You demand I take my clothes off. You kiss me as you pull my shirt over my head. You lead me over to a chair & have me kneel down on it backwards. You secure my wrists to the back of the chair. You take the lube & drizzle a thin stream down the crack of my ass. With a sharp crack you smack one of my ass cheeks. I moan as you rub the red mark your hand left. You slide your fingers down my crack spreading the lube. Two fingers slide into my dripping pussy. You pull my ponytail back & kiss my neck as your fingers move up & swirl around my puckered hole. Releasing my ponytail you smack me on the other cheek. As I gasp you slide a finger into my ass. Once I relax, your finger starts to slide in & out. More lube is added, then another finger. Your cock is rock hard but you know I’m not ready to have it rammed into my hole. You choose the correct size plug & have it replace where your fingers had been. Moving around the chair, your cock pendik escort is level with my open mouth. Hands holding the sides of my head you fuck my face with increasing urgency.

You don’t want to cum yet so you withdrawal your massive cock from my mouth & slide it between my tits. My hands are still tied so you have to squeeze my tits together to get some good friction. I keep trying to reach your cock with my tongue but all I do is make everything more slick. You think it’s been long enough so you once again move around behind me. You tug at the plug swiftly, it comes out with a pop. Grabbing the lube again you squeeze more into my small gaping hole. You get the next size plug and ease it into the opening before it tightens again. You start to feel resistance. This time you shove your cock into my pussy as you push the plug in all the way. You put one foot up on the chair & an arm around me so you can fuck me really hard. tuzla escort Fingers slide down to play with my clit. I’m pleading with you to let me cum. You shoot your hot load as my pussy pluses around your cock.

You untie my hands & we lay down somewhere more comfortable to enjoy each other’s bodies. My hand slowly wanders down to your resting cock. The slow tracing of my fingers around your balls makes it twitch. I move between your legs & start licking from the shaft up, cleaning all of our juices off. By the time I’m done you are hard again. You pull me up, as we kiss you roll me so I’m under you. You kneel & slide my ass towards you, with my leg up by your shoulders. Grabbing the lube you fully coat your cock. In one swift move the plug is out & your cock is in…

You’re sitting on the edge of the bed with your pants under your feet. You motion me to come over and get on my knees. As an obedient sub I do as directed. kartal escort I cup your balls and start sucking on your shaft, still tasting me on your cock. I love the feeling of getting you hard again inside my wet warm mouth. You stand me up and remove the clothes I had just put on. Standing naked in front of you, you easing me back down on to my knees so I can continue sucking on your shaft. You stand up & looking over me you notice the pink link of anal beads. This hardens you even more. You pull out of my mouth, flip me over & grab the beads all in one fluid move.

You push me over the edge of the bed pulling my ass cheeks apart, looking at my gaping hole, wondering if I was ready to have you in my ass again so soon. Standing behind me for a minute before getting down and sliding the beads into my dripping pussy to get them all lubed up. You slide the length of beads into my ass with just a small moan from me. You slam your cock inside my pussy, pulling out far enough to watch as you slide the beads in & out of my ass. I start moaning with lust not knowing if you’re going to keep fucking my pussy or replace your cock with the beads in my ass.



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