up at Abi, standing on the other side of the bathroom, her hand still down her skirt. She pulled it out, and I could see the glistening of her juices on her fingers.

She came towards me. “Can I — touch it?” she asked. I nodded. She reached out her hand, palm facing up, and put it into the stream of pee that was still arching into the bath. It splashed out of her palm all over my thighs and up her arm.

“It’s so warm, coming straight out of you,” she murmured. She put her hand right against the front of my pants, and pulled the front of them away from my plump mound to watch the pee coming right out from between my legs. The flow was slowing, and I squeezed my muscles to squirt out the last few drops. I was standing in a little pool of it now. Abi stroked my wet leg. I looked at her and was surprised to see that her eyes were moist.

“Oh Annie, thank you,” she said. “You don’t know how hot that was for me. I know I’m weird, liking peeing, but seeing a pretty young girl like you doing it…it was just special.”

She knelt down and put her hand into the bath and ran her hand through the shallow pool of it, stroking over my bare feet. I wiggled my toes, and she looked up at me.

“Hey, Abi, it was exciting for me too, especially doing it for you” I said softly. “Here, why don’t you take these?” and I pulled my damp-crotched panties off and gave them to her. She smiled as she took them. They were just an ordinary pair, with stripes and funny little decorative buttons and a bow on the front. Abi’s knuckles were white as she gripped them, pressing them against her nose and inhaling the sharp scent of my piss.

She leant into the bath again and pulled the plug out, letting the cooling pool of pee drain away. Little dribbles of it were still clinging to my bare legs. “Would you like me to wash you clean?” she asked. I nodded, and she unhooked the flexible shower head and turned on the water. Testing the temperature with her hand until it felt right, she directed the warm flow into my legs.

“Tell me if it’s too hot,” she said thoughtfully.

“It’s fine,” I said, “but just let me take my skirt off.” She directed the water away from me while I quickly unzipped my skirt and slipped it off down my legs. Now I was standing in the bath in just my tight strapless t-shirt, naked from the waist down. I pulled my top up a bit, baring my navel, so Abi could direct the water onto me. I shivered as I felt the water splash over my plump little pubic mound. I parted my legs slightly, hoping she’d take the hint. She did, and directed the spray up between them, backwards and forwards across my labia. The tickling sensation was wonderful, and I pulled my top right off so I could squeeze my breasts and tweak my erect nipples. Abi smiled when she saw me, and directed the water over my tits as well. Rivulets of water ran over them, falling in little streams into the bath.

“Why don’t you join me?” I said with a smile. I expected her to undress first, but instead she hooked the shower-head back, then stepped fully clothed into the shower beside me. In a matter of seconds she was soaked though, her white blouse transparent and clinging to her bare breasts underneath. She put her arms around me and pulled my naked body against her. I raised my head and opened my mouth, offering my wet lips to her. She kissed me hard, and I felt her hand snaking down my back to find my firm little bum. Her wet hair hung over my face as we kissed, her hand stroking and squeezing my buttocks. I felt a finger slide between my bum cheeks and rub up and down the crack, lubricated by the flow of warm water.

I put my hand behind her head and held her hair as I felt her finger stop its sliding motion and begin to circle around my bum hole. As I gripped her hair hard, I felt her finger pushing at my hole, then entering, just an inch at first then slowly going deeper. I felt it moving just slightly inside me, not too hard but just enough to let me know it was there.

I clenched the muscles of my bum, clasping her finger. With my free hand I fumbled at the buttons on her wet blouse, enough to get my hand inside and grasp her tit, feeling it bounce and wobble. Her nipple was already hard as I grasped it and squeezed. I heard a slight rip as a button popped off and fell into the bath.

With her finger still up my bum, her other hand slid over my thigh and between my legs, pushing them apart, finding my pussy. As the water ran down over our bodies, I felt her fingers taksim bdsm escort enter me from the front as well, starting to thrust slickly in and out. I leant back against the wall and let her take me. One hand inside her blouse still gripping her tit, I found my hard clit with the other and began to rub it. I was so turned on that I felt myself starting to come almost immediately. Abi must have sensed this, because she pushed her finger deeper into my bum, making me cry out; her two sets of fingers must have almost been touching inside my two holes. With a cry, I came: almost falling over in the bath as my legs began to shake with the electric thrill of my orgasm.

