My second embarrassing spankingThe gentleman’s name that gave me my embarrassing spanking is David. Later that Sunday evening, the same day he spanked me, I received several text message pictures from David. Pictures he had taken of me with his phone and stills from the spanking video. I got so incredibly turned on by seeing all of the pictures he sent! But some of the pictures were a bit shocking. Pictures of the front of my house, a closeup of my house number, of my truck and license plate. A stark reminder of how vulnerable I was.David wanted to meet again the very next Sunday, but this time in a more public setting. He wanted to give me a spanking in the back seat of his van in a public parking lot. Plus, he wanted to bring along a friend of his. Another older gentleman that wanted to watch.My heart was already pounding and butterflies in my stomach just thinking about the idea. As risky as this all sounded, I agreed to meeting on Sunday.He informed me that we would meet in the parking lot of the Walmart near my house. The far back row near the outdoor garden entrance. I knew exactly where that was. David also told me to wear one of Jenny’s bikinis under my clothes, and before getting out of my truck and into the van, only be wearing the bikini. I agreed to his scenario.All week long that’s all I could think about. Once again I had thoughts of what the fuck was I doing! Wondering if I should back out. All week David would send me a couple of pictures a day of our last meeting. I would get so horny looking at them!Then Sunday came and I had done nothing to try and cancel the meeting. It was another bright and sunny spring Sunday. We agreed to meet early afternoon at 12:30. My wife left to go see her mother, I got dressed and headed over to Walmart. I was so nervous driving there, my mouth was dry and had butterflies in my stomach again.I arrived at Walmart and saw his van backed in a secluded space on the very back row which bordered a wooded area.He has this mid 90s Aerostar minivan. I backed in and parked beside him on his passenger side. I could see his friend behind the wheel, and he was in the back seat. He texted me “When your ready, get into the front passenger seat of esenyurt escort my van”.I could see David holding up his camera pointed at my truck.I hopped out wearing a super skimpy blue string bikini and jumped into the front passenger seat of his van. “Andy, this is my good friend Rick. Rick this is Andy, the fag we’ve been watching on the video”Rick-“Nice to meet you Andy”Me-“Nice to meet you too Rick” I said nervously.David-“Ok Andy, we’re going for a short drive then come back here”Me-“ok”Rick started up the van and left Walmart. We were headed straight for the down town area which was about a five minute drive.David-“Ok Andrew, who’s bikini are you wearing? And address me as daddy again”Me-“It’s my wife Jenny’s bikini daddy”David-“Ok Andrew, same as before, I want you to expose yourself to Rick by pulling the front waistband down and tucking it under your little shaved balls”Me-“Yes daddy” I did as he said.David-“Now put your hands on your head so he can see you”Me-“Yes daddy” once again I felt so shamefully exposed! David’s van had absolutely no window tinting! It felt like I was sitting in a fishbowl. He drove us all around town through the busiest areas for about a half hour, and this was in the middle of a sunny day! I felt so excited, vulnerable and exposed! All the while Rick was feeling me up making my dick very hard!Rick-“You’re right Dave. He does have a small penis!”We ended up in the middle of a Safeway parking lot and parked in a somewhat secluded spot, but not as secluded as Walmart. Dave opened the back sliding door sitting in the middle of the bench seat but a little more towards the opened door. Dave then handed his video recorder to Rick.David-“Ok little girl, come on back here and lay across daddy’s lap”Me-“Yes daddy”Rick was already recording. I hopped out of the van, my hard dick and balls fully exposed, and climbed in the back and bent over his lap for my spanking! He only closed the sliding door about half way, and my feet were hanging out of the van.David-“Ok little faggott, look back over your shoulder at Rick holding the camera, and tell the viewers your full name and why you’re here”.I turned my head avrupa yakası escort looking over my right shoulder and said “My name is Andrew C*****s E**i. I’m here today to be punished for cheating on my wife Jennifer .”David-“One hundred and fifty swats. Is that the correct number Andy?”Me-“Yes daddy”He pulled the back of my bikini into a tight wedgie! Then without warning, the swats started. Harder swats than the beginning of my first spanking! An instant stinging sensation. I made a gasp sound on the first swat. The swats were alternating cheeks and were landing about every three seconds.David-“This is what cheating little girl husbands get!”My ass was already on fire when he stopped after the first forty swats. There were some cars driving by oblivious to what was happening in the van. David untied the strings on my bikini bottoms and pulled them off. David-“Lift your ass up Andy and spread your legs as wide as you can!”Me-“Yes daddy” I steadied myself with my right hand on the floor and lifted my ass up high. David grabbed my dick with his spanking hand and got me really hard again, while he was rubbing my bottom with the other. Rick got out of the van and came around to the sliding door side. He opened the door all the way and got a closeup of David grabbing my dick.David-“He’s quite the horny little fucker isn’t he!”Rick-“He sure is! Such a little bitch! Give him some more swats so I can get a good closeup”The swats started landing again. I was making kind of a grunt ow sound with each swat. I could feel my dick bouncing all around. David stopped after fifty swats.David-“You’re doing good Andy. You have such a beautiful feminine ass! Perfect for slapping”Me-“Thank you daddy”. David-“So Andy, if you can answer a few questions, and answer them truthfully, your spanking will be finished for today. Are you willing to do that?”Me-“Yes daddy.”David-“Good Girl.”Q. Are you cheating on Jenny today?A. Yes daddyQ. Are you going to keep cheating on her?A. Yes daddyQ. Do you want Jenny to find out about our meetings?A. No daddy, please noQ. Andrew C*****s E**i, have you ever thought about anadolu yakası escort sucking a cock?A. Yes daddyQ. Have you ever fantasized about being fucked? Be truthful Andy A. Yes daddyQ. Next Sunday, are you willing to suck Rick’s cock and let daddy fuck your ass?A. Yes daddyQ. Now to be perfectly clear. I want you to understand that this means you’ll be swallowing a load of cum, and having another load of cum deposited in your ass! Do you understand and agree to that Andy?A. Yes daddyQ. Last question Andy. Do you agree to do this in your house, on your bed that you share with your wife Jennifer L***** E**i?A. That would be ok daddyDavid-“Ok Rick, let’s head back to Walmart and we’ll finish up”I stayed laying across David’s lap in the back seat as Rick drove back to Walmart. David was caressing and groping me the whole way back. My dick was extremely hard. I was naked except for the bikini top which David had pushed up to expose my chest. Rick parked beside my truck and got out of the van. He opened the front passenger door which created more privacy, then he opened the back sliding door. Rick was recording again with the camera. David and I climbed out of the back.David-“Ok Andrew, put your hands on your truck, spread your legs wide apart and poke your ass out”I did what I was told. Standing there spread eagle, fully exposed in a public parking lot with a raging hard-on! Rick stood off to my right side recording.David-“Look into the camera Andy”Me-“Yes daddyDavid pulled his cock in my view then walked behind me. He jerked himself off and shot his load all over my ass. God, I was so turned on! Then he walked over to Rick with his cock still hanging out. He took the camera from Rick. Then Rick did the same thing! Pulled out his cock, walked behind me and jerked his load on my ass! Both loads were running down my ass and legs.David-“Ok Rick, give Andy a hand”Rick reached between my legs from behind, grabbed my stiff dick, and milked me like a cow! I shot the biggest load ever!David-“You are meant to be a man whore aren’t you Andy!”Me-“Yes daddyDavid turned the camera off. He walked up to me and removed my bikini top which left me completely naked. My dick was still fairly hard and pulsing from being milked.David-“I’m keeping the bikini. Be ready for next Sunday slut! Stay right there until we drive away!Me-“Yes daddyThey pulled away with a couple short honks, as I was quickly pressing the unlock code and jumping into my truck. Sitting naked in my truck, cumm all over my ass and seat, already having butterflies in my tummy thinking about next Sunday.



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