my bi neighbour introduces himselfThis is a true story, no bullshit, and happened yesterday, 04/12/2013 at 17. 45. Hopefully the first of many similar events with my neighbour.I had been living in my new flat for about 4 months, and until this particular evening, I had not even seen any of my neighbours. There were 3 other flats in my block, and because of my work patterns, it just didn’t happen.I had decided to take a few days off, if only to finish unpacking the boxes that lay around the rooms, and had just sorted out the living room and kitchen when there was a knock at the door.I opened the door to see an older gentleman standing there, thankfully holding 2 bottles of wine. He was about six foot tall, with greying hair, but looked quite trim for his age, which I estimated to be about 60 ish. (It turns out he was actually 62)“Hello, my name is Geoff. I live across the hall there, and my wife and I thought it would be nice just to introduce ourselves.”“Hi Geoff, I am John. Come on in. Where is your wife?”“Oh, she works in the shop down the road in the evenings. She will be home about 10 ish.”I showed Geoff into the now tidy living room, and offered him a seat.“Shall I get a couple of glasses for that wine?”“Sounds good to me.”I returned with the two glasses. Geoff was sitting in my favourite leather arm chair, and I simply could not help but notice the rather big bulge in his grey trousers. It looked very big indeed.Geoff leaned forward to fill the glasses with the wine, and I sat on the sofa to one side.“It is strange that we have not met before John.”“Yes I know. I work some strange hours, and lots of them, so you are the first person in the whole block that I have met.”“My wife Sue, has seen you come and go a few times though, and she said you look very nice. She can’t wait to meet you too.”“That’s very nice of her to say, I can’t wait to meet her too.”“She wasn’t wrong either, was she John?”“What do you mean Geoff?” I glanced again at his bulge as Geoff made himself more comfortable in the chair.“Well, if you don’t mind me saying so, you do look very nice John. Do you have a girlfriend or even a boyfriend, if you are that way inclined?”“No I have neither unfortunately, and yes, sometimes I am that way inclined. I am bisexual. Is that a problem?”“Not at all John, in fact I am quite pleased about that, I am Bi too. I am sorry John could I trouble you for a cloth, I seem to have some wine on my hands, and it’s a little sticky.”got up and went to the kitchen, returning with a wet cloth for Geoff’s hands. When I returned to the living room I got a little bit of a shock. Geoff was still sitting in the big leather arm chair, his hands along the arms rests, but totally naked! I looked at his still canlı bahis firm body, and my eyes were drawn down between his thighs, and the reason for the large bulge in his trousers earlier was obvious now, he was huge. Geoff’s cock was semi hard, hanging slightly over the edge of the chair, and even in this half woken state was a very good 7 inches long, and very wide I thought, shaved smooth and uncut, but with the large purple head protruding enticingly.“Do you like what you see John, or have I got the wrong idea about you?”My own cock started to twitch into life inside my boxer shorts, Geoff wasn’t wrong about me at all. I had only met this man 20 minutes ago, but had a very good idea of where this was going.“Yes, I do like what I see Geoff, very much. You have a great looking cock.”“Thanks. Any chance I could see yours too?”I undid the buttons on my shirt, and threw it across the back of my sofa. Then I undid my belt, the zip, and button to my jeans, sliding them down my legs so I could remove my socks at the same time. My cock started to grow a little now as I dropped my shorts to the ground. I stood in front of Geoff some 3 meters from him, watching as he looked me up and down, his eyes opening wider as he looked at my now nearly fully erect 7 inch shaved cock.“Let me have a taste of that sweet cock John, come here.”I walked the short distance to Geoff, and stood beside him. He leaned forward and opened his mouth. He licked my shaft, from my heavy full balls, to the tip of my engorged cock. He peeled back my foreskin with his lips as his mouth slipped over the head and I could feel his tongue move on the underside as it slowly continued further and further into his mouth. I was waiting for him to gag, but he didn’t, not even when I could feel what was obviously the back of his throat.He withdrew my hard cock slowly, leaving plenty of shiny saliva along its whole length, then greedily swallowed it length again. Geoff began to moan quietly, but I could feel those dull vibrations all the same.A nice slow rhythm was being built up, Geoff’s hands softly pulling me forward into his mouth as they held my arse cheeks. He was letting me fuck his throat, the whole hard 7 inches disappearing with every stroke.I looked down between Geoff’s toned legs, his own cock now fully hard, a full 9 inches of hard, shaved meat waiting for me to do what I wanted with it. I reached for it, and grasped it in my hand, it was as hard a iron, the veins bulged with the blood flowing through it making it ribbed for pleasure. Geoff moaned louder as I began to stroke the shaft up and down, revealing the large mushroomed head. Geoff stopped sucking.