It had been a long and busy night at work and I was dead tired. I’d plan to fall into bed next to my boyfriend and sleep as soon as possible. So I was surprised when I found him awake and waiting for me when I got home.

As I walked through our bedroom door he met me wrapped his arms around me and kissed me deeply. His hard cock pressed against my belly as he pulled me into the kiss.

“Wow! What was that for? Why are you awake and so worked up?” I said reaching for his hard cock and stroking it slowly.

He told me Pete had come over. I was surprised because they had both been busy with work and hadn’t had time to hangout.

I told him I wanted details and stripped as quickly as possible. As soon as I was undressed my boyfriend picked me up and threw me onto the bed. He pounced on me pinned me down and pressed the head of his cock against my slit. I moaned as he slid his hard cock into my already wet cunt. He pumped his cock in and out of me a few times before holding it inside me and looking down at me.

“I want you to ride my cock while I tell you what happened,” he said, “but you’re not allowed to cum until I’ve told you the whole story.”

I agreed and we switched places. I straddled him and slid his hard cock into my cunt. I gasped as I took him as deeply as I could and stayed like that for a bit enjoying the way he filled me. I rode him slowly as he started to tell me the story.

My boyfriend told me Pete had shown up around midnight without warning. He said Pete called him and said he was at the door. My boyfriend was surprised but got out of bed and opened the door in just his boxers. He said Pete was standing with a hungry look in his eyes. My boyfriend invited him in.

“I’ve been super horny all day thinking about your cock,” Pete said as soon as he walked in, “I need your cock, let me suck you off.”

The door was barely closed behind him when Pete dropped to his knees taking my boyfriend’s boxers down as he did and taking his cock into his mouth. My boyfriend wasn’t hard yet but Pete’s mouth took care of that right away. Pete started sucking and licking my boyfriend’s balls while canlı bahis stroking his cock, then swallowing his shaft as deep as he could bobbing back and forth on it as it grew in his mouth. My boyfriend said Pete seemed hungry for it like he really did need his cock.

Pete continued sucking my boyfriend’s cock until my boyfriend told him to stop and undress.

“Let’s get more comfortable over on the sofa,” my boyfriend said.

Pete stripped and they went to the sofa. Pete was rock hard and his big cock bobbed and bounced as he walked over to the sofa. When they sat down my boyfriend wrapped his hand around Pete’s throbbing shaft jerked him before Pete stopped him.

“I really want to suck your cock,” Pete said

Then he got up off the sofa and settled on his knees between my boyfriend’s legs to better service his cock. He lowered his face to my boyfriend’s cock and started blowing him again. My boyfriend said it felt amazing having Pete hungrily sucking his cock and licking his balls.

“I just really want to try something,” Pete said letting my boyfriend’s cock slip from his lips, “I have been thinking about it all day.”

Pete started sucking my boyfriend’s cock slowly, bobbing up and down a few times before letting it slip from his lips again. He started licking up and down his shaft. My boyfriend closed his eyes and leaned his head back groaning in pleasure. My boyfriend’s eyes were still closed when Pete started licking lower and lower. Pete sucked my boyfriend’s balls gently before moving lower. Pete traced his tongue from my boyfriend’s balls down to his taint. My boyfriend was enjoying the sensation so he lifted his legs and spread them wider so Pete could lick lower. My boyfriend was surprised when Pete suddenly buried his face in my boyfriend’s ass.

“Ooooh f-uhh-fuuuhck that feels amazing,” my boyfriend moaned as Pete’s tongue lapped away at his asshole, “ugnh I’ve n-n-never felt anything oooh like this.”

When he looked down he saw Pete was jerking his own cock furiously. My boyfriend was getting close but did not want to cum just yet, so he reluctantly stopped Pete. Pete looked bahis siteleri at him confused. But before Pete could say anything my boyfriend told him to stand up and bend over. Pete obeyed right away. My boyfriend stood behind him spit on the head of his cock, then rubbed it slowly against Pete’s asshole.

