When I was 18 I lived with my Mother in a small flat in Bexhill. She was 53 years old, tall, slim, and not an unattractive woman. She was, however, somewhat neurotic, and she kept me with her most of the time as ‘the only man I love’, as she used to put it. I was ambiguous about this situation. Part of me wanted to go out with my mates, meet some girls, and have a good time, and part of was … well frankly turned on by looking after my Mother.

Let me explain.

She had let herself go. She didn’t worry about what she wore or about being fully dressed. Much of the time she wore a dressing gown over her underwear, and she wasn’t too particular about making sure it was done up properly. Her underwear on the other hand was very ‘fifties’. Large pointed bra, large pants, and large suspenders and brown stockings. She also always wore high-heeled shoes.

The amount of times I had briefly glimpsed her stocking-tops had already given me a fetish about stockings. I always wanted to see more, and my ultimate fantasy was touching her legs and running my hands up her stockings to the firm white flesh above. Touching and fondling her breasts was the other fantasy of course.

As I said, she was neurotic, nervous and fussy. She took pills in the morning to wake her up and pills at night to make her sleep.

As time went on she took more and more pills to help her sleep. Sometimes she took these early and fell asleep on the sofa, and I would have to help her up and put her to bed. I have to say that I looked forward very much to such times. I would never worry about making sure her dressing gown was fastened, and it would always fall open when I helped her up and I would have a good gawk at her body and those wonderful stockings. Sometimes my hands would glance her breasts as I helped her into the bedroom, and once I even rested my hands on her stockinged legs as I helped her get into bed. Afterwards I would go to the bathroom and masturbate furiously, imagining myself groping her all over and even forcing her down on my cock. The thought of her sucking my cock always made me cum.

I remember that day when all my fantasies came true. It all started when she couldn’t remember if she had taken her pills or not for the night. I knew she had but I told her she hadn’t, so she took them again … plus an extra one I slipped in without her realising. About an hour later she was out for the count on the sofa, and I began to seriously think about touching her body, and maybe even undressing her. This night she was wearing a skirt and sweater over her normal underclothes.

My plan was simple: I would make like I was taking her to bed… I would pretend she had asked me to put her to bed. Obviously she would need to be undressed down to her bra and pants. She was too far gone to do it herself, or even know what was being done, so I would be able to feel her up as I took her clothes off. Any comebacks and I would just plead innocence, and tell her that she had made me undress her, and so on. If she complained I would turn it all back on her!

I waited another half an hour before I began. I started innocently enough.

“Come on Mum” I said, “time for bed”.

I shook her hard and she mumbled at me, but her eyes stayed closed. I shook her again, but still no response. So I lifted her under the arms and half-carried, half-dragged her into the bedroom. I made a point of not trying anything at this point, just in case.

By the time I got to the bedroom with her, however, it was clear she was deeply asleep, so I lifted her up and dropped her backwards on the bed. As I pushed her down to lay fully on the bed, her skirt rode up just revealing the tops of her brown stockings. I stood for a minute just staring at the dark brown area. I could feel myself getting hard at the sight. I could also feel my heart beginning to beat more quickly and my breath getting shorter at the prospect I was I was about to do.

I waited a moment longer, considering how to proceed without taking any risks. Then I went to the end of the bed and put my hands on her shoes, as if to remove them.

“Mum!”, I shouted. “Can you hear me?”


“I’m gonna undress you now, like you asked?”

Still nothing.

“Is that OK, Mum?”

I held her feet and pulled her down the bed an inch. No reaction, except that her dress rode up a fraction more.

“Mum! You sure you want me to do this?”, I almost shouted.

She began to snore slightly.

I smiled to myself and pulled her down the bed another six inches till her stockings were fully exposed and I could examine the flesh above.

“You want me to take off your stockings Mum”, I shouted.

No response.

I sat on the bed and ran my hands up her legs, brining them to rest on the tops of her stockings. I moved my hands as if to undo the suspenders, but I was really just feeling the material, and getting very excited. No reaction, so I pushed my hands down and around her legs, feeling and groping at her … openly now.

As pangaltı escort I pushed one hand upwards slightly between her legs, she moaned momentarily and opened her legs a fraction. I froze and waited, but nothing else happened.

I gently pushed the hand up towards her cunt a tiny bit more, and exactly the same thing happened.

