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My First TimeThis story is about my first ever sexual experience and i still manage to remember it and how it all happen. it happen in my teen years and I had been experimenting on webcam etc. for some time. Somehow i stumbled upon craigslist and seen all the ads on there to meet people for hookups, I emailed back to loads and loads of ads and after loads of emails and sharing lots of pics with different people one guy decided to add me to skype. we got talking on skype and it turned out he worked in Leicester town center, he was quite abit older than me but this didn’t bother me. As I was on my summer holidays we decided that it would be a good idea to maybe meet up one day. After some arranging it was agreed that i would meet him at his workplace, i can still remember how nervous i felt as this was going to be my fist experience pendik escort of the kind and as i considered myself straight i didn’t know what to expect, i finally overcame the nerves and got on the bus to my destination, my final destination was about a 10 minute walk form the bus stop to his office block. As i got outside i messaged him and waited anxiously outside feeling very much out of place as a young teen outside a workplace with older people coming and going. I was terrified someone might recognize me or ask me what i was doing here especially dressed in jeans and a tracksuit top when everyone around was dress up smart. After what felt like ages he came down and just said hello he asked me to follow him inside, we went thought the security doors and instead of following çekmeköy escort everyone else to the lifts we decided to take the stairs. Still feeling terrified, even more so now as there was so much going on; the fact that this was actually happening! What was i about to do and was this even safe! with lots running through my head he asked me a few questions and if i found the place ok ect. as we made our way up the stairs. As we went up, maybe to the third floor he explained that one of the floors was totally empty and that no on would be working there, he explained that as no one would be around on this floor it would be ideal for us to have some fun. we went onto the third floor and he escorted me over to the toilets, it seemed very quiet, and as he said there was no one maltepe escort on the floor, there was no lift access so the only way to get here was by the stairs. i remember thinking i hope no one seen us and gets inquisitive! The toilets were pretty large with 4/5 cubicles and urinals, at this point i was feeling really nervous as i didn’t know what to expect, he lead me into a cubicle that was at the far end. This all felt very naughty and made me think if i should be doing or not, but it was already too late to back out and i horny as hell so i went along with what was happening hoping it’d work out and it would be fun. He walked in first and i followed him in and he locked the cubicle door, while grabbing my crotch through my jeans with his other hand. This was the first time anyone had groped me or event felt my cock, to add to that it was an older man! Feeling nervous as ever there was now also a sense of excitement and anticipation of what was to come and i could feel a tingle in my cock. The rest is to be continued, but let me know if you like it so far! As i said this a true story of my first time back when i was just a teen.



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