“Oh God,” Pete almost whimpered and bit his lip

My boyfriend then slid his shaft up and down between his ass cheeks using Pete’s ass to stroke his cock. Pete did whimper this time and pushed back against my boyfriend. My boyfriend lined the tip of his cock against his best friend’s asshole and Pete took a deep breath, but instead of pushing the head of his cock into Pete’s asshole he dropped to his knees and started licking it while at the same time he reached around from behind to stroke his cock.

“Ughn ooooh fuck!” Pete groaned in pleasure and surprise as my boyfriend shoved his tongue into his ass.

My boyfriend got into a rhythm as he lapped at Pete’s ass and stroked his throbbing cock. Pete groaned and shuddered hard and came suddenly. Pete’s knees buckled as came, but my boyfriend held him in place stroking his best friend’s cock and eating his ass until Pete couldn’t take it anymore and pulled away.

Pete collapsed onto the sofa and laid there panting. Finally, when Pete recovered he asked my boyfriend if he could return the favor and my boyfriend bent over for him. Pete positioned himself behind my boyfriend rubbed his still hard cum coated cock against asshole wiping his cum all over it. Pete pressed the head of his cock against my boyfriend’s tight hole a little harder than my boyfriend had done to him and he could feel it open slightly for him. It was my boyfriend’s turn to whimper. But then Pete dropped to his knees and cleaned his cum from my boyfriend’s ass. Pete stroked my boyfriend faster and faster while he ate his ass. Then Pete shoved his tongue into his asshole and my boyfriend lost it cumming hard.

“”I’m cumming!” my boyfriend grunted as Pete pumped his shaft.

Pete reached around with his other hand and caught as much as he could using it to lube my boyfriend’s ass bahis şirketleri and finger him in and out slowly until he practically collapsed onto the sofa himself. They both sat there panting before Pete got up to go.

As Pete went to pick up his clothes my boyfriend stopped him. The tingling in his asshole from when his friend fingered him was making his cock hard again. He walked up close to Pete and kissed him.

“Let’s suck each other off one more time before you go,” He said breaking the kiss.

They settled on the sofa and got into a 69 position. My boyfriend swallowed Pete’s cock and started sucking him hungrily as Pete did the same to him. As Pete sucked my boyfriend he reached back and gripped his ass and spread his cheeks. He slipped a wet finger into his asshole and finger fucked his ass while he swallowed his hard cock. My boyfriend returned the favor and they fingered each other’s asses. Pete came first filling my boyfriend’s mouth who swallowed as much as he could before cumming in Pete’s mouth at almost the same time. After cumming, they cleaned each other up, and Pete left not long after.

I had my hands on my boyfriend’s chest and was bouncing up and down on his shaft as he finished the story. I was on the edge of orgasm and desperate to cum.

“Ungh fuck! That’s so oooh fucking hot!” I moaned, “Pete ungh loves your mmmm hard cock as much as ooh I do”

I moved my hands from my boyfriend’s chest and slid them along my body to my big bouncing tits. I squeezed them and rolled my nipples between my fingers making myself gasp.

“I need to cum Papi,” I whined, “can I cum on your big cock? Please?”

“Cum for me baby,” my boyfriend grunted raising his hips in time with my thrusts, “Cum on my cock baby I’m gonna cum too.”

I felt him throb inside me and he stiffened. I pressed my hips down meeting him and holding his cock deep inside me.

“Ughn fuck! Cum inside me!” I screamed just as I felt him flood my pussy with his hot cum, “Oooh Michael! Ughn I’m cumming! Ohohoh oh!”

He pulled me down and held me against his chest and pumped his cock in and out of me hard and fast his cock pulsating inside me as I grunted and panted through my own climax. Finally, he slowed then stopped keeping his still hard cock buried deep inside me. I sighed happily and we laid there like that until we both fell asleep.



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