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My Journey To Becoming A Bull==============================================The Beginning Of My Journey To Becoming A Bull==============================================So for me this is where it all began, I had been dating this girl for a few months, we were both in our early 20’s non exclusive and almost always having bareback sex. For a couple days she had been saying her breast were super canlı bahis sore and maybe she was pregnant.Knowing we were Not exclusive I asked her if she had had any other unprotected sex recently she told me I was the only guy she was sleeping with currently.I knew that was bs cuz she definitely was still fucking her ex… But he was a little older and a lot wealthier — so if she was going bahis siteleri to pin a baby on someone I sidleness it would be him. Also he had always wanted to wear condoms and she hated them which was one of their issues..So anyways she went to get a test, went to the bathroom and peed on the stick. While she was in there I was terrified, I was young, drank too much and partied too much güvenilir bahis to be a father… She came out big smile on her face waving the stick saying thank god I’m not pregnant. My heart sunk, it was weird all of a sudden I realized I wanted her knocked up! She even noticed it on my face which I denied of course. I realized the next day or so I wanted my seed in her I wanted to stamp her as mine.. I don’t feel that I became a bull that day, as really this was only the begining of my awakening to this life, but this was definitely my first time realizing I wanted to put my seed in women I was fucking.



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