I woke on a sunny autumn morning. I had booked a few days off work and was enjoying the relaxed nature of the few days. I turned looking for Michelle, now my wife and mother to my kids, in bed next to me. But she was gone. I lay there naked in bed gently enjoying the near silence stroking my morning wood. Unusually I could hear the main shower running instead of the one in the en suite, and thought to myself how thoughtful of Michelle to use the main bathroom so as not to wake me.

But I was horny and wanted her tight pussy. Even after giving birth to two kids her pussy was incredibly tight and I longed for it. I got out of bed and walked out of our bedroom to the bathroom, my circumcised hairless cock ready for her sweet snatch. I stopped outside the bathroom as I could hear some quiet moans coming from inside.

“Michelle must be playing with her pussy” I thought, looking at my 8 inch cock “she will be happy I disturbed her so.”

I opened the door and standing behind the glass shower screen, shower head in hand spraying the intense water stream onto her pussy, three fingers of her free hand were buried in her smooth pussy, was my niece Catriona. I completely forgot she was staying with us for a few days. Her breasts were huge, with a blue vein tracing across each and into her large areolas. Easily DD cups if not more they seemed to defy gravity. Her wet blonde hair was shoulder length down her back, her thick lips open and her usually big blue eyes closed in pleasure.

She heard me coming in and was suddenly shocked back to reality. Catriona dropped the shower head, one hand covering her shaved pussy the other desperately trying to cover her 21 year old tits, but failing. Her face was quickly turning red. Suddenly I realised I too was naked, standing in front of my niece with an erection. Her body was curvy another PAWG like her aunt and my wife Michelle. Her skin flawless, her tits large and heavy and ass perfectly round and perky. No more than 3 seconds passed but time seemed to go in slow motion. Her eyes were wide with shock as the flicked between my own eyes and my hard phallus.

“Catriona… ahhh… Sorry I thought Michelle was in here… Shit sorry… but don’t be embarrassed… I mean we all masturbate, and well you have a lot to be proud of,” I stammered.

I drank in everything in front of me lodging the image in the wank bank for later. Now facing me Catriona curves were Kim Kardashian-esque. Her large breasts, that she was still trying to hide behind one hand, led to an inward curving waist before exploding again at her hips and thighs. I longed to see her pussy, was she a innie like Michelle or an outtie, but her hand hid it well.

“Tom don’t you think you should leave?”

“Oh yeah sorry Catriona, I just got distracted a bit sorry!”

I left returning to my bedroom. I lay down and straight away went to working on my cock. I was so turned on. The rest of the house was quiet, Michelle must have gone out. Fuck Catriona was hot. I started to bring her figure back to the front of my mind. My hand worked the length of my cock, back and forward up and down the shaft.

Suddenly the door opened at etiler eve gelen escort it was Catriona. She had a towel wrapped around her. I think she thought I would be jacking off and hoped to make me as embarrassed but being an exhibitionist I loved it.

“See Catriona, I told you everyone masturbates.”

I slowed my stroking, moving up and down my cock slowly.

“Are you circumcised Tom? I’ve never seen a circumcised cock before.” It was rare in Ireland to be circumcised. I stopped stroking and removed my hand.

“I sure am, want to take a closer look?”

Catriona paused, her big blue eyes looking intrigued. The towel was struggling to keep her large tits at bay. I wanted to fuck this girl, feel her young supple body under me.

“Sit on the edge of the bed and have a look,” I pushed further.

“Does it make it look bigger having no foreskin uncle? I mean you look bigger than my ex, or is it because you have no pubic hair?”

“It’s eight inches Catriona, it’s just big, foreskin or no foreskin, pubes or none.”

Catriona stepped closer, with each step the slit in the bottom of the towel opened exposing her shaved pubic area. She sat beside me, crossing her legs. The towel fell off her left leg which she placed on top of her right. My eyes were drawn to her inner thigh. Her legs were so pale, so soft looking. She placed her right hand on my thigh sending shivers through me.

“I’m sorry you saw me with the shower uncle. It’s been so long since I had, well you know, I don’t like to sleep around and since I broke up with Ger I haven’t been with anyone.”

She was killing me here. I wished in my head she would move her hand to my fully erect cock.

“Did it hurt getting circumcised?”

“I’m sure it did but I don’t remember it was done when I was a baby. Do you want to see if it feels any different?”

“Your my uncle, I shouldn’t be…”

“Only through marriage Catriona, we aren’t blood related. It’s ok to touch hun, sure you said yourself you’ve missed cock.” I could see the struggle in her. Her hand moved fractionally closer. I moved my right hand onto her naked thigh, with my finger tips lightly tracing up her inner thigh.

“It’s only touching, an experiment to see the difference.”

Her hand moved closer, resting on my pubic area. She rubbed back and forward over my smooth pubic area.

“It’s so smooth,” Catriona said, “smoother than mine.”

“Let me see,” I replied my hand moving to her shaved pubic area. Catriona uncrossed her legs as I got a glimpse of a relatively long clit hood. I could feel a slight stubble. “Ah, you shave babe I get waxed and was only done yesterday. You know you have an incredible body.”

“You’re just saying that Tom, although you aren’t bad for being in your thirties,” Catriona responded blushing.

Her hand moved from my pubic area rubbing over my flat hard stomach before moving back towards my cock. She lifted her hand and rubbed my cock head with her thumb. My precum covered it making it slippy.

“It’s rougher than others, your head is.”

I was breathing slightly heavier etiler grup yapan escort now. Her finger tips grasped my shaft. She stroked out twice before moving her hand away.

“It moves just the same Tom.”

