My Naughty Burglary FantasyIt is a usual Saturday night, I’d been hoping my useless husband Dave (not real name obviously) would take me out, wine and dine me maybe actually fuck me…it’s as if we need a babysitter our k**s now teenagers [Gavin 14, Sarah 13…not real names, ages well let’s just say] looked after themselves, which usually meant they were out or in their bedrooms on their laptops or phones.But does he hell as like. It’s the usual unsatisfying routine take-away while he watches football channel on the TV drinking his whiskey and arguing with the commentators. While k**s upstairs occupying themselves. I’m left sat drinking my wine occupying myself with my phone, though I’m not messaging my friends about holidays or our k**s like he thinks I do. I’m messaging some new friends I have found online, on sites he has no idea I go on….well a girl has to get her fun where and when she can if her husband is useless.At anadolu yakası escort 11pm there is a loud knocking at our front door that annoyed Dave interrupting his TV, so went to answer it and shout at whoever it was, while I just waited for the argument to start. I heard the door open, but then what sounded like a fight. I was going to get up and see what was going on, but what happened next froze me in my seat. My husband was pushed through the door and onto the floor, his hands had been tied behind his back…then three men walked in all wearing balaclavas to hide their faces.“Well look we have a slut to enjoy too boys….she is going to have a fun night tonight…” All of them laugh, as they move to me my husband on the floor shouting and swearing at them.My husband was soon quietened, as one of the men pushed a ball-gag in his mouth and secured it tightly, “You ataşehir escort should stop shouting dickhead….you might wake your k**s…you wouldn’t want that would you?” again all the masked intruders laugh. Then the three men turn their attention to me, I haven’t moved. I’m pulled from the sofa my dressing gown pulled open to reveal my naked body.“Ohhh look the slut is naked….maybe she was hoping we would pay her a visit….surely she wasn’t hoping for that wimp dick husband to fuck her…who wants to go first?”I am pushed to my knees completely naked as the three intruders surround me and begin to remove their trousers and I am then surrounded by three hard cocks, as they wank in front of me. I can see Dave between their legs still laid on the floor tied and gagged, and he has even stopped struggling and is just laid there, what a poor excuse for a husband. My head is grabbed a pulled ümraniye escort towards the first hard cock…”time to suck slut….” and my mouth is filled forcefully. It has been so long since I had felt a hard cock in my mouth, I had missed it so much. I suck eagerly and even use my hands to stroke the big thick filling my mouth. Despite the situation of my home being invaded by these strangers I want to feel the cock cum, enjoy the feel of making a man orgasm again. He holds my head tight and fucks my mouth, and I don’t resist. Within a couple of minutes I feel his cock begin to twitch…I still remember that feeling, he is going to cum….I suck even harder I want this strangers cum. I have completely forgotten about Dave, probably still on the floor gagged and tied up. He begins to erupt, and I suck harder and swallow as my mouth is filled, I swallow each pulse as his cum explodes until it is running out the sides of my mouth, running down my chin and dripping onto my breasts. I’m so aroused when I shouldn’t be I just keep sucking, wanting more.Once he was finished cumming, I am pushed naked to the floor, cum dripping from my face….only then realising that the other two masked intruders had been missing, and now I can see why….



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