My Asian wife offeredHi. I’m Eric.I’ve been married to Sachiko for 5 years. She’s Japanese, quite pretty and minx though at first sight she seems shy as most of the Japanese girls. She has plenty of qualities; she is an intelligent, funny and charming woman. We can say she is the Japanese version of the chic French woman.In bed, she is open and ready for having quite a few experiences (this is one of the reasons I married her). With this in mind, we had some threesomes and 7 swinging experiences. We are not beginners at this, we can say.It is important to know that Asian women, especially Japanese ones are very submissive in bed. A lot of them do not reject obeying and letting themselves be lead by her couples or husbands. Two weeks ago, Sachiko was quite mischievous and she boasted about being able to making a man arouse fast in bed. I didn’t share her point of view and I told her she was bragging, she got quite upset…So I proposed a deal to her: “I´ll find you a one-night lover, if you succeed in arousing him in 30 minutes with your pussycat, you can choose the gift you want; if you lose, you will be my sexual slave during a week”. She answered to me in English (yes, it is necessary to say that Sachiko does not speak French but English and Japanese because we live in Tokyo), “I already know what I want you to buy for me, get your credit card ready… but the man can’t be too young because that would be unfair”, ok, “I accept to choose an older lover, between 50-60 years-old but in this case you won’t take the initiative in bed but you will be submissive”. Sachiko answered “easy, even that way your old man won’t hold on 15 minutes; by the way, I doubt it would be possible for an old man fucking over 30 minutes, you´ve already lost, my love. I could win blindfolded eyes and a hand in the back”, I answered to her “ok, cheers for the blindfolded eyes.”I began going through meeting room websites and forums looking for a mature man, quite dominator to fuck Sachiko but I looked for a French guy. I preferred that a compatriot enjoy my wife; moreover, I thought it would be more exciting that Sachiko wouldn’t understand what this guest was telling me during the action.After two weeks of research, I finally found a 58 year-old man, named Marc, he was in Tokyo on business. He matched my expectations of being well-hung (21 cm, large) and self assured about his capacity of being very resistant (he was a swinger and his wife assured me that he could screw a young girl during an hour). He was perfect, I explained my bet to Marc, who was a player like me, and he told me “Ok, no problem but will I get a small bonus on this story if I succeed on my mission?”. Marc fucking my wife, I didn’t see anything else to offer him; he told me, “Well, you have set very strict rules for the meeting: no kisses, compulsory condom use except for oral sex, no facial ejaculation, no sodomy, no fist fucking or dirty stuffs… Me, if I succeed on my mission, I want a bonus like fucking your wife’s türkçe bahis ass”.I found this request very daring; Sachiko, by principle, doesn’t offer her ass to anyone but to me. However, I accepted Marc’s request.The D day, Sachiko and I were waiting in the hotel bedroom, she was blindfolded. She changed her clothes in the hotel bedroom to be sexier: small skin-tight flying skirt, lace bra and G-string. She even laughed at it saying “with a bit of luck when your old man sees me, he will come right away and I will have won”.Marc knocked at the door, Sachiko was sitting in bed. I let him enter and proposed putting him at easy. He asked for a bath and, while waiting, he told Sachiko to get on all fours in the bed. “Eric, where is he? what is he saying?”, Sachiko asked me, a little nervous. “He´s taking a shower to cool off and he asked you to get on your fours in bed”. She agreed without objection; she even swayed her ass to mock at me and said “he won’t hold on more than 5 minutes when he be inside of me”.Marc came from the shower and look at the scene, “she is not bad, your wife, pretty good like on photos”. He gave her a slap on the buttocks by saying “pretty mare to ride”. “He says you look pretty good, Sachiko”, she laughed a little bit.Marc lifted up Sachiko’s skirt to see her ass closer, he rubbed her buttocks. “She has a nice G-string; tell her to take off all of her clothes and get on all her fours in bed”. I translated his request and Sachiko agreed.Marc said “pretty pussy, well built, and very pretty ass. It would be a pleasure to fuck you, Ma’am”. I translated his words and Sachiko objected to because rules do not allow sodomy. “I know my love, but if Marc makes you come, you will be my sexual slave and Marc dreams of fucking an Asian girl; that will be your first task being submissive”.“I see, she answered with a little bit of apprehension, “but tell him not to be so sure, I’m not that easy to make come, as those Thailand whores that he had seen on bad porno”. “Enough talk”, said Marc. He came close to Sachiko; he caressed her buttocks and began to touch her clitoris with his fingers. “But tell me Eric, your wife is a little slut, she is already wet”. He slipped his finger into my Japanese’s wet crack; Sachiko kept her mouth shut and allowed him to continue. Then Marc took the condom box I’d placed on the bedside table and began to put on a condom.When Sachiko heard the wrapping noise of the condom asked me, “he won’t lick me or want oral sex?” I translated. Marc answered “Tell your princess that as agreed, I’ll lead. To be clear, when I make love I love preliminaries. However, I’m here for a bet and I’m having fun fucking my first Japanese. As you are here, tell her that I love putting in her place those chic vain girls who claim to be goddess in bed”.He placed behind Sachiko and put his penis at the entrance of her pussy. He entered slowly, she sighed “ahhh he is big, more than you, ahhh”. “Of course, my sweetie, that’s why I chose him”. bets10 giriş She moaned when Marc gripped her hips in order to sink his penis even deeper into her narrow crack. I must say that I’d already seen on photos that Marc’s machine was bigger and larger than mine.