“I know,” I answered. I reached up and pulled at her towel. It fell away gently exposing her massive melons. My right hand held her left tit, my thumb tracing around her nipple watching it as it hardened. Catriona moved her right hand back to my shaft, confidently grabbing it with her hand and slowly and steadly began stroking my cock. She looked into my eyes as I fondled her large blue veined tit, her hand slowly massaging my throbbing cock.

“Spread your legs Catriona, I want to see your beautiful pussy.”

Catriona stood, the towel falling completely to the floor, she stepped closer again. My hand dropped from her tit and cupped her pussy. It was a nice meaty pussy. Large lips that were soaked with her pussy juices. My finger slid between her lips and gently rubbed her clit. I couldn’t believe I was rubbing my 21 year old niece’s pussy. Her right hand moved a little faster stroking my cock. My middle finger slid into her waiting pussy. It glided in with ease her pussy was so wet. In and out I moved my finger as I got the whole lot in. Suddenly Catriona stopped and took a step back. I thought this was all I was getting. She sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs.

“Come and lick my pussy Tom.”

I almost jumped from the bed as I kneeled on the ground in front of her. I ran tongue from the opening of her pussy in between her meaty lips up to her slightly exposed clit. I spent time teasing and licking her clit as my finger returned to her pussy. Catriona lay back on the bed as I continued to eat her pussy. I plunged two fingers deep into her pussy, back and forward as the juices flowed from her cunt. Her hand grabbed the back of my head as I licked her clit upwards, downwards and side to side. Two fingers buried in her snatch soon became three as I curled them upwards looking for the right spot in her vagina. Caitriona’s juices were flowing as she began to pant and moan loudly. How I missed those noises with Michelle my wife being a quiet lover. Pulling my head into her pussy she came on my face as I licked everything up.

I stood up and positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy. Grabbed under her smooth curvy thighs and introduced my cock slowly. Looking at me, she bit her bottom lip as I pushed my full length into her.

“Fuck Tom, be careful it’s big!” She pressed her hand at my stomach pushing me back. I pushed back against her.

“It’s ok Catriona, you can take it.”

I thrust in and out slowly at first, watching my cock be devoured by her hungry pussy. I began to rub her clit with my thumb as I moved faster and harder. Catriona was pinching and clamping her nipples as I fucked her wet pussy. Her lips sucked new in.

I moved forward, bent over her, taking a large breast into my mouth. I bit and licked her rock hard nipple.

“Let’s go doggy Catriona, I need to get a load of that ass”.

We quickly changed positions etiler masöz escort as I got behind her entering her soaked wet pussy from behind. Her ass was big but firm as I grabbed a hold of it. I watched it jiggle as I pumprd my nieces pussy. Her hand was between her legs rubbing her clitoris. I fucked her pussy as hard and deep as I could. Her moaning began again.

“Harder uncle Tom I’m going to cum again!”

I fucked her sweet pussy for all I was worth. Deeper and harder. Just before she climaxed I slide my thumb into her ass.

“Fuck Tom yes… don’t stop!”

Her juices literally flowed from her as she collapsed on to the bed. I slid my cock from her pussy. I still hadn’t cum. Spreading her big ass cheeks I pushed the head of my cock into her puckered ass hole.

“Wait Tom, I’ve never done anal.”

“Trust me Catriona, play with yourself while I fuck your ass.”

I hadn’t had anal sex in 12 years. Her virgin ass was so tight I didn’t want to stop.

“OK Tom, I’ll try it.”

Using her juices as lube I carefully moved back and forward spending time letting her ass get used to my cock. Five minutes later and I still hadn’t close to the full length. At times Catriona moaned from discomfort others were pleasure as she rubbed her pussy. Holding on to her big cheeks I pushed further and further into her ass. Her muscles clenched around me pushing against my cock. Her virgin ass was so tight even moving this slow gent amazing around my cock. Gripping her round ass and hips I picked up the pace, my balls slapping against her pussy as she rubbed her clit. I was getting so close to cumming.

“Tom, can we stop? It’s a bit sore.”

I was disappointed but what could I do and said “sure thing Catriona, but I still haven’t cum.”

“I’ll suck you until you cum uncle!”

How could I refuse? I grabbed some wet wipes and cleaned my cock. Catriona spit on her hands and rubbed the saliva between her tits. Kneeling in front of me she wrapped her bountiful breasts around my shaft and titty fucked me. as my cock appeared from her big tits it found her full thick lips ready and waiting. I pumped her tits for all I was worth.

“Take it all in your mouth Catriona.”

She obliged taking my cock like a pro as I fucked her waiting mouth. Her hands massaged my balls as I neared orgasm. My 21 year old niece was an amazing cock sucker. Her teeth ran along my cock head, her tongue wrapping around my cock. I stopped fucking her mouth and let her blow my mind.

“I’m gonna cum! I want to cover your tits.”

Catriona pulled my cock from her mouth and using two hands jacked me off. My first squirt of cum hit her chin and rolled down onto her chest. The next four large squirts covered her enormous tits. My milky white cum on her pale white tits and pink nipples looked amazing. Last three squirts landed on her tits again as the last of my cum rolled out over her hands.

She finished me off slowly jerking my dick.

“I better go clean up.”

Catriona got up and limped toward the bathroom, her ass obviously sore. I collapsed on the bed delighted I had fucked my niece. Neither of us ever spoke of it again.

Part of this story is true. I did walk in on my 21 year old niece in the shower. Unfortunately she wasn’t masturbating but I was naked and hard, thinking it was my wife in the shower. And Catriona is as I described a PAWG with a shaved pussy and very large breasts. I have wanked many times wishing the rest of this story happened.



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