My boss’s daughterA few weeks ago, my boss announced that his daughter will be working for the company. For the most part everyone was excited, specially the folks who had been there for awhile and have seen her grow up. Being fairly new to the company, I had no idea who she was but I assumed she’s probably stuck up and had everything handed to her.The following Monday, while walking by my boss’s office I noticed this blonde sitting in his office.He called me in to introduce me to her and asked if I can show her around. The whole time I pretty much spaced out. She is a cutie and can’t imagine that she was related to my boss. She had blonde hair and green eyes.She wasn’t a skinny twig but was thick at the right places. Her boobs are perky and cute and her ass just delicious. She wore a white blouse and a tight black pants and from what I could tell she also had a thong on. On our way to my cube, we started talking about life, family, and basically about the job. We talked about her interest and her plan after this job. As we were chatting I told her if she wants to help me copy some of the documents before we file the away. I had her start with the lighter box which was at the bottom shelving. canlı bahis As she bent over to reach for the box her pants slid down from behind and her black thong lace was clearly visible. What I would give to get a hold of that panty. For the next few days we were getting along much more as we began having inside jokes and also were comfortable enough to have occasional adult humor which for me came fairly natural. As the days went she began getting a little friskier pinching my ass and running her fingers through my hair. Although we kept this to ourselves, I was too afraid of what would happen if my co-workers found it since she was only heading to college and I was in my thirties.Although she has a boyfriend she told me she was always attractive to guys a little older. She continued to touch me here and there and I have done the same. At one point we were mimicking a scene from bad santa when Billy Bob Thorton was dry humping the girl at the pinball machine. But instead of pinball machine we were doing that infront of the copy machine. I’d go up behind her and just dry hump her ass. One day on my way to work, I got a call from her telling me that she’s playing hookie and I should bahis siteleri do the same. I told her as much as I would like to I have to get to work. A couple of seconds later I got a text message from her and when I checked my phone it was her wearing nothing but black laced matching bra and panty.Also the text says “Would this be a good reason to skip work?”Then she sent me a text of her address. As soon as I got the massage, I immediately got off the next exit probably hit almost 3 cars along the way. I didn’t realized they lived the next to me and was extremely excited as my heart was beating out of my chest. Right before I got there I got another text, this time she said “If” you are coming just come in and my room is upstairs on the left side. The closer I get the more nervous I was. I could not believe this is happening. When I finally made it in the house and walked up the stairs to get to her room. I closed my eyes and opened the door.When I opened my eyes, there she was on her bed in the same outfit. She then walked up to me and gave me a kiss on my lips. She then walked me over to the bed as she gave me a little tease. Before she could finish, I grabbed her by her hips güvenilir bahis and threw her on the bed. I started by ripping out her panty and had her remove her bra. I didn’t waste anytime and began eating her out. She was so wet and her pussy was creaming all over my lips. She was so delicious and I did not want to stop. As I finally worked my way to her clit it was only a matter of time before she came. Not soon after she grabbed me and took my clothes off she gave me a kiss and tasting her juices of my lips. She whispered that it was amazing and she has never ever felt that good. Before I can respond she started licking the tip of my cock and slowly got deeper and deeper. The warmth and wetness of her mouth felt amazing. I slowly pulled my self out and pushed it back in her mouth. Before cumming too quickly I picked her up and put her in all fours as I gently inserted myself from behind. Although I am not huge by anymeans, my cock was a little too big for her as we both felt every single inch of my dick coming in and out. We started slow as I continue to fuck this amazingly tight pussy. As hard as I try to keep it slow to prevent me from cumming too early she had a different idea. She began speeding up and asked me to fuck her hard. I continued to fuck her and ride this tight little pussy.It wasnt long before I came over and over inside her.We both collapsed and just cuddled the rest of the afternoon.



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