My neighbor’s uncle 2The doorbell rings. Not from below, but from my front door on the coridor. When I open the door, my neighbour Dave is standing smiling with a baking dish in front of me. “I’ve come to thank you for your kind reception of my uncle the other day. I’ve made pom and I’ve come to bring you a some.” I think back on the encounter with Dave’s uncle Wesley. “Oh, that was no trouble at all. Your uncle is good company, it was very nice,” I tell my neighbour. Would Wesley have given a full account of our meeting? Dave handes me the dish. “This is far too much for me alone. Besides, you never eat pom on your own. You should know that like no other. You’re eating along. Come in,” I say laughingly, but in a way that he can’t get away with it.I put the dish in the oven. Without asking, I pour two glasses of wine. Meanwhile, Dave looks at my paintings. He is standing at my last acquisition when I hand him a glass of white wine. “Beautiful,” he says briefly. “I recently bought it from a Nigerian artist in Antwerp. He personally delivered the gouache. I won’t tell Dave that it took all afternoon.We are going on the balcony. The weather is beautiful. My balcony is facing west. The evening sun is warm. We talk about a lot of things. I can’t keep my eyes off Dave. He looks great in his white shirt and light grey jogging pants. My eyes regularly wander to his crotch. I’m sure he doesn’t wear underpants. With every movement I see his cock in the loose pants go back and forth. Dave sees that I am peeping. I feel caught and blushed. I start talking about something ridiculous, something I have just read in the newspaper, to distract him.”I have to pee,” says Dave suddenly. “You know the way, or should I show you?,” I laugh at him. “you are allowed to,” I hear my neighbour say, to my surprise. When Dave gets up, I see that his cock is stiff. His sweatpants bahis firmaları are bulging big time. “You cant do it with a hard-on,” I note without shame. “Maybe you should help me get rid of it first. I’ve heard that you’re very good at that,” he notes. Again I blush. So Wesley reported to his cousin. I bend over to Dave and pull down his sweatpants in one movement. I’m right. No underpants. Without further thought I dive on his stiff cock. The resemblance with his uncle is astonishing. He easily gets 10 inches like his uncle, but his is considerably thicker. A drop of pre-cum comes out of his pissslit. “Has your uncle told you everything,” I ask before I take his beautiful pink head in my mouth. “I don’t know, but I’m about to find out,” I hear above me.Dave gets out of his sweatpants without me letting his dick go. The hot sun makes me hornier. On my knees I suck Dave. First I lick his head, but then I take him deeper and deeper. I wonder if I can have the dick all the way. Dave’s cock is thick and long. I continue with dedication. It has to be.The wall along my balcony ensures that passers-by looking up only see the top of a beautiful man in a shirt. I suck the head of the penis further into my mouth. I hear satisfied growling. I take the cock deeper into me and collect as much saliva as possible in my mouth. Then I push my head all the way forward. The glans disappears in my throat. Tears shoot into my eyes and I gag, but I push on. The feeling is overwhelming. Dave must experience the same thing. He moans approvingly. “This is better than my uncle told me,” whispers Dave. He takes over my movements. Dave fucks my mouth with devotion. I feel his rod thicken and know what’s coming. A little later he stops fucking with great force again. Dave is about to come. I can tell by his cock, the rhythm and the sounds he makes. In a couple kaçak iddaa of big spurts I feel his sperm disappearing in my throat. Dave stops punching me. I let his cock slide out of my throat and hold it in my mouth. I taste his seed. When I look up, I see Dave with his head in his neck and his eyes closed. He is exhausted from the orgasm. His knees nod.When I get up, Dave opens his eyes. We look at each other and I pull him in on his hand. So no one can see us. I kiss him on his perfectly shaped lips. He opens his mouth and our tongues find each other. For at least five minutes our tongues wrestle wildly with each other.The timer of the oven, wakes us from our entanglement. “Time for pom,” I say and look Dave straight into his eyes. He looks back dreamily. “Good idea, I’m hungry,” he replies back. Without getting dressed we sit on the balcony with a plate of pom on our bare knees. I’ve poured another glass of wine. We are both enjoying the evening sun, the meal, the wine and each other.”Have you ever done anything with your uncle,” I ask pervertedly. “By the way, he gave the impression that I was his first male experience,” Dave looks at me in amazement. “You were. And I didn’t do anything with Wesley. It’s my uncle, family. This was also my first time with a man. I have a girlfriend, you know. But after my uncle’s story, I couldn’t get you out of my mind.” I see that the thought doesn’t leave him indifferent again. Dave’s cock starts to grow. “Here or in the bedroom,” I ask briefly. Dave stands up, says nothing, and walks to the bedroom. I see his perfectly round ass. His skin is beautifully dark. He has cut his hair short, they criss-crossed his head softly and fluffy. Everything is muscular on his beautiful body. He regularly goes to the gym.When I come into the bedroom, he is lying on his back in bed with his eyes closed. I crawl kaçak bahis next to Dave, take his face in my hands and press my lips on his. He opens his mouth and our tongues touch. After a few minutes I let go of his head and kiss his chest and nipples. Dave likes everything, he growls like a cat in heat. I lick my way down and crawl between his legs. Without fuss I take his tightly stiff cock in my mouth. This position is easier to take him all the way down my throat. Dave pulls up his knees and I see his great ass. I can’t resist this. I circle the tip of my tongue around his asshole. Dave’s groans. His whole body moves up and down with pure horniness. “Don’t stop,” screams Dave when I bite for a breath. I’m going back to my job.”It feels great. My girlfriend doesn’t do that to me. But I want to try it myself now,” says Dave. I turn on my knees and stick my ass back. Without hesitation, Dave dives between my buttocks. He works my ass like a professional. Nothing tells me it’s his first time. He’s just a natural. The tip of his tongue disappears into my hole.”Are you ready,” I hear Dave asking. I nod affirmative. Then feel that Dave stands up. He presses his cock against my anus. He stops for a moment, but then he pushes on without hesitation. The combination of the stabbing pain and being completely filled, fighting for priority. But not for long. The pain disappears quickly. Maybe he has never screwed a man before, but he has enough fucking experience. Dave uses the right combinations of rhythm, depth, short strokes, long punches, all the way back to go deep again. I feel Dave’s long thick cock rub against my prostate. He increases the rhythm. Dave wants to pour his seed into me. “I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming,” Dave is breathing heavily into my neck. The last push goes deep into me. Dave injects his seed deep into my bowels. He hangs on me in an extinct way. “This was a great fuck neighbor. I have to call my uncle to report to him. I promised.” I look around in amazement and say played angry; so the pom was just an excuse.’ Laughing we fall onto bed.



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