My eyes opened at 9am to the smell of bacon and eggs, last night floated into my head, but it all seemed like a dream, I had no memory of what happened. “Did she really bite me and did I bite her back?”

I got up and walked for the large mirror in my room. I checked my neck; I had no bite marks, so if she had bit me the marks had vanished.

“It seemed so real… was it all a dream?”

I slipped a pair of blue pajamas on and walked from my room down the stairs and entered the kitchen, seeing my mother I stopped for a second then continued to go to my seat. My mother turned and smiled at me gently. “Good morning darling, how’d you sleep last night? You slept quite a long time.”

“Had a weird dream…”

“Oh? And how was this dream? What was it about?”

“Nothing important, how’d you sleep?”

“Like a rock.”

“So what do you want to do today?”

“I thought maybe we’d go swimming? I mean the pool isn’t used a whole lot, I go for a three hour swim every week still, but that’s about all.”

“We’ll have to start using it more than; but swimming sound great!”

My mother smiled, her eyes looked at me with kindness, and what I think was a bit of lust. But turning my eyes away and focusing on the food I ate swiftly and went up to unpack kağıthane escort my stuff and find my swim suit. While I did so my mother went into her room and took a shower, about 10:30am we came out in our swim suits, my mother’s swim suit was a blue bikini, while mine was a blood red one that barely held my breasts in and the bottoms barely hid my pussy. My brain flowed to the fact that I had shaven my pussy before I’d gotten into my swim suit; so the soft fabric rubbed against my skin softly. I looked at my mom and saw that she hadn’t shaved her pussy in awhile and her black pubic hair was sticking out the top of her bikini bottom. I turned away and began walking for the pool to keep my mind off her pubic hair. Reaching the large pool I did a simple dive and surfaced to meet a powerful wave of a cannon ball, it took me under and when I surfaced I realized my top had come off and my breasts where exposed to my mother’s gaze. I turned away, trying to find my top, spotting it I started moving for it until I felt my mother’s soft hands come up around me from behind and grab my breasts. An involuntary moan escaped my mouth and my mother went on fondling my breasts. I stood their feeling great for a moment then I pulled away.

“What are you doing!? kartal escort You’re my mother your not supposed to touch me like that!” my head was racing, my heart pounding, my arms crossed covering my breasts.”

“What? You liked it.”

Blushing, I stared at her as my anger peaked. “It felt nice yes, but you are my mother you should not be doing that to me!”

My mother closed the distance in a heart beat forcing me against the pool wall roughly. I had never realized that she was so strong; her eyes were filled with lust and her mouth came down on mine, as her tongue forced its way into my mouth. My head spun as I tried to force her off. She was my mother; this isn’t how mothers and daughters should act. But trying to fight back wasn’t getting me anywhere, I was defeated as soon as I was put up against the wall, I slid my hands to her breasts and began fondling her nipples. She pulled away and looked at me. “Lets go in the house, we can swim later, I want some of you.” She said this while forcing a hand down into my bikini bottoms and thrusting a finger into my pussy, I moaned and leaned into her and she led me to house and into her room, and to her bathroom, she opened the custom shower my dad had made for them, and it’s large area became küçükçekmece escort visible, it was a sealed shower area, so there were jets on all the walls and the floors. I watched as my mother removed her bikini, then she gestured for me to take off my bottoms, I replied by sliding them down so that she could see my bare pussy. She smiled and slides a hand from my stomach to it and rubbed my clitoris.

“Let’s get into the shower so we don’t make the floor any wetter.” I spoke this with a sexy tone.

She responded by climbing in and pulling me in, she shut the door and sealed it, she turned the water on and it quickly became warm, she walked over to a compartment in the stools of the shower, opening it she showed me tons of dildos and strap on dildos. My eyes widened, because although I was a lesbian I had never used a toy or anything, I had never broke my hymen so a bit afraid when she pulled out a monster 12inch long and 5 inch wide strap on I backed away.

“M-Mom, I- I haven’t had my hymen broken yet. That’s way too big!”

“It’s alright honey, I’ll be gentle, but we’re going to use this to break your hymen.”

She slipped the dildo on and laid me down spreading my legs; she slid up between them and rested the head of the dildo on my pussy giving light pushes against my pussy. I looked at her and watched as she pulled back a little and then thrust in forcing the entire dildo into my pussy breaking my hymen. I screamed and cried as it forced its way up my vagina, she held still with the entire length in my pussy blood leaking out around it.



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