my asian friendI have this asian friend that I met from my sister as she was learning to cut hair and she was in her class. So she didn’t have any family in the area my sister has a cook out. Me and my wife went and we told to her, she was ok. In time she moved in with my mom and dad they had the room and she didn’t have a family so mom and dad took her in. She was about 25 at the time. ( in 1999), 5’11 or 6’0, about 150 or 160, nice tits, witha ok ass. My wife and I was into swinging at the time and my wife wanted to eat some pussies for a time but was not interested in her. My friend found out what swinging was and was very interested in it. For about 3 to 4 mouths she would say that she was interested in a threesome with us. My wife would alway say no to her. One night she was staying at our house I walked in on her in the bath room, she was hot real nice hand full of tits with very nice nipples and a nice landing strip. I told my wife that I just walked in on her and how hot she looked. At the swinger club we when to my wife loves to dance and love getting into the hot tub and watching. We had a rule that we would not play apart, but if I want to play or suck on a woman tits I could only if she doesn’t see it. With that being said, one night my wife wasn’t felling well she said she as going to bed. So my friend was watching movies and I said I would come to bed with her, She said not the k**s was still up. My friend kadıköy escort and I was talking and watching movies as we was talking we saw the k**s were asleep, she said the night she come out of the shower what did I think of her? I said I loved her tits and her nipples, I told her I have a tits and nipples thing. She asked me if I what to suck on her sometime? I said HELL YES, Lefted up her top before I could say anything. Said here they are. Not thing I went over and sucked on her nipples for alittle bit, I stop and we kiss for about 10 minutes while I play with her tits. We stopped one of the k**s wake up. We said good night and said this is between us. When we where alone we would kiss and I would played with her tits. We had her over here and there, we was watching a movie one night my wife just out of the blue said we you like to have a threesome tonight? She said yes. So when the movie was over we put the k** to bed. my wife and her took showers. When our friend come in my wife said I wasn’t going to fuck you but she could blow and swallow my cum if she wanted to. We were just going to suck on the tits and eat her out. My wife didn’t wanted to have our friend to go down on her my wife just want to give. So I jumped on her nipples same as my wife. My wife went down on her first she eat her out for about 15 minutes she üsküdar escort cum about 10 time and my wife come up and I said it my turn I was down on her for about 2 minutes she cum, she tasted great. My wife went back down for about 10 more minutes asour friend sucked me. Our friend by now she she couldn’t go anymore got up kiss me and left. I fuck my wife after she left. I got up in the morning before my wife went down stairs woke her up and said its time to get up so I could take her home but she said we still have 15 to 20 minutes before she had to leave. I said I got her up so we could play some more, she was in just a shirt, without saying anything she put her leg up and I was there eating her she cum about 2 times and said she wanted to suck me some more. We get into a 69 for about 10 minutes I cum she swallowed. We get dress and we talked in the car as I was taking her home we agreed that we would just do oral things. So in the 20 years I have sucked on her tits and nipples about 200 times, eat her pussy about 50 times and she has swallowed my cum about 10 times. Then on one day I get a new home and was moving thing and she was helping me alone she was passing me in a hallway and a want to grab on tits, she stop looked at me and give me a kiss. We kissed for about 5 mintues as we kissed I was playing with her tits I worked my way to her tits, was going back from tuzla escort nipple to nipple, I started to work my way down her pussy, she don’t stop me, I pulled her pants down started to eat her pussy her pussy is the best I have ever tasted for about 5 minutes she cum and said I we don’t stop she was going to want me in her, I stop eat her pussy worked my way be up to her tits was sucking on her tits for about a minute I stop and kiss her for a minute went to kiss her neck and said I want to be inside of her. She kiss me and said yes fuck me here and now. I pulled her pant down, she pulled mine down sucked me her mouth she got me hard she stop and said were are we going to fuck I just turned her around put her hands on the wall, pulled her back to me and pushed it in as hard as I could. I asked if I hurt her when I was in all the way? I’m about 5.5ins and thick. She said no fuck her as hard as I wanted to I fucked her as hard as a could for as long as I could it was about 6 or 7 minutes she cum a lot could tell you now many times all I know is I cum hard and as deep as I could. As I was cumming I sayed hard so I started fuck her again asked her if she ok with me fucking her again right here? she said it was ok to I fucked her hard and cum in her again. when we was done she had her cum and my cum running down her leg into her underwear. I said I was going to get something to clean up with when I got back she had her pants back up and said it was ok she will change when she gets home we kissed we was going back to my car and I saw her pants were wet I mean a lot wet she said she ok and like how my cum feels in her underwear. It sucks that she went and got married. I see her at the store we say hi and by. I would love to fuck her again and suck on those nice tits.



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