After yesterday’s incident, Peter just can’t concentrate on his school works. Memories of her mother in a skimpy bikini or undressing in front of him, he suddenly realized that he’s lusting after her Mom. He’s thinking of ways on how to see her mother in various state of undress on a constant basis. But how could he possibly do that? What he doesn’t know is that his mother is planning to seduce him this summer.

It was Saturday morning, Joanna is staying at home so is her son Peter. The weather is sunny and perfect for sunbathing in their yard. She put on her red bikini, brought a towel and the suntan lotion with her and headed to their backyard pool. She sat down on the lounger and applied the lotion. She glanced up at Peter’s window and she was sure there was a shadow beneath the white curtains. She suddenly smiled and had a nasty thought.

Peter just woke and stood up to do some morning exercises. He happened to glance at the window and noticed somebody moving by the pool. He moved closer to the window and there he saw his Mom walking towards the lounger. This time, she is wearing a red bikini of the same cut as before. The cups of her bra top pushed her 36C-cup breast upwards, which gave her a more alluring look. She sat down on the lounge chair and began applying the suntan lotion on her body. She started at her feet going up to her legs. Man, her legs just never end. The journey to her hips is excruciatingly slow, as if she was giving a show. Then she squirted another glob of lotion on her palm, rubbed it and applied to her arms and her stomach. The continuous workout absolutely has a positive affect on her as it left her with a nice and flat abs. She then proceeded to apply the lotion on her magnificent chest, cupping them in the process and making her nipples cause hard points on her bikini. Peter can’t take this anymore he pulled his dick out and jacked himself slowly, enjoying the peep show his Mom is giving her. Then he saw his Mom pushed her palm inside the cups of her bra and applied lotion to her tits. Oh Mom, you’re so fucking beautiful, Peter thought. Then she put on her glasses and lay down on the lounger. Peter at this time is at the point of no return and his hot cum burst from his engorged penis and hit the curtains. Ooohhhh Mom, Peter sighed.

Joanna was excited with the way she “performed” for her son it caused her pussy to get wet in the process. When she laid down, she thought she saw him move away from the window. Hmm, I bet you enjoyed the show my dear son, she thought. There’s more to come (pun intended) in the future. She fell asleep thinking of ways on how to excite him and want her even more.

That evening she made dinner for the two of them, she prepared the dishes Peter liked the most. She even dressed provocatively, wearing a pink satin blouse and denim skirt the hemline four inches above her knee. She unbuttoned the top three buttons and the push-up bra she wore that night just emphasized her bountiful bosom. She was extra touchy to her son, a few touches here and there, a pat on the shoulder, and even the rub on his leg emphasized her growing need of him. All throughout dinner, Peter can’t concentrate with his food. Instead, he’s willing himself to control his erections due to the effect his Mom on him. And when she bent at the waist to place the dishes at the dishwasher, the hemline of her short skirt almost rode up to her ass. Before they went to bed, she gave him a peck on the cheek and squeezed him in a tight hug.

Joanna can’t sleep in her room. She can’t forget the timid glances from her son every time she does something provocative. She went to her closet and picked up her old worn-out jeans and shirts. Then she got the shears in her drawer and cut the jeans to “seductive” levels. She tried one on and her ass cheeks almost showed with the way she cut the garment. Perfect, she thought. This will get his hormones raging. She picked more clothes and altered them to something she thinks would elicit hardons from Peter.

The following days Joanna made sure that Peter gets to see some of her skin, either wearing short shorts, thin shirts and even skimpy bikinis. One time she wore the cutoff shorts and a T-shirt cut almost to her midriff with no beşiktaş escort bra. Her nipples were making an obvious imprint on her white shirt. She caught her son staring most of the time. After which she went to the bathroom and fingered herself with the image of her son fucking her from behind and had the most violent of all orgasms.

“I can’t take this anymore, I’ve got to have him or I would go insane”, she said to herself while looking at herself in the mirror.

She put on a cotton panty and a see-through negligee and tiptoed out of her room to Peter’s room. Then she heard him moaning inside.

“Oohhh Mom, oohhh Mom, you’re so fucking gorgeous”, Peter moaned. “Mom, here I come.” And with that, his come erupted from his balls and landed on his chest and on the sheets. He kept pumping until there is nothing left and he slept peacefully.

My, my, she thought, I do have an effect on him. Tomorrow my son, you’ll be a man and a lover – my lover. She went to bed planning how she can get him on her bed.

It was Sunday and the heat is sweltering. This is a good time for a swim and lemonade. she made her way to the kitchen to make some lemonade when something caught her eye. There’s her son standing by the pool dripping wet and looking like an Adonis. His penis is sure making an outline to his swimming trunks. My, he’s huge, Joanna smiled to herself. I wonder how it feels like inside my pussy.

