my first k-galshe licked my nipples while I reflected on having met her, my first Korean lover. She had looked at me directly and closely, surprising me with such strong eye contact, though no words at all. None. A look that told me nothing but must have told her, well, enough. She liked lotion, an oil, probably mineral oil, rather aromatic. She gave me attention, she touched, and then she left, but only to turn down the lights, a move she repeated a bit later, and each time she turned down the level of lights, she became more attentive, more touching, kissing with hungry lips and bakırköy escort then she stood and her panties were removed. but she immediately returned to attend to me, touching, lovingly. I was uncertain if she wanted to be touched, but I wanted to touch her and I did touch her. I was amazed at how she felt. More than just the sensation, the tactile quality, of touching, she had deep plasticity, her body moved in ways that almost expressed an ability to bundle a gymnast or explore a wanton woman. I had the pleasant surprise of finding she had beşiktaş escort bush, and a loving bulge of a clit with the hoodie that invited ever more of my interest. I had pleasures never known with any other lover. We had positions on our first time together that were what boys fantasize to work towards, and when I did ejaculate, she seemed a bit startled and I realized I had never before had such a volume of ejaculate, she had brought out more from me than any prior lover, she had provided me a girl friend experience of kissing and tasting beylikdüzü escort and being comforted while invited to take, to find, to push. Among the successive positions, she had gone doggy but in the characteristic Asian way, butt way up, head and breasts as far down as possible. Just tapping her leg was my way to have her change from one position to another, we never spoke a word though I may have muttered fantastic exclamations without realizing I had spoken to my silent k-gal. I wondered whether to probe her anus and gently started touching while she devoted herself to my humping her doggie style. The whole tryst from first eye contact until a tiny squeeze of a hug to send me away was amazingly short a time on the clock but a life moving event. Her body features are longingly, lovingly, recalled, prompting a contraction somewhere within me where the precum is my only expression.



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