Steph led me by the hand (well, she held my wrist above my plaster) out of the bathroom. Although I had just experienced the most intense, satisfying orgasm of my life at the hand of my sister, I was in equal measures scared to death, and the most excited I’d ever been, thinking about what was to come next. Steph and I in bed. Together. Making love. Having sex. Oh god.


We entered my room just as there were two quick knocks at the door, and Mom entered still tying up her robe.

“I heard a noise or something, I thought you might need… Oh…” She looked at me standing there with nothing on.

Steph was quick: “Just finished potty time Nurse Manning, and was about to dress the patient in her night clothes.”

Mom rolled her eyes. “Ha ha Stephanie. Alright, off to bed with you. I’ll finish off here and help Jess into her pajamas.”

And although Steph’s disappointment must have been as acute as mine, she hid it well. I guess she had gotten used to hiding things from Mom: after all, she had been having a relationship with another girl for goodness knows how long, and Mom was none the wiser. She turned around and gave me a hug.

“Till tomorrow then big sister.”

And, (cheeky thing!) so only I could see, she quickly ran her tongue back and forth over her top lip.

She spun around, gave Mom a quick hug, and then she was gone. I felt like a little girl who’d had her favorite toy taken away. I felt like I wanted to run after her, and hold her, and never let her go. This newfound lust-love was overwhelming.

Mom smiled as she took out a pair of pajamas from my dresser.

“She tries, but you would have been here all night with her if I hadn’t intervened.”

Yes Mom, I would have!

Within a minute I was dressed in my pajamas, in bed, being tucked in like I was small again.

“Thanks Mom.” I yawned.

And although she had interrupted something potentially amazing, I still appreciated her help, her caring. My eyes were drooping. I think she bent down and kissed my forehead, but I don’t remember her leaving; I had fallen asleep.


I was dreaming. In the dream I was stretched out next to a stranger; a dark-haired woman with the most amazing full lips. She started to say something but I kissed her silent. The kiss was incredibly sensual in its intensity; her lips were so lush, so alive. I felt at one with this woman; entwined at the lips.

I broke the kiss, but with our lips still touching, I said, “I love you.”

Steph said, “I know Jess, I know.”

Steph?! I opened my eyes. Early morning light was peaking between the closed curtains, illuminating my sister’s face as she lay beside me, smiling. The dream was real. She raised her hand to my face, and kissed me again, long and soft. My sister’s lips; a lover’s kiss.

She looked into my eyes intently. And then spoke quickly and quietly, “I love you too Jess. And more than a sister should love another. But I can’t help it. Something’s happened. Something has opened, and I don’t want to close it. I’ve never, ever felt like this about anyone, guy or girl.”

I kissed her cute little nose. “Oh sweetie, I beşiktaş anal yapan escort feel the same way. I’ve got no idea how we could be normal sisters for so long, and for it to turn around so quickly like this. But I love it. I love you.”

We kissed again, her hand running up and down my back. Oh how I wished I could rub her back, or touch her face; feel her breasts beneath my fingers, or even just hold her hand.

Further away in the house, I could hear little bumps, which meant Mom was up and about.

I sighed. “This is too nice Stephie, but Mom could walk in at any moment. I think we should maybe cool it until she leaves for work tonight.”

Her eyes widened. “That’s not until seven or so! I swear I’ll explode before then Jess!”

I laughed. “We can’t have that can we? OK, if we get the chance, I promise to help you explode in a much nicer way. But if Mom hangs around all day we’ll just have to wait.”

Steph sat up on the side of my bed, with her hand absent-mindedly rubbing my upper arm, she did that cheeky dimple-smile of hers and said, “I have an idea! Nurse Stephie to the rescue! You! You stay right here. I’ll be back in five minutes”

She bent over the bed and placed her hands on either side of my face and gave me a fierce, quick kiss. “Oh god I’m so excited!”

And with that she danced from the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts, my arousal and, of course, my horrible club hands.


It must have been almost ten minutes before she returned. In a skimpy blue bikini! My beautiful, long-legged, sexy sister.

I looked at her quizzically. “Are we going swimming?”

She dumped the plastic bag she’d been carrying on the bed, as I scooted up to make room. She brushed some hair from her face, and looked at me with an excited smile.

“Nope. Here’s the deal. It took me a while to convince Mom, then she had to tell me what to do, then she told me again…”

We both rolled our eyes at this; that’s our Mom.

“So. I’m going to give you a shower…”

“Oh Steph!” Suddenly I saw what she was up to!

“…but first I have to wrap your casts in these waterproof shower cover thingies.”

She held up a long see-through sleeve that ended in a blue plastic ring with a rubber seal. It looked like a giant condom.

My eyes grew big. “Ooo kinky.” We both laughed.

“And here’s the part she doesn’t know,” Steph continued, “We’ll lock the bathroom doors from the inside, then swoosh!, off comes my bikini, and swoosh! I jump in the shower with you, then…”

“Swoosh.” I whispered.

She was breathing heavily. She looked at me more seriously than I think she ever had. “Let’s do it Jess.”


This was it. This was going to be much more than what happened on the toilet last night. This was the real thing. Two women, sharing their bodies with each other. I was so nervous, I was shaking.

Steph noticed. “What’s wrong? You having second thoughts?” A look of fear crossed her face.

I buried my head in her shoulder. Wrapping my arms around her as well as I could.

“No. No! I just want beşiktaş bdsm escort it… I want it to be… right. I don’t want to mess it up. I want to be perfect for you.”

