My BlunderMy wife is a stunning redheaded MILF, and judging by the looks she gets when we go out, others agree with me. A good friend of mine stayed at our home for a week one summer while broken down on his way somewhere and after a night of drinking, one thing led to another and the two of us took out sexual frustrations out on my wife. The following story is of what occurred on his last day staying with us that time, written by her.Anticipating an afternoon of play outside with my man and our young, eager house guest, I decided to get what needed to be done out of the way. I headed downstairs to the pantry to collect some goodies for our house guest to take home, as he was heading out that day. I wasn’t in the cold room for very long when our house guest entered the room and stood behind me. I pretended that I didn’t notice and went about my business which was hard because I was so wet at the thought of playing with he and my man. He proceeded to wrap his arms around my chest and pull me in close to his chest. I could feel his hot breath on my neck and my earlobe and it was hard to catch my breath. I was a little taken aback, but then it wasn’t like he hadn’t touched me before. I stood there and let him run his hands all up and down my body over my clothes. He was slow about it but made sure to touch all the right gaziemir escort places. He started kissing my neck and running his hands up and down my chest and back under my shirt while fondling my tits. My heart rate was ramping up and my breathing getting heavy. Then he made his way down the front of my thighs and up the inner thigh over my jeans to my already throbbing pussy. Finally, his hand slipped into my jeans and in between my legs. My legs were weak and I was still getting flashbacks from fucking him a few nights prior. My breathing got heavier as he slid his hand over my damp pussy and then ever harder when he slipped a finger into my pussy and began fingering me ever so slowly. He whispered into my ear “you want this load in your pussy before I go?” I let out a quiet moan and slid my hands behind me to feel his cock through his pants. It was rock hard and throbbing. I could feel his heart beat faster and faster. As I rubbed his cock through his jeans, I was thinking about how and when he and my husband had planned this without me knowing. The excitement was almost overwhelming. I wondered how he put him up to this and where my husband was watching from. I thought, he is either hiding somewhere down here in the basement with a video camera or he is on his way down here as we had gaziemir escort bayan contractors working upstairs. Not knowing what the plan was made me nervous, but the man behind me was distracting my logic. My husband had spoken of a **** fantasy and I figured this was what was going on. This made me even more wet. Our house guest turned me around and marched me out the cold room door and into a nearby bedroom. He smiled at me with a devilish grin as he took off his clothes. I didn’t hesitate. I did the same, all the while looking around to see where the camera was hidden. Not knowing the plan was giving me harsh butterflies and making my whole body tremble. Trying to be quiet, as there was a contractor upstairs, he pushed on the bed a few times to make sure it wouldn’t make too much noise. He then spun me around to face the bed, bent me over the end of the bed and pushed my face into the mattress. “How’s that ass feeling today?” he asked, knowing full well he had fucked it hard a few nights prior. Flashbacks came flooding into my head followed by uncontrollable waves of pleasure. Unable to speak as my face was pushed into the mattress, I was hoping he wasn’t’ going to use my ass again. He spit on two fingers to wet my pussy, pushed in his rock hard cock into me and started to pound escort gaziemir away. It took my breath away he was pounding me so hard. “Oh,” he said,“ you take this cock so well.” This only lasted a few minutes and then he flipped me over onto my back to face him. At this point I was looking around to see where my husband was hiding and thinking to myself, “where is the camera?” I was getting the nerves again, feeling left out of the grand plan. He thrust his cock back into my pussy and pushed my legs up as high as they would go. I love this position for the deep level a cock can hit and I nearly passed out from the pounding. Before I knew it, he had cum hard and inside me. Looking terribly satisfied and grinning at me like the devil himself, he stood in front of me and spread my pussy wide to see his seed dripping from me. Just then, as the realization hit me that there was no camera and my husband was not hiding watching or making a video, the door opened and in walked my husband… “we can hear you upstairs” he said, “maybe you should take it into the bathroom…” Reeling from what I had just done to my husband and what was to come, I grabbed my clothes and ran into the bathroom to change. I felt sick to my stomach. What had I done? I left our house guest naked standing alone wondering what had just happened. As it turned out, my husband had no prior knowledge of this, hadn’t planned it, our guest wasn’t aware of our rules, and I essentially cheated on him. He made me write this story to give him an account of what had happened and he made me post it here for all to read and take pleasure in my blunder.



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