My First Ever Sexual Exploitation (fiction)I had just appeared for my 7th standard examination the students and I were attending waiting for result declaration. One night, to pass time I read a lesson about hostel life, which intrigued me.A few days later, we had a guest, Mr. Jerry Mhaisky, my maternal uncle from my aunt’s side, who used to live in a Govt. Boys Hostel situated in Nandel, near Cincinnati, Ohio state.I was attracted towards him and we used to chat.He informed me that at his hostel he had a separate cot, bed, bed spreads, blanket, pillow, a plate, a glass and a steel dish, beside books and note books. They get a glass of milk with sugar in the morning, lunch in the afternoon and dinner at night. Besides that there is a free local bus pass to travel to school/college. In addition they get soaps for bathing.This information was something new for me and I became interested in living a hostel life, so I insisted he admit me to the Hostel. But no one in my family was interested in sending me to the Hostel, as they felt it below dignity to send me to the hostel, but I kept insisting on.Finally my father permitted me to apply to the hostel, and if I get an admission, he agreed to send me to the hostel. So, with the help of Uncle Jerry, I sent my application to the Hostel.In the first week of June, we received a letter from the Nandel Govt. Boys Hostel, stating that I was admitted to the Hostel for that academic year and I should take admission in the Hostel within 7 days of receipt of the letter.I was delighted by the letter and started dreaming about my Hostel life. Meanwhile my father entrusted the job of admitting me to the Hostel to my paternal Uncle Praldy.After carefully collecting my belongings and certificates I left my home town by a night train to Nandel with Uncle Praldy.At 6.30 am we woke up from sleeping at the station and left searching for the Hostel. Within half an hour we reached at the Hostel.When the Hostel office opened, Uncle Praldy admitted me in the hostel by submitting required documents to the Hostel warden. As fethiye escort Uncle Jerry told me, I was given all the things and allotted me a cot in a middle room.Soon I became talk of the Hostel Boys as I was their youngest and cute school-boy inmate. My roll # was 1, as I had highest marks among all the inmates. I too mixed up with Hostel boys, studying in schools, colleges and professional courses with much ease.Soon I became close friend of Mr. Sophan Headstrong and Mr. Maddy Siradker as we were studying in the same standard but in different schools. Mr. Sophan had a reading habit so we used to go to the public library for reading news papers and magazines. There wasn’t anything mentionable in my first year of the Hostel. It passed normally. All the boys passed their respective classes and again met in the Hostel for new academic year. Few new admissions were there and few students, who completed their studies didn’t seek re-admission to the Hostel.I was in 9th standard. A new teacher was recruited in my school in the month of August that year. His name was Mr Patel, member of a migrated Indian family living in Nandel. He must have noted my sharpness while teaching, and must have felt to admit me to his cult from which he belonged. I too had noted difference of faith we had.That was a Saturday. At the end of his period he asked me,“John, what are you doing tomorrow, as it is a Sunday?”“Nothing special Sir”, I replied.“Then attend a book-fair arranged at the local drama theatre”, Mr Patel requested My mind immediately assessed the request and inferred that ‘I may not be able to find a single copy of rebellious Bible version written by Mr. Voltaire. Never mind attend the book fair.’I therefore did not attend.The next day, it was Monday. As usual Mr. Patel taught us during his period but while leaving our class after his period he asked me…“Why didn’t, you attend the book-fair, John?”“I couldn’t attend it”, I said.The next day Mr. Patel did not speak on that matter to me again. But he and his organization had taken my refusal of not visiting escort fethiye the book-fare very seriously, and his was a fascist organization having inspiration from Mr. Adolf H, at least it is known so in U.S. You may better understand from following two incidents.In the evening, after school, I was chatting with Mr. Sophan headstrong, Mr. Christophar Wane and Mr. Mecoley in my room. It may be 6.30 pm or 7.30 pm and the lights went off. Entire colony including the Hostel went into darkness.Those days I used to wear half pant and similar open underwear. A hand entered into my half pant and touched my genital and caressed it so softly and gently that I enjoyed the touch. Instead of shouting I remained silent.After about two minutes later, electric supply was restored and I saw Mr. Baboon, our Hostel cook, sitting in the cot corner as if he was a red handedly caught thief.It appears that Mr. Koundin and/or his organization wasn’t happy with this incident. They wanted more harm to me, and following incident happened.As I stated above Mr. Sophan Headstrong had a hobby of reading and used to visit the public libraries, sometimes we friends used to visit the library with him.On that day I was reading in the Municipal Library with some friends. A boy entered the Library and sat in the chair next to my chair. He pulled a news paper page so that it covered our both chairs. Then in the guise of reading he started moving his right hand fingers on my left thigh. At first it gave me funny sensation but few minutes later my genital started bulging in the half pant. Later it became very strong and few minutes later discharged its first load.The boy stood up in the chair and left the library thereafter.That was my life’s year of attaining puberty. Mr. Patels’ organization was determined to harm my body by causing artificial semen discharges from my genital so that I shall become weak physically as well as I shall lose my mental concentration and I shall be entrapped in sexual thoughts only.Few days later I was climbing down the stair case of the Hostel fethiye escort bayan to go to the mess; Mr. Baboon noticed a stain on my trouser and asked me what it was. I replied that it could be a stain of spilled milk. But seasoned Baboon’s eyes realized that the stain was of a night discharge from my genital during sleep.After testing blood the way a b**st becomes hungrier, similarly Mr. Baboon became bolder for touching and grabbing my genital even in broad day light and in front of other Hostel-mates. Some Hostel-mates even warned me of him and advised to keep off him. I, a boy of 14 years of age, was not aware what Mr. Baboon’s actions will lead me to, as his touch was so enchanting I did enjoy it.I never ever speak a word about him to anybody, except through this story to you (reader), not even to my family members. Because my father would have punished me for that, as joining the Hostel was my own decision.One day Mr. Baboon told me that he wants to bear my c***d and wants to become pregnant from me. I questioned him how it is possible. He told me, he will teach me. One night, Mr. Baboon led me through a ground behind our Hostel, to a lonely room at the corner of the ground. He opened the room and we entered in. A thick sheet prepared with lot of clothes stitched together, used to sleep over was already spread in the room. We sat on it. He opened his pant and sat in front of me with his buttocks facing me. When I saw his pimple grown, dark and ugly buttocks, I became uncomfortable at their sight as wll as a vomiting sensation cropped up in my mind, and I told him so.Mr. Baboon wore his pant turned around towards me, opened my half pant and grabbed my genital and started caressing it very gently and softly, giving me great pleasure. I do not know how long he did it but may be for 15 minutes. At last I ejaculated on the sheet. He lit his torch and saw my semen on the sheet. My genital discharged about half bowl full of semen that day.Mr. Baboon was satisfied, though he did not get anal fuck from me, but he could get my artificial discharge through his hand practice. We left the room, he went to his house and I came to my Hostel room.And this is how Mr. Baboon exploited me sexually very first time. The incident happened well before 40 years. But it still haunts my life…



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