She pulled my face from her neck, and looked me in the eyes. “It’s never perfect Jess. Love. Sex. It’s always messy. Uncontrollable. I guess that’s why people crave it so much.”

My little sister; 19 years old and the wise one.

I smiled. “OK. Swoosh.”

She laughed. “Swoosh!” And with arms in the air, swirled into the bathroom.

We locked ourselves in. Steph, being very business-like, pulled off my pajamas and after a bit of a struggle pulled the waterproof cast sleeves up my arms.

“I need to pee first Steph.”

There was a fierce eagerness in Steph’s eyes. “Can you hold it in for a minute? We can be depraved and shameless, and do it in the shower. Together.”

“Oh god. You are SO naughty”. I laughed.

She turned around. “Can you undo me?”

I pulled on the bikini string and undid the knot. Steph turned around slowly holding the bikini top to her breasts. It seemed she had seen me naked almost continuously since last night, but this was the first time she would expose herself to me. I noticed a flush to her cheeks, her quickened breath. Slowly, she lowered her top. Her breasts were beautiful. Smallish, but full and perfect. Her areolas and nipples were a lighter shade than mine. A lovely baby pink.

She smiled slightly. “You like?”

My breath had quickened. “I love.”

She must have seen the excitement and adoration in my eyes. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed, kissed, kissed me all over my face.

I laughed. And with one last squeeze, she let me go and reached into the shower stall and turned on the shower. She quickly lowered her bikini bottom, exposing her hairless pussy.

“So cute!”

“Yep and very lickable.” She said as she pushed me gently into the shower. God I loved this girl!

I remembered how my pubic area needed a shave, but was aware of what little time we had.

“We can’t be in here for too long Steph. Mom will give us 20 or 30 minutes max before she comes knocking.”

As she adjusted the shower head so we were both getting a bit of the warm water, she said, “OK then. First we pee, then I wash, then you lick.”

“Got it all planned out huh?”

She placed her hands on my hips. “You betcha. Ready to release?”

We both looked down at each other’s pussy. I needed to go so badly, it started as soon as I let it. Watching Steph, at first I couldn’t tell, but then I noticed the water running down her legs had a yellow tinge to it. I looked up and she was smiling. Still holding me, she pushed her hips forward so her crotch was against my thigh. Oh my god, my sister was pissing on me!

“Steph!” I half yelled, half laughed.

She leaned in more, rubbing her crotch on my leg. “So good.”, she sighed.

I tried aiming at her, but with the way our bodies were entwined it wasn’t working. Then we were both laughing, trying to wet the other girl with our hot streams of piss. It was kinky. It was madness! Very soon beşiktaş elit escort our streams turned to trickles, then stopped, and the shower washed it all away. Steph grabbed a sponge and the shower gel from the rack behind her, and started cleaning herself quickly. Her body glistened with wetness, and the foam ran rivulets between her breasts. Oh my god this was exciting! I could not believe it was happening.

As soon as she started rubbing the soapy sponge over my shoulders and breasts I felt an erotic charge shoot through me. This was my sister doing this! My sexy little sister. As my hands were useless, and I could not hold onto her or anything while she washed me, she held me with one arm wrapped around me. This meant she was close. And as she started washing between my legs, her wet breasts were rubbing up against me. I moaned. Our moistened breasts mashed together; her soft nipples had hardened and were rubbing against mine. I had butterflies in my stomach, and I felt my sweet sister tremble against me. Oh this was good!

She washed my legs quickly, then stood up. She moved her body against mine again, and as the water spilt over our faces, kissed me deeply then said, “Can you do me Jess? Can you make me come?”

For an answer, I pushed her against the shower stall, rubbing my wet face into her neck, then licking, kissing her shoulder, the top of her breast, and, not stopping, like a wild woman now, I sucked her wet nipple into my mouth. Swirling my tongue around it, nipping it between my teeth. Steph gasped, and jerked against me. If only I had the use of my hands! They’d be between her legs, rubbing, exploring. Oh, how I longed to touch her! For now though, my tongue would have to do.

I kissed her other breast, flicked her nipple, then, kneeling down, stuck my tongue in her navel. This time it was Steph who moaned. I lowered my head to her crotch. One day soon I would have to spend minutes (hours!) exploring this wonderful garden, but once again aware of the time, I dove straight in; lapping, licking, flicking, sucking. Her pussy was so wet with water and her juices, every lick and suck made rude, erotic, slurping sounds. One moment I was running my tongue up and down her slit, the next I had Steph’s entire smooth, slippery mound in my mouth. What an amazing feeling! I wanted to do this forever!

All this time she hardly made a sound over the noise of the shower and the water hitting my plastic sleeves. Tiny grunts and moans, but if Mom had been listening at the bathroom door, I’m sure she would have only heard little thumps and water splashing.

Licking up to her clitoris, I hardened my tongue and tried to dig that little flower out of it’s garden bed. Steph went crazy. She had both arms out supporting her; her head whipping from side to side, and her hips jerking at my face.

Just as I was thinking about what wonders we would get up to tonight when Mom would leave for her nightshift, I was brought back to the here and now by Steph grabbing the back of my head, pushing me into her; I knew she was about to come so I sucked her clit completely into my mouth for the first time. She stiffened, and then her whole body shook as she came, making rapid-fire grunting noises, her thighs convulsing around my head.

Finally, the shaking slowed, she relaxed, and slipped down the shower stall until we were both kneeling, facing each other, kissing. Tongues dancing.

Sisters. Her. Me. Water running over our joined faces, we knelt, kissing, kissing, kissing.



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