My Jerking Short StoriesHere are some of my memorable jerking off situations:When I used to live in an upper floor apartment, my bathroom window faced across the street to another bathroom apartment window. Each night when I used my bathroom to wash up I would naturally glace up to look thru the window in front of the sink while brushing my teeth and see a girl in the opposite bathroom across the street changing…for many days and weeks I saw this scene at the same time and of couse I would get a hard on while brushing my teeth. It got to the point where I would watch her changing and lay my cock on the sink and jerk myself to canlı bahis conveniently cum in the sink…until one night while I was watching her and jerking myself on the sink she for the first time glanced out her window and saw me looking at her while I was jerking. She came to the window so fast I didn’t even have time to stop and put my dick away, so I kept really still except for my hand stroking myself hoping she wouldn’t notice me…but she kept looking at me which made me even harder, so I jerked it harder while she watched. After I she saw me shoot my load…she smiled and slowly rolled down her blinds. That was the last bahis siteleri time she changed in front of the window.I like to go running on my town’s public park early in the morning. Often after I am done with my run I would rest on the picnic area near the bathrooms. One time I had to go pee, but the men’s room was locked, so I figured that since no one was around at 5 a.m. I could quickly pee in the girl’s bathroom. After I went in and peed in the toilet, I started smelling a strong pussy smell which immediately made me horny with a hard on, and noticed the open used tampon disposal with a few ripe rags in there. Without thinking güvenilir bahis and needing to resolved my hard on I pointed my dick inside the disposal and jerking a big load onto one of the rags.One time I was at my health club working out and saw a cute girl wearing the hottest workout underArmour outfit. She had her workout bag next to her opened and one time I saw her go to the bathroom and leave her workout bag where it was. I walked over to it and noticed a pair of panties lying on top of the stuff inside so I quickly took them and went to the men’s locker room, opened up the panties and jerked a load right inside the crotch area. I quickly took a paper towel to wipe the unabsorbed load so just a small wet spot remained and ran out to put them back in her bag. I never knew if she realized what happened when she took out those panties!



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