My Excitement at workIt was a mild sunny morning in late November, I was just ready to leave for work when I noticed my trousers had broken, I didn’t have time to change them, I’d be extremely late, so I put a safety pin through the zipper and ran out the house. I made my way down the busy roads through the traffic of London’s hectic streets, i arrived at work with only a few moments to spare, I work in a home and garden Center selling timber and tools to DIY customers.The day started pretty normal, a few people asking stupid, idiotic questions like where will I find the large sheets of MDF, well Mr. your standing right next to them.But apart from that it’s was a very quite day hardly any customers But then it got to around 11am and I couldn’t help but get excited, a beautiful young lady in her late teens, dressed in a short skirt and crop top came walking up to me her big breasts bouncing with every step, she asked me what she would need to repair a draw as the handle had snapped off.I explained she would need a drill, a screw and a new knob.She swished her long brunette hair and started biting her bottom lip, can I get it all here john? she asked running her finger around the name badge placed upon illegal bahis my chest, clipping my nipple with every circular motion.It was turning me on. yes I replied, I think I have everything you need, she was still running her finger round my badge, then she place both her hands on my chest and said I knew you would be able to sort me out and she gave a subtle wink.I couldn’t help it but I was really turned on and my dick had gone really hard.She looked down and she saw my boner pushing my boxers out through my broken zipper, the safety pin nowhere to be seen.She looked up into my eyes and said with a smile, so I see you found me a new knob and started biting her lip again.I didn’t know where to look or what to say.She ran her finger down my chest across my stomach until she reached my waistline then without warning she starting tickling the end of my dick with her pretty finger nails through my boxers . I was shocked but I couldn’t help but be in ecstasy, was this really happening.So are you going to help me with the drill and the screw? She asked.I just nodded and walked over to where the screws were kept, they was out of the way in the corner of the warehouse between 3 walls so you had to walk illegal bahis siteleri round a corner to get to them, once you was down the isle you couldn’t be seen from the rest of the store.When I got to the rack I turned to the young lady and said I should have the screw you need here.Then without hesitation she grabbed hold of my hard throbbing cock and pulled it free from the grasp of my boxers so it was poking right out through my zipper balls and all.She dropped to her knees and run her tongue around my now purple head flicking her tongue over my hole I looked down and saw pre-cum oozing, this didn’t faze her, she engulfed my cock into her mouth and worked her way down my shaft until she was licking my balls at the same time.She sucked me good for a few minutes, i was in heaven, then she stood up and lifted her skirt to reveal her waxed vagina, she pushed me to my knees and pulled my head into her moist pussy I couldn’t resist, I sucked her clit and tongue fucked her sweet juicy hole for what felt like ages. I felt her shudder, she pulled me back to my feet taking me by the hand she walked over to the racks and lent on the shelves, she reached round and lifted her skirt up onto her back canlı bahis siteleri then she grabbed my throbbing erection and guided me into her pussy. I couldn’t believe this was happening but I couldn’t resist if I wanted to. so I started moving my cock in and out of her very tight wet hole, slowly gaining momentum, her pussy like a vice wrapped around my dick, I could feel every Stoke, she started throwing herself back towards me as I thrust into her, getting harder and harder, you can hear a slight slapping sound of her sexy round bum up against my work clothes.But not to loud as to draw attention.It had only been a few minutes and I was ready to burst so I started to pull out, but she leaned round and pulled me back in close, and started fucking me harder bouncing back onto my cock. I couldn’t hold it any longer I grabbed her hips and drilled her pussy hard and fast until I exploded deep inside her I could feel her shaking and she let out a few light moans. I emptied my balls deep inside her pussy, every last drop. I pulled out of her, she turn towards me not saying a word, dropped back to her knees and took me back into her mouth she sucked me for a couple more minutes cleaning me up with her tongue. She stood up tucked my dick back into my boxers and gave me a cheeky smile and a wink, turned and walk off out the store. I never did she her again, but fuck me was it the best day at work I’ve ever had or ever likely to have.



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