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My First visit at a Swing ClubPart 3 Then there was this guy from a couple we talked with in the beginning of the evening. He already got undressed and like C he was in his boxer and slippers. Now seeing him like this made him a different man then the man we talked with before. He had an attractive sporty body and cute ass. Guess it’s the same for women too: I can imagine a casual dressed woman can also make a different impression seeing her in lingerie. He asked me to dance… After a short look at C I saw it was ok, so I danced with him.. He had his hands most of the time on my bum and the tips of his fingers touching my upper legs, since the skirt was really very short. He made me turn a few times around and this way, deliberately or not, made sure to have a better view on my boobs since my scarf was waving in the air and was everywhere except hiding my breasts. I did not mind much, still a little shy but same time I felt very sexy on my heels like this, being almost half naked and dancing with a handsome stranger in boxer. C smiled all the time so I felt okay…now and then my practically naked tits touched his naked chest when he guided me in the dance. He dared to use his hands to cup my naked ass a few times under my “upskirt” and I did not mind. What a place! I liked it coz I could not imagine any other place where women could be feeling and behaving so extremely free and sexual without being challenged with rude or discourteous behavior from men. That moment nobody else was dancing so we got some extra attention from other people at the bar. Normally nothing special about being watched while dancing you would say but for me in this outfit and most other people still dressed and “covered” gave me a special feeling, I can tell.I asked the man about his wife coz I did not see her. He said 5 minutes ago she introduced him a guy she would like to have sex with and was asking him for approval. “And????” was my first reaction… He said that the guy was ok for him and just told him not to forget to use condom and after that she disappeared to a private room. Wah! Unbelievable! Some men like C approve their wife to dance with a stranger and other approve their wife to have sex with someone else? I know C explained me but it was still a pendik escort kind of a surprise to me that this is really happening… Then I said what about you? You don’t want to join them? He explained that they don’t do 3-some and for them it’s very exciting to do like this. He said the idea on his mind knowing for sure that his wife is fucking a stranger right now this very moment is so hot for him. He is free to find a woman to play with her to, but never together in one room… This was all new for me….He said it was a shame that there were not more attractive women like me that evening and too much competition, too many single men the women in minority could choose from…thanks for the compliment I said. The moments he danced close to me I felt his cock pushing in his boxer against my skirt…I felt aroused because I realized his hard on was because of me…I was doubting to put my hand low there coz I was kind of tempted to feel him but I did not and kept my hands higher. He never asked me anything else except for a second dance which I accepted and I think he enjoyed. After the dance I went back to C at the bar and told him about the man I danced with and his wife fucking someone else. C just said like “I told you”… Then suddenly he asked me if I felt like wanting to have some action, how I felt about it seeing people switching sex partner etc. Before coming to this place I never thought about it, even did not know about this lifestyle. Normally my habit is to try everything in life, at least one time before judging. Being honest with myself I felt I was not negative about the idea of having sex with other men than C especially because he is the one who started to talk about it and I had the feeling he was open for it as well. C is also more than 10 years older than me and it’s not that I have anything to complain about our sex life but the idea of having sex just for sex with a young attractive man is I think appealing to all women. Until now I even did not fantasize about it because I am raised in a culture where a monogamous relationship without cheating is standard and making part as a corner stone of a family. Of course when I realize now that all can be done in mutual consent it can also change kartal escort my point of perspective with 180°. If I would have sex with another man than C then it would be because I want to have sex with that man and not to do C a favor. So the more I was thinking about it, the more I thought it would be something exciting to try. However at that moment I was much too shy to tell him my thinking, I would never be able to say like “oh yes baby, I like to fuck another man!” When I asked him the same question he said for him it’s all about me, he was not interested in having sex with another woman. The only thing he wanted is that I had a good time. Hmmm, ok, “a good time” is that like “I would like to see you having sex with other guys”? “Maybe” he said… “Would you like that?” he asked “Maybe” I replied and was thinking “yes”… so I put the thought on my mind… There were many chances of different types that night like a couple that approached us and after saying hello, we are so and so, how are you doing? Having good time? The man asked C if he was open to watch him, his bi-wife and me in a hot 3-some. I looked at C, waiting how he would reply and he looked at me. Same time we said “no, but thank you”. Before that evening I even never knew about these kind of sexual encounters so I felt confused and had mixed feelings. We decided to have another look around and knew now we were like voyeurs watching others playing and having sex. More and more we got exited…one bigger private room had their lights on but the locked doors had peepholes. We used the holes and saw two couples… The wives where close to each other laying on their back kissing each other, touching each other’s breasts and the men were with their head between the women’s legs giving oral… The moves and actions where like in slow-motion… We heard the moaning and while each of us was peeping through one hole leaning against the door, I put my hand in my boyfriends boxer. Now I felt more arousal in his pants! His cock suddenly became harder and I still don’t know why: because of me feeling or because he saw like me how the two guys switched wives… The girls stayed in same place with legs wide open while the guys traded pussy… It was maltepe escort hot watching them… After what for us seemed long they still continued licking pussy and we got bored after a while only watching this so we moved on to the open public area with small and big sofas. There we arrived right on time to witness a real hot scene, something I personally never imagined was possible before but it was happening right there in front of us.. Matt, the attractive man I was talking about in the beginning was just opening the zipper on the back of his girlfriend to take out her mini-dress. There she was, standing in her sexy bra and string. Then she took off his jeans… Since C explained about couples wanted to be watched while having sex in public I thought they would do that. Then a few guys came and talked with Matt. I already saw them with the couple before. One of the guys went to the girl now and started kissing her in her neck. Then he guided her to one of the bigger sofas and made her lay down. Two other guys joined and started kissing her body now. Matt watched from a distance first. Now it became clear to me: Matt shared his beautiful girlfriend with 3 other guys!!!! All four of them where around the young woman now that was laying on the sofa. Matt was holding her head and kissing her lips and one other guy was sitting on one side of her kissing her left breast, the other man sat at the other side to kiss her other breast and another was with his head between her legs, giving her oral through her panties. The young woman got straight up now and took out her bra while same time nr 3 took out her pantie… One guy was completely naked as well and the others had their pants down. I did not know where to look first! To who was doing what to her but I could not help to feel my eyes focusing on the naked man. It’s true, in the naked resort I saw naked men all day but seeing a guy naked while he is about to have sex seeing his cock getting harder and harder is very hot to watch! While the guys where kissing her everywhere she was reaching for their cocks. In each hand she had one. One of the cocks was Matts and apparently he was very excited. When I looked at his cock and her hand gently robbing him while the others gave her all the physical attention I felt my stomach and inner body in a strange way reacting from all this excitement. C and I looked at each other more than once but we were speechless, really did not know what to say, but it was clear everybody enjoyed, and we had to admit we enjoyed watching too…



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