As I took my cock out I kept it rested against her back as I could feel it growing against her. I wasn’t sure that she felt it however once she began moving her back further back into me I knew she knew what she was doing.

We lay there for a while watching TV as I began to get some filthy thoughts in my head about my sister. I asked her ‘are you okay sis’ and she replied ‘i am with you here’.

We carried on watching the movie for a while and then she turned around and said to me ‘I don’t want you to sleep in the spare room, I want you to stay with me’ to which I replied ‘do you think thats a good idea’. She looked at me and said ‘I need you tonight’ and turned around to carry on watching the TV.

She then began complaining about her back and said ‘I really need a nice back rub, can you rub my back while we watch the movie?’ I gently placed my hand on her back and began rubbing it slowly. She straight away grabbed hold of it and moved it to under her top she had on and said ‘there, thats better’. So I carried on under her top gently rubbing my hand up and down her whilst my cock was getting harder and harder. I moved up her back until I reached her bra straps, I undone them with my hand and carried on up towards her neck.

She halkalı escort began quietly moaning as I moved up and down her back, she carried on until it seemed like she was having an orgasm. I asked her ‘does it feel good’ and she just laughed and smiled. She turned around to me and said ‘Will you look after me tonight’ and looked into my eyes with her back towards me. I froze and just stared at her until I moved into her and kissed her on her forehead as my hands carried on rubbing her back.

She moved her face up towards me and her lips towards me and kissed me on my lips slowly, it was the longest kiss ever as we both froze with our lips together, both waiting for the other to open their mouth so we could stick our tongues down each others throats. She opened her mouth after about 10 seconds and I stuck my tongue straight down her throat without a moments hesitation (I was waiting for this moment and had wanked over time and time again)I nearly cum in my pants as she placed her hand on the said of my face (her back still towards me) and began sticking her tongue down my throat.

I was getting harder and harder and could not control myself, I took her neck with my hand and pushed her harbiye escort face back as I started licking her from the bottom of her neck all the way to her mouth. I then looked at her and said ‘You don’t know how much I have wanted this’ to which she replied ‘show me’ so I asked ‘are you sure, cause I want to do some filthy things to you’. She laughed and whispered to me ‘do you want to taste me’. I laughed and said ‘you don’t know how much’ so she placed her finger in my mouth and told me to make it wet, I sucked on it covering it with my spit as she moved it down, undone her button and stuck it in her pussy, covering it with creamy white juice.

She bought her finger back up towards my mouth as I grabbed hold of it and started to suck the juice off it, it tasted awesome (it was covered in thick white pussy juice, more than I can imagine) This turned me on so much that I couldn’t take it anymore, I got up as I was still lying down and placed her on her back beginning to slide her jeans off with her panties.

They won’t fully off as she moved her legs back and held them together for me looking at me in a dirty way saying ‘taste me please, I can’t take this anymore, I want to cum in your mouth so bad’. ikitelli escort I thought I would tease to see how much she wanted me and began kissing her on her juicy pussy slowly with my eyes locked onto hers and hers onto mine, I didn’t use my tongue at first even though I could see white discharge dripping from her pussy. She moaned and groaned as I worked my way down her sexy juice filled pussy not taking my eye off her. I could see it in her eyes that she needed this so much. As I kissed her I said ‘Is it normally this fit and does it always taste so good’, ‘i don’t know’ she said as I began sucking on her fanny flaps.

I then slowly placed my tongue at the bottom of her pussy and in one big lick moved up towards her clit. She began quivering and said ‘you are fuking dirty’. She moved her other hand down towards her pussy and placed her fingers inside herself as I licked around them, she took them out, once again filled with juice and put them in my mouth, I sucked on them and then stuck my tongue down her pussy as she held it open with two fingers.

She could not take her eyes off me as I tongue fucked her, she could not look at me anymore as she was shaking with excitement and rested her head back on the cushion. She grabbed hold off my hair with her hand and pushed my face in her pussy and said ‘stay there and don’t take your mouth off it, i’m gonna cum so much’ I stayed there as she shook uncontrollably and screamed as she came in my mouth, hers legs giving way at the same time as she cum in my mouth.



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