Far from feeling sated, my orgasm seemed just to ramp me up to another level of arousal. Abi slid her fingers out of both my holes and held me as I tried to get my breathing under control. I was gasping as I undid the last button on her wet blouse and dragged it off, leaving her topless. The water still running off me, I pushed my hand up under her skirt, wanting to carry on, but she stopped me.

“Come on, let’s go next door again, Annie,” she said. We both stepped out of the bath, and she unzipped her skirt and pulled off her panties so we were both naked and wet. Water dripping off us, we stumbled into the bedroom, gasping and grasping at each other. Abi collapsed onto the bed and looked up at me. I bounced onto the bed and sat astride one of her legs, my pussy pressed against her thigh. I wriggled backwards and forwards, frotting myself against her. She raised her other leg and bent it over, allowing me to see the pink folds of her pussy, shaved clean and bare.

I leant over and kissed her. Her hands stroked my breasts tenderly, squeezing my nipples, rubbing over the dimples of my aroused areola. As she parted her legs a bit wider, welcoming my fingers, I stroked down her inner thigh and kissed her tummy. Her thighs trembled as my hand approached the plump folds of her labia. As I slid my index finger up between them, I felt them part easily; so moist that my finger slipped inside almost by accident. She shifted her bum the better to accommodate me. I slid my middle finger in as well and began to slide them in and out, hearing the characteristic slop, slop noise of her wet hole. She was letting out little squeaks and gasps of pleasure. I usually find two fingers is enough to stimulate me, but Abi was so wet that it was easy to slide my ring finger in as well.

I began to slap harder into her, my fingers going as deep as they could, stretching up inside. I could feel her vagina stretching easily to accommodate my three fingers, my palm sticky with her juices.

“Oh go deeper Annie, go deeper,” I could hear her gasping. I wasn’t going to get any deeper like this: so, forming my fingers into an arrow shape, I added my baby finger. Abi squealed as she felt all four fingers pound into her, going as deep as the bottom end of my thumb. I tickled up inside her with my fingers, my thumb pressed against the hard button of her clitoris. I’d never managed so many with my own tight vagina, or anyone else’s for that matter.

“Oh wait Annie…” Abi gasped. I paused; worried that maybe I was hurting her.

“Sorry Abi,” I said, and slipped out my baby finger, ready to start again with three.

“No, Annie, I don’t want you to stop. I just want to see if maybe…maybe you can get your thumb in too.”

Fucking hell. That would be practically fisting her. I’d seen that on the internet, and it looked bloody painful. I know the vagina will stretch a hell of a lot, but usually only with quite a lot of pain. I wasn’t at all sure about this.

“I, I don’t know, Abi,” I stammered. “It seems pretty tight already. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Just try, Annie, please,” begged Abi. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she really wanted this. “You’ve only got little hands, and my pussy should stretch that much if you try.”

“Well, ok,” I said. My hand was already sticky with her juices, and I folded my thumb in over my palm and tried to squeeze my hand as narrow as I could. I think she could tell I was a bit nervous.

“Just a minute,” said Abi, and grabbed a pillow off the bed and shoved it under her bum, pushing her crotch up at a steeper angle, making it easier for me to push into her. Her vagina was gaping wide, waiting for me. It was glistening with her juices, but it still looked awfully small for this.

I placed my hand at her entrance, and pushed in as far as I could go. I could feel her vagina stretching. I began to frig her, pushing in a little bit further each time, a little bit deeper. Luckily, she was very aroused and wet, and the lubrication from her juices was really helping. I could see I was reaching the widest part of my hand, and I tried to make it as small as possible. Abi was letting out a little gasp each time I thrust in; her hands grasping the sheets, sweat glistening on her body, biting her lip to stop herself crying out. Her breasts, glowing with perspiration, jiggled back and forth. She was thrusting back at me.

“Go on Annie, just a bit more,” she gasped.

Then suddenly I gave a final push and oh my god, my hand shot right up her, almost as if it had been sucked in. Abi screamed out. Amazed, I stared at her dark puffy labia clasped around my wrist. I wriggled my fingers gently and Abi gasped.



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