“Help yourself to it if you like John.”I moved from the side, and kneeled bahis siteleri down between Geoff’s legs. From this angle his cock looked even bigger. I noticed the tiny bead of pre-cum at his cum slit as I pulled back the foreskin and placed my mouth over the head. It filled my mouth with very little room to spare, but I was determined to suck this hard cock as deep as possible.I moved my tongue around until my saliva had built up in my mouth, then started to bob up and down, taking it a little deeper each time. It felt so good as it stretched my mouth. I could hear Geoff moaning as it went deeper and deeper into the back of my throat. I was very pleased with myself when I noticed that I could get a good 6 inches in without too much difficulty, my saliva dribbling down the shaft and covering his heavy ball.“How would you like to feel me inside you John?”I topped sucking and looked at Geoff.“This thing would never fit inside me Geoff, no matter how much I would want to.”“Have you got any lube? I promise to be gentle.”As I stood up, I craftily rubbed my cock against Geoff’s, both twitching as I did. I knew exactly where the lubricant was, I had only put it there half an hour ago. I opened the draw and took the small bottle out, and went to stand in front of Geoff, who was stroking his cock in anticipation. I squirted some of the cold, silky liquid onto his cock.“Don’t rub it in too much Geoff.”I turned around so my back was towards him, bent forward leaning on my coffee table, and rubbed a whole handful of the liquid onto my tight puckered arse hole. I slid a finger, then two into my hole, trying to get as much as the lubricant inside me as was possible to ease the entry of this huge cock.“Do you like Geoff?”“Very much so, are you ready John?”I had to think just for a second, he was massive, but I wanted to feel it inside me.“I think so.”I stepped back a pace or two, and stood with my back to Geoff. I placed a hand on each arm of the chair to support me, and slightly parted my legs. Geoff held his cock in one hand and parted my cheeks with the other. I lowered myself until I could feel the mushroom headed tip of this huge cock at the entrance to my body. He began to gently rub the head around my hole, spreading the lube some more. He stopped, and I lowered myself, feeling the hard cock try to gain entry. As I relaxed a little I could feel the head slide in, stretching me to open as it did. Then I felt the magic ‘pop’, a feeling I love as I knew he was now inside me.“Does that feel nice John? Would you like more?”I looked over my shoulder at Geoff, then between my legs at the 7 ½ inches left to take in.“I do want more. Ready?”With this I started to slowly move up and down taking a centimetre at a güvenilir bahis time, easing this massive cock deeper and deeper, my hands, arms and legs supporting my weight as I felt my arse stretch to accommodate this well lubricated tool. The feeling was slightly painful, but intense, and very very pleasurable, every vein on his cock was triggering feelings of wanting to be fucked hard by my new friend.Slowly, over 15 minutes or so, I had got to a stage where my strokes up and down were nice and long, and I had nearly taken the whole 9 inches. The lubricant moved Geoff’s cock in and out of my tight arse with ease, and we were both enjoying it immensely.“John, can you turn towards me so I can stroke your cock? I want your cock.”“Of course I can Geoff.”I lifted myself off Geoff’s cock, turned around, and straddled him on the big armchair. He held his cock upright as I lowered my arse down onto him once more. This time it went straight in and straight up, all 9 inches, deep inside me. We both gasped as I started to pump up and down, getting faster, feeling the pressure build.“I want to cum in your mouth Geoff, and it won’t be long.”“Mmmmm, let me taste your juice John.”I bounced up and down, harder and harder, until I knew I was going to cum hard.“Cum in my mouth John.”Geoff opened his mouth in anticipation, as I felt my balls tighten. I jumped off Geoff and stood on the armchair in front of him, pushing my hard cock into the open mouth. I pulled hard on my cock, filling Geoff’s mouth with hot sweet sticky cum. Geoff swallowed shot after shot of my cum, not wasting a drop, licking and sucking hard until I was drained.I was still rock hard as I sat down again onto Geoff’s shaft, again, straight up with no hesitation. I bounced hard, enjoying the place I was in.“I am going to fill your arse hole now John, is that ok? Do you want to feel me cum in you?”“God, yes Geoff. Fill me, I want your mess inside me.” I repliedWith that, Geoff moaned deeply and loudly. I could feel his cock tense, then shoot, deep into my rectum. I sat down hard so all 9 inches was held tight inside as he pumped what felt like 4 pints of hot cum into me. Over and over I could feel this massive cock shoot into me, 7, 8, 9 times. It felt great, hot and slimy shots of cum filling me up.By the time we had finished draining each other’s cocks, we were both dripping with sweat and exhausted.I prized myself off the now slowly softening cock, dripping some of Geoff’s cum down my thigh. I fell onto the sofa.“I enjoyed that John. Did you?”“Very much Geoff. Nice to meet you. You are welcome here any time, as long as I am in that is.”“Next time I will bring Sue if you like.”“You mean she knows about this sort of thing?”“She started it John, she loves it.”“In that case Geoff, I would love to meet Sue, and have you both over for drinks, and more.”That is what I am looking forward to now, and will of course let you all know how it goes. Can’t wait.



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