This story is my true life and is mostly about my relationship with my cousin, aunt, and mother. So yes it is about lesbian incest. If that is not what you are into then I would find something else to read.


For new readers who are interested: My name is Lucy. I am a Midwestern science teacher. I stand about 5’7″ maybe 5’8″. I am a 34F cup and I am in good shape. My mother is a little taller than me and has a 37F bra size. She is just as thin as me. We live with my Aunt Jill who looks remarkably like my mom, though with lighter hair and smaller boobs (only 36D) and my cousin Kristen who is only 5’6″ and is a 34D. Her hair is lighter as well. If you haven’t read my earlier chapters they start with me coming to grips with being a lesbian and of course having a relationship with my mother and progress to where I am now.

So I had a fun October. First we all went to a wedding. It was a friend with whom I graduated high school. We had cheered together and ran track and I still see her, but I have never talked about her much. She’s completely straight and I really like her husband, wow its weird typing that word. He’s a great guy and he really loves her.

I was invited to her bachelorette party, and even though I was the designated driver I still had a great time dancing the night away and bar hopping. That said I didn’t know all of her new friends and I didn’t care for all of them. Also some of my old high school friends who I don’t see too often didn’t even know I was a lesbian and it’s so frustrating having to explain to someone who thinks they know you that it is okay to be gay. It’s like they thought some guy wronged me and I gave up on men. So annoying.

Still on top of that I had so much fun. So then for the wedding I decided to just be a nut and invite Kristen as my date, and my mom was also invited and so she brought Aunt Jill, though she had no intention of treating it like a date, and Jill wouldn’t have wanted that anyway. I decided to just not care what people thought and since maybe only a few people there even knew Kristen was my cousin I didn’t care what people thought.

I was in charge of the guest registry, but otherwise had nothing much to do. During the service, which was beautiful by the way, I held Kristen’s hand the whole time and just cried actually it was so beautiful. I think I was just picturing myself up there and what all that would be like.

Okay so the reception was fun, so fun, but here’s why I am bringing this all up. One of the girls in the wedding party who used to be a super close friend of mine, but not so much now, sees my mom and starts talking to her. I was sort of behind her and I don’t think she knew I was nearby, but who knows. Anyway so she says to my mom, “You are so beautiful, Mrs. C (Which is what the girls I cheered with called my mom.), you haven’t aged. You still look so young.”

My mom gets closer to her and sticks her finger down the front of her dress and sort of lightly tugs her closer and says looking down at her boobs, “Well you certainly have changed, you look even more yummy than you did in school. You’re really filling out this dress Carmen.”

Carmen is a pretty girl, but she was always super thin in high school, she hadn’t gained much weight, but she had put on about 10-15 pounds and I swear 5 at least were her boobs alone, LOL. It helped that her bridesmaid dress was low cut and her bra was obviously a push-up.

I think Carmen was taken off guard, but she wasn’t running away. I was nervous as hell. My mom started whispering to her and I couldn’t hear, but then I heard Carmen say, “Yea I always had fun at your pool.”

To which I heard my mom reply, “I’d love to see you in a bathing suit now.”

Carmen was totally blushing it was so cute, but I was still nervous, but then suddenly I am getting yanked on the dance floor. Well I tried to keep an eye on them, and soon Carmen was on the floor so I didn’t give it another thought, until my mom gets out on the floor and she is totally dancing/flirting with Carmen. So this went on for a while, but I sort of lost track of them, until as I am headed to the bathroom, I run into Carmen in the hallway and she says, “Oh my, gosh, Lucy is your mom a lesbian?”

I just said, “Yes.”

“I never knew that,” Carmen said. She sort of looked dumbfounded for a second and then she said, “I think she used to flirt with me in High school.”

“Probably, I wouldn’t blame her. You’re so hot.”

Carmen is hot by the way. She is about 5 foot 6 inches tall. She has just the most sculpted body with a now 36C chest and gorgeous dark skin and such beautiful shiny dark hair. She’s is totally hot and she was looking so sexy.

Carmen kind of gave me a funny look and she said, “Oh wow, did you used to hit on me in high school too?”

I was like, “No, no, no. But if I had been brave I would have.”

“No you did,” she insisted. “I remember you telling me all the time how pretty I was.”

“Carmen, you’re gorgeous, everyone told you that.”