After preparing the lemonade, she went to her room to change into her swimsuit. She recently bought a white string bikini, the top barely covers her nipples and the bottom is made up of a small patch of cloth and a string that runs up her butt-crack. Perfect! She then wore an oversized shirt and made her way to the kitchen and to the backyard. Just then Peter dived into the pool before she came out of the door.

“Good morning son, can I join you?” she asked. “I brought lemonade.”

“Of course Mom, it’s your pool, too”, he replied. “Besides, I would really like your company. But, I don’t think you’re not dressed for swimming.” He jokingly told her.

“Oh, is that so?”

“Yeah, I don’t think a long shirt is fit for swimming”, he teased.

She then took off her shirt and stood there in her skimpy bikini. “Will this do, dear?”

Even the coolness of the water couldn’t keep his dick from rising inside his trunks. “Oh, well…I think that…that will do”, he stammered. Damn, this bikini is new I’ve never seen this before, he thought. She looked so hot, Peter couldn’t stop gawking at her.

“I bought this recently”, as if she read his thoughts. “Do you think it looks good on me?”

Damn, you look so hot it would look better off you, he thought to himself. “I think you’re so sexy Mom, you looked hot in those.”

“Well, thank you son. Why don’t you come up here and apply lotion on my back.”

When she turned around he almost choked on his tongue. The string of the thong bottom showed her curvaceous butt. The constant exercise kept her butting riding high, and it usually showed in her tight fitting jeans, skirts or shorts. He hadn’t moved from his location so Joanna called again.

“Peter, stop staring and apply some lotion on my back.”

He roused from his daydream and suddenly jumped out of the pool. Good thing she was already on her stomach or else he would have a hard time concealing his erection. He applied the lotion starting from her foot. He slowly kneaded her calves and her thighs, feeling her smooth and supple skin. He gave extra attention to the back of her thighs, the object of most of his fantasies. His Mom must have possessed the most beautiful set of legs in the world. Then he proceeded to apply some to her shoulders and gave her a good backrub. Was that a moan? Then he moved down to her lower back, sometimes drifting to her sides almost touching the side of her breasts. Then she did something he never expected, she untied her top and let the strings drift to the sides.

“ I don’t want to get tan lines”, she told him.

This back rubbing did nothing to diminish his erection. Instead, it caused the head to almost peek at the top of his trunks. He excused himself to readjust his penis and resumed beşiktaş eve gelen escort applying the lotion. He rubbed the lotion all over her backside except at her butt. He stared at her nice ass but never had the guts to touch her there.

“Peter, move your hands lower.” He moved his hands to the middle of her back.

“Lower, dear”, she urged. His shyness caught the best of him so he put his hands on top of her thighs.

“I think a little higher would do.” So she grabbed his hands and placed them on her ass cheeks. He groaned inwardly and almost came in his trunks.

“Put more lotion, I don’t want to get burned there”, she almost whispered.

He kept on applying the lotion, his hands making circular patterns on her ass. He can’t believe he’s touching his Mom this way. He never touched a girl’s butt before, and this feeling is so new to him. He decided to make the most of it and sometimes he drifted near her mother’s labia. Joanna felt that he’s gaining confidence and the situation is having an effect on both of them, she sighed and involuntarily opened her thighs.

“Thanks son, I think that’s enough”, she said stopping him. He’s somewhat disappointed but felt relieved at the same time or else his cock will burst. He dove in the pool to cool his nerves down and hopefully lose the erection of his mother would notice. After some time, she called him up for a glass of lemonade.

“So, are there any girlfriends in school I should know about?” she asked.

“Nah, my pile of homework keeps me busy. And besides, no girls at school notices me”, he replied.

“Well, I can’t believe it. You’re a good son and a handsome young man, I’m sure any mother would be proud of you. So, are you still a virgin?”


“I just want to know. Maybe meeting a few girls with experience help boost your confidence. It may even help you find a girlfriend”, she said with a twinkle in her eye. “Well, forget it for a moment and let’s take a swim.”

She stood up and walked to the edge of the pool. Peter couldn’t help but notice how sexily she walked and how nice her buns looked. His dick is starting to rise again in his pants.

“Oh, are you just gonna sit there and stare at my butt all day”, she said with a wicked grin.

Before she even noticed his hardon, he quickly jumped at the pool and splashed water all over. However, his huge dick in his trunks didn’t escape his mother’s eye. This day you’re going to be a new man my son, she thought to herself. They swam a few laps and afterwards, she grabbed him from behind and tickled his sides. He was able to squirm out of her hold and turned to her and did the same. He grabbed her and hooked his arm around her sides. His hardon is trapped between their tummies and she could feel his hardness. Her constant squirming loosened the string around her neck, fell to her sides and exposed her breasts. He was oblivious to this as he just kept on tickling her until she gave up.