“Shit!’, I thought to myself. “She likes it … even in her sleep!”

I pushed my hand closer, till I was touching her gusset, but this time she just lay still. So I simply began to feel her cunt, laying my hands on it, and feeling the hairy layer underneath the pants.

As she was still and quiet now, I went for broke, and just started feeling her up properly. Running my hands up and down her legs and over her cunt and up between her legs. Eventually she groaned again and this time opened her legs wider, giving me room to feel her cunt opening, and even to slip my fingers inside the pants to touch the lips of her vagina.

I reached up to her skirt, released the catch, and pulled down the zip fastening. Then I grabbed the skirt and pulled it down over her legs, accidently-on-purpose catching her pants in my hand, and pulling them both away over her legs and shoes.

I turned back and looked at her hairy naked cunt, glistening slightly in the dim bedroom table-lamp. I fought and impulse to lower my face down and lick and kiss it.

“Not yet”, I said to myself, simply. First we gotta play with those tits!!

I sat on the bed again and pushed up her sweater over her bra. As I did so my hands ran over her large breasts. I left them there and looked in her face, lowering my head to her eyes.

“Mum?” I shouted again. “Are you really sure you want me to do this?”

But she just lay there motionless.

My hands were still holding the sweater but resting on her breasts, so I let go of the sweater and simply allowed my hands to cup her ample tits. Slowly I began to grope at them, feeling them, squeezing them gently.

My erection was raging by this time, and the simple friction of the material against my cock was bringing me to orgasm.

So I simply sat there, freely groping my own Mother’s breasts, and rubbing myself against her legs and the bed, until I came fiercely in my pants. My eyes rolled in my head, and I came and came and came till my trousers were soaked.


After I had cleaned myself up in the bathroom I returned to Mother. I felt certain that she was out for the count, so I didn’t bother to put on any clean trousers. She lay on the bed as I had left her, her legs wide apart and her cunt glistening above her stockinged legs, and her bra showing under her raised sweater.

I pulled her sweater off and undid the bra, throwing it on the floor. I played with her breasts again till I was hard. Then I slid myself across her chest sitting on her stomach, my cock sticking up virtually in her face. I played with myself with one hand whilst I groped at her tits with the other. I was so turned on I nearly came again almost immediately.

But instead I reached behind her head and lifted it up till her mouth was level with my cock. Then, forcing open her mouth, I gingerly insert my cock between her lips. Placing both hands behind her head I forced her mouth down on my cock, and proceed to start fucking her face!

As I felt my excitement growing I began to grind my hips and ram my cock deeper and deeper into her defenceless mouth. At the same time I started to whisper at her fiercely.

“Suck it you bitch! This is what Mummy wants isn’t it … this is what all Mummy’s want. To have their little boys fucking their mouth. You want my cum don’t you, you dirty fucking bitch. Well here it comes …”

And with that I rammed my cock deep into her throat and pumped my silver liquid milk into her face. I kept ramming and thrusting, forcing her head down and down till I was dry, and her mouth was full of my cum. Then I threw her head back on the pillow.

“Bitch!!” I shouted. “Fucking old bitch!”

As I got up I watched the milk dribbling out the corner of her mouth. On an impulse I reached over and closed her mouth, and began to massage her throat, encouraging her to swallow all my cum. She gurgled deeply for a moment and then her instincts took over and she swallowed deeply. As I sat there holding her head back I knew that I had abused and violated her, but all I wanted was to do more … to force upon her the ultimate violation.

She was naked now apart from the suspender belt and stockings, and these now became the focus of my attention. I gleefully caressed her legs rubbing hard and reaching my hands up closer and closer to her cunt. Suddenly I pushed her legs wide apart and crawled on top of her. Slipping her panties aside I roughly entered her. I was crazed with lust and I just fucked her as hard as I could with no thought whatsoever for her, and no concerns if she would awake.

“Bitch”, I whispered. “Fucking dirty cock-sucking bitch!”. I rammed pendik escort home as hard as I could, keeping up my chanting.

“Bitch … fucking old hag bitch! Dirty fifthly stinking whore. Teach you I will, fucking teach you, you hideous old bitch!!”

And then with a roar of triumph I came for the third time filling her cunt with my cum!


