My Beautiful ViolationThat night he was so mad at me. The fight that sparked it was stupid yes, but heated. Really heated. I barely remember what it was; something to do with a flirtatious colleague. How he found out I don’t know but he was absolutely livid. I saw the raw, passionate and almost hateful savageness in his eyes as he came at me. It was as if he dematerialized and phased through the couch before he grabbed me around the chest and waist, keeping my arms restrained. He lifted me in the air and my legs started pumping and kicking until my shoe went flying and hit the wall. I begged Seth to put my down and he barked for me to shit my whoring mouth. I lost it then and aimed my kicking heels at his knees, so he turned me sideways and threw me to the floor. He was fast and on top of me quick bahis siteleri as I planted a scratch on his neck and a fist on his face, wondering if he’d finally lost his damn mind. He caught hold of my wrist, stared at his blood on my nails and silently mouthed ‘bitch’ into my eyes. With one hand, he pinned both my wrists above my head and ripped my blouse open, exposing his favorite black bra with the sheer cups. He yanked it down under my tits as I jerked and screamed for him to let me go. I wrenched my wrist around and dug deep into his fist, trying to ease his grip. To no avail. He only tightened his lock on me, licked the palm of his hand and slapped me hard across the face! I wasn’t as much hurt as surprised and he hit me again. He told me, “shut the fuck up or you’ll get another canlı bahis one CUNT!!” Seth reached under my skirt and tore the panties from my body, stuffing them in my mouth. I could feel his knuckles on my vagina while he undid his pants and belt. Releasing his cock. Shoving it inside me. He was fucking me. He was r****g me. Taking what no man has the right to take. I hated him so much then. I could feel my skin get hot and my rage flare. God I hated him…because I liked it. Oh heaven help my, I loved it! I began to cry then. No sobbing or choking through my underwear still jammed in my mouth. Just tears running down the sides of my face. He saw my tears and licked them off, the sick fucker. My sick fucker. With his hard dick buried deep in my guts. Guts that belonged to me until he took them güvenilir bahis for his own perverse pleasure. The moment was so intense I could feel the blood course through the veins in his dick. I could feel every inch force its was inside me. I could feel the sharp stubble of his pubic hairs stab my thighs as he rode my…his pussy. He sunk his teeth and wrapped his thick gorgeous lips on my full pale breast and bit down hard when he tired of the taste of my tears. His prick only got harder when he saw the blood from the bite. Seth invaded my…his pussy lips harder and harder and I wrapped my legs around him tighter and tighter. I screamed and cried and came. Hard. I had the best goddamn orgasm EVER that night. I muffled through my thong that he was a vicious piece of shit, then he roared and came inside my pussy.I belong to him now. My sadistic and satisfying Master. My proud Black Warrior. I loved him before. I love him still. What he does to me. What he did to me. The way he took me and claims me as his own…



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