“But, it is also true that Asian girls are narrower. Your minx is very tighten”, exclaimed Marc. Sachiko understood that she must hurry up if she wanted to win the bet. She began to sway her pelvis, but she didn’t stay impassive during her movements and began to moan every time Marc’s wily was deep down her. To Marc fucking a young girl seemed to be a health walk. He brightened up Sachiko’s come and go by slapping her buttocks; she loved it. At the same time, Sachiko’s hands began to grab sheets, it was evident all the come and goes into her pussy caused, little by little, an arousal more and more difficult to hide.It was 7 minutes Marc was in Sachiko and he was not tired. She continued her movements but Marc stopped her and pulled out. He lied down and told Sachiko to ride him as an amazon. He slapped her buttocks so that she jumps up and down on his penis. Sachiko complied but moaned, she tried to hold tight Marc’s willy into her vagina but she began to lose herself.About me, I was happily present at the scene. I didn’t know what pleased me the most: watching Sachiko swallowing her pride or watching her becoming a sexual toy in the arms of a mature dominator. I admired Marc’s willy coming and going in my wife’s vagina while she tried to hurry up to turn on Marc. He tickled her nipples with his hands while she went up and down on his always hard willy. “13 minutes”, I told her in Japanese.She still had 17 minutes to make sure that she won’t lose her bet and her little ass didn’t have to deal with Marc’s assaults. She knew it. I saw her biting her lips every time she went down her pelvis and Marc’s willy went down on her.“Well, stop playing, you’ll see what an old man knows to do, vain Japanese woman. Tell her that she’s going to come as ever”, he said. I translated to Sachiko “Pay attention, he really wants to fuck you and make you come. You’re losing your bet”.Sachiko was still on him; he stopped playing with her hard breasts and gripped her by her hips. He attracted her towards him and struck her narrow crack with repeated vigorous attacks; she moaned intensively “ahhh, ahhh”, “damé, damé” (damé means no, no in Japanese). It meant that she didn´t want to come immediately but it didn’t depend on her anymore. 3 minutes later, I heard her saying the fatal words “ahhhahhhiku…iku…” (Ah ah I enjoy, I enjoy). “Well that’s it, ask your wife what‘s happened”, Marc told me.I didn’t need to ask Sachiko, I realized she had had a great time because of the red patches of her bust, her panting and the expression on her face; she had had an amazing orgasm. There were 10 minutes left on the clock.Marc made her lay in bed and took her in the classic missionary position. She already looked bets10 güvenilir mi tired; I doubted she could win her bet. He lifted up her legs so she could put her ankles on his shoulders quite muscled for his age. He fucked her in this position just as vigorously as before. She moaned even more under these attacks and her hands twisted bed sheets. I loved watching my wife being fucked as a whore.She couldn’t wait longer to come again when Marc put his thumb on her clitoris at the same time he deeply penetrated her. She let out small cries of joy, as only Japanese girls know. But time had passed and she had lost.He withdrew and changed condom. “So, tell your wife to get on all fours, she has to honor her promise; she shouldn’t be worried, I brought some lubricant”.Sachiko refused a little by saying “no, I’m exhausted, he won”. “Exactly darling, you must honor the bet and it begins right now Sachiko”.So then, he coated his finger in lubricant and coated Sachiko’s ass too. Then, he stood behind her and began pushing his penis imposing her small Japanese ass. Sachiko moaned and held her breath. She put her hands on Marc’s leg for him to do it softly. “Ah, it is too big”, she said. “It’s ok, it’s ok don’t be pretentious young lady. Chic girls must understand that the position that suits them best is on their fours with a willy in their ass”, Marc said.Marc pushed his willy into Sachiko’s anus, which opened little by little. With every introduced centimeter, Sachiko bit a little harder the pillow. Slowly but surely, Marc pushed his willy inside my wife’s small ass which had no other choice that fully receive it. Sachiko put her hands on her buttocks in order to open them to ease penetration. Now Marc began his come and go, slowly first then faster. “Tell him to come, I can’t anymore, I’m exhausted Eric”. “Do it, you can come”, I said to Marc.He answered to me « wait, I’m having fun. Not always, I can see an obedient Japanese girl in my bed”. He put his hands on my wife’s buttocks and went on pushing on her small ass. Long come and go inside her, I heard her moaning by being taken like that by a stranger. Sachiko held her breath when being fucked without stopping by Marc. After some willy attacks, he finally came inside that small ass which had never met anybody but me until now.Sachiko was lying on bed. Marc took another shower; he dressed up and greeted me before leaving the room. “I thank you for your wife; she was really good, you are lucky. I hope I wasn’t too rough but as you asked me to be bossy with her I just followed your orders”.I answered “No, no Marc, you were perfect. Thank you, pleasure can be in Paris”. “It would be a pleasure. In any case, I loved fucking her”, Marc said. He left the room and I turned to Sachiko.“So darling, you are mine all week, hum… Finally the old man had fucked you as a college girl, you were so self confident, ah?”Sachiko, who had lifted up her blindfold, made a grimace and answered “yes, but he, he was special, he didn’t come”.“Yes darling, he came by sodomizing you. By the way, from now on I’m going to see the effect of being inside your small ass, do it, be obedient”. I ended the night on a high note. For your information : the pics were made during this sex session



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