Mother lay there on the bed, dressed only in her stockings, suspender belt and bra. The bra was pulled down revealing her large but still relatively pert breasts. On her face and around her mouth were traces of dried cum. Some white specks were also splattered in her hair. Her arms and legs were drawn wide apart, as if she were laying back inviting me to sexually molest her.

It was just before dawn and I had awoken from a sleep I never intended to take. Part of me was afraid that her sleeping pills would soon wear off and she would wake up and find herself in this state, and part of me wanted to fuck her again. To force my cock into her mouth once more and cum down her throat.

But in the end caution won out, and I started to clean her up. I got a cloth from the bathroom and washed the cum off her face and hair. I adjusted her bra so it contained her breasts again, although I did not miss the chance to fondle and grope them in the process. Likewise, as I pulled her panties back on and up her legs, I could not resist paying prolonged attention to her stockinged legs. Finally I pulled her sweater on and arranged her body as if she had simply been sleeping. I covered her up with the blanket, and turned off the light. Everything seemed to be innocent enough now. I slipped back to the spare room, climbed into bed and went to sleep.

I was woken about 11.30 am by Mother who came in with a cup of tea.

“Morning my dear”, she said gaily. “How are you this morning?”.

I yawned and sat up. “Fine thanks”.

“We both seem to have overslept. I can’t imagine why that happened. Still I feel so much better for a nice long sleep.”

“Yes … me too”, I muttered sleepily, although in reality I was eying her carefully to see if there was any reaction from what had happened.

She seemed normal enough, although I wasn’t entirely sure.

“You slept well then?”, I asked.

“Oh yes, my dear. I had some lovely dreams too”. She smiled as she said this, but something about the way she smiled set alarms bells ringing in my mind.

“Er … what did you dream about then?”, I asked. And then immediately regretted it.

“I dreamt about you”, she almost whispered. She sat down on the bed beside me and leaned over and kissed my hair. My good little boy, my best best boy.

I smiled weakly at her.

“You know”, she began “I can’t remember going to bed last night. I must have been really tired. Did I … did I get to bed alright. I wasn’t a pain … or anything. Was I?”.

“No mum … you were fine”.

“Oh, it’s just that my clothes were still on this morning. My stockings anyway. I usually take them off before I go to bed. I can’t remember ever going to bed with … my stockings and suspenders on”. She said these last words quietly and in a slightly seductive manner. It wasn’t obvious, but I felt myself harden at the way she said ‘stockings and suspenders’.

I didn’t say anything. I just looked at her.

“I must have been really zonked out last night. I think I must have dribbled because my pillow was damp this morning. Can’t think of anything else it could have been to make it so damp … can you?”

As she said these words she looked at me hard. It could have been my imagination by there seemed to be a slight grin playing around her lips.

My heart suddenly pounded inside me. Had she guessed?

Christ I had left cum on her pillow. She could have smelt it, it has a very distinctive odour. What could I say? Was she angry, had she really guessed or was she just fishing? God, if my own mother suspected me of cumming on her pillow she would go spare!

“Oh … yer”, I muttered weakly.

“The other odd thing is that I awoke with a strange taste in my mouth. Can’t remember having that taste … oh I don’t know … for years and years.”

“Oh …”, I whispered again, totally flummoxed.

Did she knew I had cum in her mouth? She must do! What was she going to say? What would she do?

“Have you been a naughty boy?”, she suddenly whispered at me. “A VERY naughty boy?”.

“What … “ I croaked.

“Have you been doing things to your poor mummy whilst she slept … dirty things?”. Again that slight mischievous smile around her mouth.

“No Mum … I haven’t done anything Mum … honest”. But I said it too quickly and with too much anxiety.

“I don’t think my little boy is being honest with mummy. I think you have been doing things to your mummy … whilst poor mummy was all asleep … and vulnerable and in your power. You took advantage of mummy … didn’t you?”.

“No mummy!” I wailed. “I didn’t do anything. I didn’t mummy rus escort I, I didn’t”.

“You’re lying to mummy. I can see it in your face. What did you do to mummy while she slept. What did my naughty naughty little boy do to his poor mummy. Tell me now … or mummy will get very cross.”.

But I couldn’t tell her of course. How could I say that I had forced my cock between her lips and fucked her mouth? That I had made her swallow my cum. I simply couldn’t.