She sort of laughed it off like it wasn’t true, and then she says something bakırköy escort like, “Well I never would have guessed you were a lesbian, you or your mom.” I was thinking oh great I already heard this enough at the bachelorette party, but then she adds, “If I had known, I don’t know . . .”

So I gave her a funny look and said, “What?”

“I don’t know, I might have wondered what that would be like,” Carmen said.

I was still a little confused what she meant honestly, “Wait, what do you mean?”

“Oh well doesn’t matter. You have a girlfriend right?”

My mouth just opened. HOLY SHIT, Carmen was flirting with me. She had always been like this ideal dream girl. I had actually masturbated thinking of her many times, and I once had almost told her in high school I was a lesbian, and also I nearly made out with her. I had actually given her a peck on the lips once as a “joke” secretly just wanting to kiss her, and it had been in front of the whole squad and everyone laughed about it. I had went home that night and just laid in bed staring at the ceiling holding my pillow and wondering if I would ever really kiss her.

I have no idea what I was thinking, but I just sort of splattered out, “Shit Carmen, are you into girls?”

“No, I mean no,” she said and looked like she was trying to talk herself out of it. “I’ve never done anything with a girl.”

I have no idea what came over me, but I just went for it. I kissed her and she let me. We stood there in the bathroom and luckily no one came in and we just kissed hard core. We didn’t touch each other’s bodies, but my hands were on her face and then we just stopped and we were looking at each other and then the door moved and we quickly acted like nothing happened. I think I like started touching her hair and saying I liked it or something.

It was awkward and she left and I went to the bathroom and then afterwards I sort of lost her. I ended up back at our table and my mom was there and I sat next to her and started telling her what happened and then suddenly someone rushes over and gives me a hug and starts talking my ear off.

So then some great song comes on and I am dancing again. It was a fun reception. The bride and groom were just so much fun and dancing most of the night. I did take a break after a while though, and Kristen and I sat down by mom and Jill again. So I lean over and start telling mom again, and she interrupts me and says, “I love watching you dance. You are so sexy.”

I wanted my mom right then. I think she saw it in my eyes, because she stood up and I just followed. I don’t think we had any clue what we were doing, but we started looking for any place to be alone. It sucked because we couldn’t find any place, and my mom just finally says, “Are you ready to go home?”

I wasn’t. I wanted to see Carmen again, and so I just waved her to the bathroom and we rushed in side almost frantic to touch each other. Of course there were two other people already in there. We pretended or at least I did to use the stall and then we messed around at the mirrors, until finally we were alone. I went to kiss her, but she raised my dress and stuck her hand down my underwear. Her finger slid in so fast and we started just kissing like crazy, but it wasn’t 15 seconds and we heard the door opening. I was so disappointed. We separated without any problem and my dress was down before the older woman who walked in saw anything.

As soon as she got into the stall I grabbed my mom’s hand and sucked on the finger that was just inside of me. I liked tasting myself on her. We sort of waited around, but then others came in so we left. We just decided to forget it, but I felt so horny.

Then Kristen sort of jumps in front of me and says, “Let’s dance.”

It was a slow song. I hadn’t really been paying attention, but suddenly here is the prettiest girl in the whole wide world smiling at me and I just took her by the hand and led her to the dance floor. It was so nice dancing with her and I just didn’t care what anyone thought and enjoyed our dance together. By the time we left the floor I wasn’t thinking about wild sex with my mom, or kissing Carmen. I was just enjoying the night with Kristen. In fact my mom and Jill ended up leaving early and Kristen and I shut the place down. GREAT NIGHT!!

Okay so on the way to the car I started to kiss Kristen in the parking lot. I wanted her so badly. Some people saw us, I don’t even know who and I really didn’t give it a thought. Then as soon as we were in my car her hands were all over me, which sucked because I had to drive us home and my hands had to be on the steering wheel.

She was cruel to me, she was fingering me, squeezing my breasts, kissing my neck, and rubbing my nipples, and basically driving me insane the whole way home. We kissed in the car at a red light and someone had to honk to get us to move after it turned green, LOL.