“Mercy, please”, she said to him giggling.

“Okay, I’ll release you if you’ll stop.”

“Okay, okay enough”, she said still panting from the effort.

When he released her, there he saw her mother’s breasts exposed in front of him. The sight paralyzed him and his hardon got even harder. They were even more beautiful than he imagined. Her aureoles were pink and her nipples were already hard.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked him with her throaty voice.

Before he could answer, she kissed him and forcefully opened his lips with her tongue. He kissed her back with the same urgency and rubbed his erection on her tummy. Joanna sensed this and slithered her hand between them and grasped his cock through his trunks.

“My, you’re big”, she said lustfully. “Let’s go upstairs to my room where we’re more comfortable.”

They made their way to the master’s bedroom and immediately kissed again each other on the lips. By now she had untied her top and standing there with only her thong bottoms. Then she kissed him on the neck going down to his navel until she was kneeling in front of his dick. She slowly pulled his trunks down to his feet and was amazed at his size. He must have beşiktaş grup yapan escort been 7 inches long and 4 inches around. She never saw something like this before, except in porno movies. Her husband is a little smaller compared to the one she has on her hand right now. She slowly jacked him and licked the tip to taste the precum.

“Mom, if you keep doing that I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum for me baby”, she said and then put his piece inside her mouth. She jacked him with one hand while she sucked him for all it was worth. Then she grabbed hold of his butt and pushed him deeper into her mouth.

“Oohhh Mom, you’re so fucking good. I’m gonna cum.”

She increased her tempo and soon after he erupted inside her mouth. She sucked him and swallowed and almost gagged at the volume he released. She kept on jacking and sucking him until he was hard again. She stood up and untied her bikini bottoms. For the first time he saw her in all her naked glory. He saw that she shaved and only a few thatch of pubic hair was left, as if pointing him to some direction. He looked up, to her flat stomach up to her big breasts to her beautiful face. She cupped his face and kissed his lips. He opened his mouth and they sucked each other’s tongue while their hands are busy exploring each other’s body. Then he pulled away and kissed her on the neck and then sucked her earlobe. He cupped her firm breasts and gently licked at her nipples sending waves of excitement across her spine. He sucked one breast and then the other, paying extra attention to her extra sensitive nipples.

“Oh yeah, suck me…oohhh, yesss…hmmm…”, Joanna moaned.

She combed her hands in his hair and pulled him towards her bosom. She is more and more aroused and almost close to cumming. She pulled his head away and then pushed him back towards the bed. He inched toward the center and she crawled on top of him with more urgency. She sucked his lips and straddled his hips and positioned herself on his pole.

“I need you inside me. I need to feel your warm, big cock inside my wet pussy.”

Hearing his Mom talk in such vulgar words turned him on even more. She rubbed his cock against her slit to lubricate him and ever so slowly lowered herself on his big cock. Inch by inch she impaled herself, taking time to let her adjust to his size. When she bottomed out, she held still for a moment to savor the feeling.

“Oh Mom, you’re so tight and so warm. I could get used to this.”

She placed her hands on his chest while he held her hips. She looked him in the eye while slowly riding up and down his cock, taking time to feel every vein.

“Oh son, you’re so big I never had this much in my cunt before”, she moaned. “Fuck me son, fuck me hard and make me come.”

While she rode up and down, he began to thrust upwards until they established a perfect rhythm. Her tits dangling at his face was so tantalizing he took one in his mouth and sucked it.

“Yesss, that’s it. Suck my tits while you fuck me, lover.”

Their pace increased tempo and they looked at each other’s eyes as they approached climax. She bucked up and down on him like a cowgirl riding an enraged bull.

“Mom, I’m cumming…” he breathed.

“Come with me son, come inside me. I want to feel your warm cum inside my pussy.”

And then he erupted inside her, like the gates of a dam being opened. She threw hear head back and let herself go to meet him with an equally intense climax. The feeling was nothing compared to the masturbation sessions she had while having thoughts of him. The feeling his Mom climaxing on top and him cumming inside her was beyond his imaginations. He kept on pumping until their climax has subsided and his cock grown limp inside her pussy. She collapsed on top of him and kissed him in a post-orgasmic bliss.

“Wow, you’re so good Mom”, he whispered between kisses.

“Well son, as much as I want to do this every night but your father called last night telling me he’s coming home tomorrow. That’s why I wanted to do this now rather than wait until he leaves again.”

“Oh, will we do this again Mom after he left?” he asked.

“If you behave properly while he’s here, maybe we can get to know each other better. I will give you summer classes and teach you everything you need to know about pleasuring a woman. For the summer, that woman would be me”, she said giggling.

“Well Mom, this will be a very hot summer for the two of us.”

She kissed him and then they fell asleep with her on top of him and his semi-hard cock still inside her.



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