My 2nd home for work became sex homeThis is an odd story to say the least. I was working away from home and family, staying in a small house that I bought in a slightly desolate area. It was a vacation spot, so while there were a lot of homes, most were vacant. I worked, but when I came home I started introducing myself to the neighborhood. One older lady liked to stop by, but when she caught me nude in the living room one evening, that was the end of her visits.It was summer of 2002, and one neighbor warned me of a marauding group of young adults who liked to break into cabins and party. No stealing, unless it was booze, just a party. When it was night, I liked to fantasize about them, and then heard a commotion outside. It was not too near the back door, but close enough to know this wasn’t a neighbor. I shut off the lights, stripped naked, as I had a muscular body with a thick but average length cock. It was warm, and I went upstairs to my bed. It occurred to me that the people would not break into a house when it was occupied, so I thought of a way that I could possibly invite them in without saying anything. I went to the back door, and naked, I propped the back door and screen open. Without a light, I was hoping that the bugs would not race in, or the mice. As I showed my semi hard cock in the moonlight, I could hear gasps and groans in the bushes. I slowly walked bursa escort inside leaving the doors wide open, and went up to bed. The upstairs was only accessible via a metal circular staircase. I waited, and didn’t have to wait long. I heard the feet slowly walk to my back door. I was exited and a bit scared. Then I heard the steps coming into the house. I pretended to sleep, and then I heard whispering and giggling. I could see the streetlight project against the downstairs wall from my bed upstairs, and then saw the shadows. There must have been 6-8 of them! It was a few minutes before they all arrived in my living room, and they kept the lights off but were whispering furiously. Then I saw a shadow of a girl removing her top, and a head starting to suck on her breasts. I heard a moan, then whispering, then both of them slowly and quietly climbed the stairs. It seemed like it took an eternity for them to come up, but they eventually did, and entered my room. I was laying on top of my covers with a huge erection, which was made a lot easier as it was very warm and humid. The street light easily bathed my entire bed, so I had to have my eyes closed. Realizing they were in the room, I opened them and saw a rather short blonde haired man, slightly built, with only shorts on. Next to him smiling weakly, was a comely young woman with small petite breasts and a partially bursa escort bayan shaved pussy. As soon as the man saw my erection, without a word, he grabbed my cock and and started gently stroking it. It was heaven. The woman came over to my face, and I could smell her scent, and I grabbed her ass gently. She moaned, and just then a cool breeze swept the room. I motioned for both to climb in my queen size bed, and we proceeded to touch and suck each other randomly but with crazy energy. I found myself sucking this man’s smallish but long cock, then slamming my tool into the women with more passion than ever in my life. I came at least 4 times, and so did the man, but the women was nearly continuously orgasming. In an equally odd ending to the night, the couple abruptly got up, dressed and went downstairs and ran out the back door. I never saw them together again, even though I kept the damn back door open every night. That seemed to be the end of the story. Months passed, I stopped leaving the door open as it got colder. I then saw a bicyclist riding past my house one evening. It was hard to remember that woman’s face, being nighttime and fucking and all. But she made a habit of riding by every night about the same time, and then one day our eyes met and she smiled and looked down. It was her! I was convinced of that at least. Then of course I was escort bursa waiting for her to ride by, and she stopped riding by. Again, I had stopped looking, and winter came and went, and a warm spring followed. One afternoon, on a Saturday, on a day I usually was not there, there she was walking by. I waved, and she waved back. My heart was pounding. She was a good 20 years my junior, but I was as excited as a teenager. I skipped up to her on the road, not knowing what to say, I blurted out ” Have we met?”. Um, yea we have, and she looked up into my eyes, and I quickly replied, “Oh, yea, of course, I have been thinking about you every day since”. Me too, and she looked as if a burden had been lifted. “Do you want to come in for a coffee?”. Sure. And she told me she was in fact 22, had stopped breaking into homes after that night. Her man was high that night, and had regretted having sex with another man. I listened to all of this. I asked her how she felt about having sex with me. She told me it was the most exciting night of her sex life. She wanted to stop her bike many times but without a group, she chickened out. Before she finished, I reached across and kissed her. And she responded like a hungry lioness, and I didn’t bother closing the curtains as we had a violent passionate sex right there on the living room floor. She loved to ride me, and had the perfect small breasts that I sucked and sucked on. She stayed all afternoon, evening, and night. My cock was sore after such a pounding. And we continued, until she moved away without a word just a few months later. But such memories…god almighty



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