We had an amazing night of sex. Sorry no details it was more love than lust. But this is where it gets interesting. So I got up early the next morning. Kristen was sound başakşehir escort asleep, and I wanted to cuddle with her, but she was too tired so I got up. I stepped out into the hallway the exact same time my Aunt Jill walked out of our guest room. She was wearing PJs and at first I didn’t even think about it. I just said, “Hi, morning” gave her a hug and kiss and started to walk down the stairs with her, but then I was like, “Wait did you sleep in there?” Something about her just made me think she was just waking up. The last time Jill slept in the guest room had been after her and my mom had had a fight. So I was nervous.

“You know your mom. She brought home a pretty young thing last night and well, I would loved to have shared this one, but she knows the family too well I guess so . . .”

“Who is it?” I interrupted maybe louder than I should have.

Jill shrugged. “I’m honestly not sure.”

No kidding we had just reached the bottom of the stairs and I heard my mom’s door open. Jill kept walking, but I turned around and looked up the stairs and saw Carmen walking to the bathroom in the hall. From the angle she was walking she didn’t see me, but if she had, I bet I would have looked so funny. My mouth was so wide open and my eyes were too. HOLY SHIT!!

I wasn’t sure what to do at first, but as soon as she closed the door to the bathroom I ran upstairs. I started to walk to my mom’s room, but then I changed my mind and started to go to my room, but then I circled back around and ran down to my mom’s. The door was wide open and my mom was sprawled out on the bed completely naked. DANG she looked sexy, but she was sound asleep. So I started to go down the stairs and then I decided maybe I would just hide in my room until she left. The toilet flushed as I was nearing my door, and when the bathroom door started to open and I hadn’t opened my door yet I just froze and turned to face the bathroom.

She walked out and I don’t think she would have even seen me, but for some reason she turned to look behind her and saw me standing there. The shock on my face was not forced, but it was more from getting caught, than from surprise like the first time I saw her. She jumped, and then gave me the same look I gave her.

She was wearing one of my mom’s nightgowns, just a little babydoll that was not quite see-through. She said, “Shit.”

I didn’t say anything. I have no idea why I couldn’t speak. I think I was simply struck dumb, by the shock of it all.

“Oh shit, Lucy. I didn’t know you still lived here. I am so sorry.”

I still stood there silent. In fact up until that point I hadn’t realized that I was wearing nothing but a pair of panties and nothing up top. I was all but naked. I felt my face blushing at that point and I just stood there shaking my head no, like an idiot. I wasn’t sure what to say or do.

We were only standing like 6 feet apart, but she took a couple more steps toward me and she spoke more quietly, “I wanted it to be you. I feel like such a . . .”

“It’s okay,” I said finally finding words. “I . . .” Then I just went blank again.

She suddenly looked more nervous than shocked, maybe even scared, and she said, “I don’t want anyone to know about this.”

I took a step closer and started nodding my head yes, “Yea of course.”

“I mean I don’t want you to think . . .” she started.

“No, no, I get it. You’re confused,” I said.

“Your mom was hitting on me all night and when you kissed me, and then I looked for you later, but . . .”

“Yea,” I said assuming she saw me with Kristen on the dance floor.

She looked down at my breasts for the first time and I felt aroused. I acted. I leaned in and put my arms around her and we kissed. She somewhat resisted at just the onset, but she didn’t resist the moment our lips touched. I was not thinking at all. I just wanted her. I had wanted her for so many years and she looked more amazing now than she ever did in high school.

We didn’t kiss too long, and when we stopped she said, “Lucy, we can’t.”

I didn’t listen to her, I grabbed her hand and she followed me to the guest room.

We started kissing again, but after a bit she stopped it. I think I sounded like I was pleading and maybe just a little too eager. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but it was something like, “I’ve wanted this for so long.”

She had this look like maybe disappointment IDK, but she said, “I don’t know what to say. I was just with your mom. You have a girlfriend. I don’t even know what is going on.”

At first I thought she was just very confused sexually. I said, “I’ve had a crush on you for so many years. I know what you did. I wish it had been me.” Now I want you to know that I don’t have feelings for her. It has always been a physical thing for me. I mean I like her a lot as a friend for sure, but this was lust talking.

Then she sort of surprised me. She totally like went away from me and wouldn’t even look at me and she said, “I think I knew.” She meant about me being a lesbian I assumed. I could kind bebek escort of tell what she was saying, but then she said, “I know I shouldn’t have, but I have always had a crush on your mom.”

