My mother in lawI wanted to share my escapades with my mil to see if there is any interest or people with similar stories. A little background before I start, My mil is 69 and I am 45. We have known each other for over 30 years and have always been close. I first met her as a teenager and always admired her looks as she was a very hot woman back in the day. Her son and I were good friends in school, and later in life I ended up marrying his sister. Anyway one night several months ago my wife was out of town on business and I was home alone for the weekend. It turned out fil went on a fishing trip at the same time so I invited her up to eat dinner with me. She showed up dressed in white capri pants and a turquoise blouse with a nice low cut that showed her breasts nicely. She had been tanning and her brown skin contrasted with her clothing in a way I like. Having a major foot fetish I checked out her feet and she had her nails painted showcasing them in white sandals. I must have spent too much time checking her out because when I looked up she was smiling at me with a knowing look. I quickly gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek (being careful not to press my growing erection against her) and put the dinner on the table.We ate and talked about the usual things and after we had finished pendik escort we put the dishes in the dishwasher and went out to the patio to have a drink. The whole time we were sitting outside I couldn’t stop looking at her calves and feet. Finally after another round of alcohol I got up the nerve and told her how good she looked, after a few moments she raised a leg and arched her foot in a seductive way and said; you like my feet don’t you. Oh yeah was my immediate reply. Feeling emboldened by the alcohol buzzing in my ears i said I think your pretty damn hot. She looked at me for what seemed like an eternity and asked me if I was drunk. Hell no I stammered out i’ve always thought that. She smiled and said i’m glad someone thinks that, I feel very old. Well I replied your holding up pretty good from where i’m sitting. You want to go in and watch some tv she asked? I thought I had just screwed the pooch and could only say sure.After going inside we sat on the couch and I found American idol so we settled back to watch. Much to my joy she snuggled up against me so I put my arm around her and we sat there like that for a while. She smelled so good and her warm skin had my cock straining against my jeans, I was dying to taste her, to feel her soft body pressed kartal escort against me. It was delicious torture. I knew she could see and sense my discomfort but she didn’t let on for 10 or 15 minutes, finally she asked me; do you really find me that attractive? I took her hand and placing it on my aching manhood and whispered yes i do. She didn’t move her hand so I bent my head over and kissed her, pulling her tight. She let out a soft moan and passionately kissed me back, squeezing my cock through my jeans. The petting continued for several minutes until she broke away and said lets go to the spare bedroom. I practically leaped from the couch and led her by the hand, my head whirling with excitement and anticipation. Kicking off her sandals she laid back on the bed and raised her arms to me. I quickly shed my jeans and shirt then laid beside her and pulled her to me. Her hand went into my boxers and freed my aching shaft, I could feel the precum smeared against my belly as she slickly stroked it. Gasping from the sensation I pulled away before I blew my top and started undressing her. Things are kind of fuzzy from here on as it all was a blur of activity, but Ill give it a try. I remember pulling her pants and panties off and kissing my way up maltepe escort her thighs until i had her clitoris between my lips. she was arching her back and grinding her mound into my face as she had a very powerful orgasm. She shook and moaned as her body jerked in time to the suction I had on her clit. finally she pushed me off her rather sweet pussy and said enough just hold me for a minute. I laid on my back and placing her head on my chest she said thank you that was wonderful. Yes it was I chuckled and there’s more to come. Looking up at me she said ; its been years since ive been held like this and jack has never eaten me like that. It turns out fil hadn’t been able to get an erection for several years and she had been without a man the entire time. I kissed her as tenderly as I could and said well i’m more than happy to take care of you. Yes I did make love to her and she was suprisingly tight. Yes her skin is wrinkled and her breasts sag, yet she is a vibrant woman and one of the best lovers ive ever had. I have explored her body, and sucked her sexy little toes as I work my self inside her. Yes she is getting old, but we have made love several times the past few months, and I have no intention of stopping. Some of you may say im sick, or a bastard but I really don’t care. No we’re not ignorant, retarded, or live on welfare. She is a retired professional, and a very classy lady. I myself work in a profitable profession as well. I’m not a writer and don’t claim to be. i just wanted to share my experience with all of you, and hopefully you will keep an open mind.



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