“I … I don’t know what you mean mum. I didn’t do anything. I wouldn’t hurt you mummy”.

“I’m not saying you hurt mummy. But I think did took advantage of mummy’s state … that mummy was sleeping deeply. I think … I think you TOUCHED mummy … where a little boy should never touch his own mummy. And maybe you did something even worse. Tell mummy … tell mummy what you did with your ‘dirty little man’. I know you did something.”.

I looked at her in silence, too afraid to say anything.

“Where did you put your little man? Why can mummy taste your little man’s milk … in her MOUTH!”. She said the last word loudly and in an accusing Hiss.

Still I said nothing. My heart was beating frantically and I was desperately searching for some way of escape from her words. Even through the fear though I could not help noting in some part of my mind that she knew what ‘a little man’s milk’ tasted like! Had she tried it before?

We looked at each other in silence for some time. Then she leant down so that her face was just a few inches from mine and she hissed at me again.

“DIRTY DIRTY little boy! You took out your WILLY and you rubbed it till it was hard, and you forced it into poor mummy’s mouth … didn’t you!”.

“No mummy …”.

“Then you pushed it in and out of mummy’s mouth till you spunked! And THEN you filled you poor poor mummy’s mouth with your creamy spunk!”.

“Oh no mummy I wouldn’t do any …”

“Then you rubbed it in mummy’s face! Didn’t you!!”.

“No … no I didn’t mummy!”.

“Liar!” She shouted at me. “And then what did you do? Did you make mummy SWALLOW all your dirty creamy spunky cum? Did you? Horrid, foul, dirty, incestuous little boy! What a terrible thing to do to your poor weak defenceless mummy!”.

Softly I began to cry.

“Oh, sorry now are you? Sorry now mummy has found out? And if mummy had not said anything, would you have done the same tonight. Use you mummy’s mouth for all your dirty sordid pleasure. You would have wouldn’t you! You would have FUCKED your poor mummy’s MOUTH again. Filthy little boy. Filthy dirty little boy!”.

Even though I was crying there was a part of me starting to get excited at her words, because I could tell from the way she said some of them that she was ‘tasting’ them, as if she were getting excited herself by what she was saying. Slowly and dimly I began to wonder exactly where she was going with this conversation. Was she really angry or was she … no surely not … was she actually turned on by what I had done?

No, not MY mother. Surely not!

Taking my courage in both hands I whispered “Sorry mummy. I’m sorry …”.

“Ah, so you admit it?” That strange smiled returned to her face.

“Yes” I said so softly she had to lean forward to catch the word.

“Hmm, so what am I going to do with you now”?

I looked at her inquiringly.

“Tell me EXACTLY what you did”, she said. “Everything … leave nothing out”.

I gulped, but said nothing.

“What you did was incestuous, and incest is against the law, apart from anything else … apart from the perverted shame you bring upon us both. Now tell me every single thing in ALL it’s detail. You don’t want me to call the police do you … and tell them you raped and abused you own mummy/”.

“No mummy”, I said quickly. “You won’t do that would you? Not really …?”.

“Hmm!”, she mused quietly. “If you don’t do EXACTLY what mummy tells you. Exactly what mummy wants, then …”. She left the sentence unfinished.

It seemed like a threat but that was not the impression I was getting. Rather i felt that she was merely establishing her power over me. Making sure that I would obey her without question.

I responded accordingly.

“I will do whatever my mummy says”, I said. “I have been a very naughty boy.”

She smiled broadly at these words, confirming my suspicions

“Oh yes, you certainly have been a very very naughty boy. Mummy will have to think carefully of how she must punish you for your FILTHY behaviour. But in the meantime you must be totally obedient. You understand?”.

Indeed I did. I whispered “yes mummy … whatever you say. I will do whatever you want without question”.

“Good. Now tell me everything you did as I asked. I want to hear all the perverted filthy details of what this foul little boy did to his poor weak sleeping mummy! Tell me EVERYTHING”.

And so I did. I told her slowly and in great detail all that I have written above. I started by speaking carefully, but as I watched the fire of lust growing in her eyes I began to emphasize and dwell on the most filthy aspects. Like how I forced her to swallow all my cum, and how I licked all the rest up from around her mouth.

When I had finished she sat silent for a while musing on all I had said.



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