I just said, “Oh.” I was honestly shocked, not because my mom is not desirable, obviously she is beyond sexy, but I just didn’t see this going this way. I was sort of lost for words. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t know what she was trying to tell me.

She finally said, “I liked you too. I mean I am attracted to you. I never thought I would ever do anything like this honestly, with either of you. But I want you to know that last night with your mom wasn’t like just me . . .”

She started crying. At this point I had no idea what she was getting at honestly. I hugged her. She cried a little on my shoulder. Then she sort of separated us again. I kept a hand on her, and she seemed to gain a little composure.

“Are you sexually confused?” I asked.

“Oh yea,” Carmen said and sort of laughed, but then she said staring right at me. “I like your mom, Lucy. She has always made me feel desired. I used to lay in bed thinking about her at night. I don’t . . . I can’t explain my feelings.” She looked down at my breasts and then looked up and away and said, “Oh shit, what is wrong with me?”

At this point, desire was out the window. I just started talking with her about her, and we had a super serious talk and honestly I think she may be bi-sexual. I don’t know. I can’t begin to explain how confused she is about everything. But one thing was clear she actually does like my mom.

We talked for maybe 15 minutes and I know we could have way longer, but I said, “Maybe you should get back to my mom’s room before she wakes up.” I was suddenly not wanting my mom or Kristen to come in here and catch us. Not because I thought they’d be jealous, but because I thought they might get the wrong idea and want to join. HA!

So yea, she went to my mom’s room and I went to mine. I woke up Kristen getting in bed and so I just told her everything. I liked watching her face as I went through it all. Her expression changed so many times. It was so cute. So after a bit we went down stairs. Jill was watching TV and sipping on some coffee. I gave her a kiss without thinking, and looked up on the balcony to make sure Carmen didn’t see. Then I told her everything. Jill actually seemed a little jealous, which didn’t surprise me.

She doesn’t care about my mom having sex so much as if this girl falls for my mom. I sort of teased her about it, but maybe I shouldn’t have.

So then about an hour later I hear them coming down the stairs. Carmen had ridden home with my mom and Aunt Jill so she needed a ride home. I felt sort of bad because when her and my mom rounded the corner to go into the kitchen on the way to the garage, the three of us were all staring at them. Carmen’s face turned so red. They went right to the garage and it was a long time before my mom got home.

As soon as she came in I could tell Jill was dying to know everything. My mom of course started talking about the sex. She told a pretty hot story honestly and I sort of forgot for a moment about anything else, until bold Kristen said, “So do you think she will come back?”

My mom smiled and then looked at Jill. “Well I don’t know.”

“It’s okay,” Jill said.

“I’d like it if she did,” my mom said.

I know my mom loves to have sex with my friends. I think she likes it that younger girls find her so sexy, and honestly it turns me on, but I wasn’t totally sure how Jill was handling this. Or if she wondered if my mom was only in it for the sex, because she said, “So do you like her?”

“Jill,” was all my mom said. I knew my mom was just getting some.

“I’m just asking?” Jill said, but she got up.

My mom followed her and they had a big talk. Kristen actually seemed pretty callus about it all. She said to me when they left, “My mom gets too jealous.”

I gave Kristen a kiss. She so trusts me. Even more than trust. I mean I honestly was having some feelings for Jocelyn, and Kristen seemed happy for me. I don’t even know what kind of relationship we have sometimes, but I do love that girl.

So I talked to mom about Carmen later when no one else was around. My mom at first was so into telling me everything and then she suddenly was like, “You’re not jealous are you.” I wasn’t and I told her, and she believed me. But I then asked her about Jill.

Instead of talking about Jill though, my mom suddenly says, “Thing is, what if Carmen does have strong feelings for me. Maybe I should just drop this before she gets hurt.”

“Who, Jill or Carmen?”

My mom gave me the funniest look, and then laughed a little and said, “Oh I mean Carmen. Jill is fine. We had a good talk. If she can get past you and me getting with Candice . . .”

Okay so I’m going to fast forward here a bit. But I will say that Carmen and my mom kept in contact, but didn’t get together for a while. Monica on the other hand actually came over to our house one afternoon and the five of us all had sex. She is one seriously horny woman, but when she was leaving she said, “I’m a bad wife,” and we all felt bad for her. No kidding the very next day though Carol calls us and said that Monica was wanting to see her and wondered if she and Kayla could come up and visit. We of course said yes.



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