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It didn’t take any of my engineering textbooks to show me that there was just no physical way for all of us to sleep comfortably in my dorm room. Being the gracious host, I’d offered my bed to Jim and Irene, while Jim’s brothers, Buck and Mike, slept on the floor. Short of sleeping on top of somebody, I just didn’t seem to fit and, as long as I was considering being on top of somebody, Sarah immediately came to mind. I jotted down a quick note with Sarah’s extension number and room number, then headed down the hall after locking the door behind me on my passed out pals. Fortunately for me, Sarah was not already entertaining someone and opened the door wearing a robe, but not looking as though she’d been sleeping. I explained my situation and she offered to let me stay, but assured me that my accommodation wouldn’t be free of charge.

Since this wasn’t the first time I’d paid Sarah a late night visit, I knew what she was hinting at and I had no problem with it. With the door closed and locked behind us, Sarah opened her robe to reveal that she was naked beneath it. We kissed as I placed my hands on her hips, then quickly slid them down to her ass. I kissed my way down her neck to her tits and licked and sucked her hard nipples briefly before dropping to my knees. She sat on the edge of her bed and leaned back, spreading her legs for me. Her pussy was surrounded by a nicely-trimmed brown bush which had always made for tidy eating. I leaned in and started lapping up the juices that had already collected between her lips as she grabbed my head while letting out a low moan. I glanced up beyond her tits jutting toward the ceiling to see her looking back at me with her mouth hanging open and a passionate look on her face. While focusing my tongue action on her clit, I slipped a finger into her, eliciting another throaty moan.

Knowing Sarah as intimately as I did, I was keenly aware that it would not take much time at all for her to cum. She was so oversexed that I think sometimes she could cum just by sneezing. Even so, I knew what she liked and made sure that, if I was going to make her cum, I was going to get her there in the way that she enjoyed the most. As such, I was licking and sucking her clit while slowly fingering her pussy as she started rocking her hips, which was a sure indication that she was well on her way. Her moaning was getting louder and her fingers were embedded in my hair as she held me in place. I could feel her pussy getting even juicier and was assuming that I’d be fucking it in a matter of a few minutes. I drew out her pleasure for as long as I could and assumed that she had some level of control over how quickly she came, too, so that she could enjoy having her pussy eaten for as long as possible.

I could tell she was right on the brink when she started to tense up and was almost sitting up again while wrapping her legs around my head, which she was still holding in place. Her moaning was becoming almost plaintive until she finally let out something that was nearly a howl and went limp. I continued to lick and finger her as she convulsed a few times, then raised my head once she’d gone still. Since we both knew what was next, I just stood and stripped off my jeans and underwear while she slipped out of her robe and positioned herself on all-fours with her head on her pillow. I knew where she kept her condoms, so I grabbed one from her desk drawer and slipped into it before getting onto the bed on my knees behind her. I took a moment to run my hands over her taut ass before guiding my cock into her hot, wet pussy and slipping all the way in until my hips touched her ass.

As I held her hips and started sliding my cock in and out, relishing the feel of her pussy, I knew that her hands were reaching back to stimulate her clit as I fucked her. She started moaning again almost immediately and I suspected she’d be cumming again before I did. I started out fucking her nice and slowly with long strokes so as to achieve the maximum amount of pleasure, but the more worked up she got, the harder she started pushing back against me. Pretty soon, I was pulling her back by the hips, forcing myself deeply into her and fucking her hard and fast. I could feel the first stirrings of my orgasm as her pussy continued to feel hotter and wetter. With another howl-like konyaaltı escort moan, she pushed back hard against my incoming thrust and I could feel her trembling beneath my hands as she came again.

When her second orgasm had run its course, I pulled out of her and had her roll over onto her back. Before I lowered myself over her, I took a moment to admire her body laid out before me with her legs spread wide. She had a nice figure, a well-groomed brown bush and moderately-sized tits topped with light pink nipples in addition to being a horny minx who could cum at the drop of a hat. I couldn’t help but feel happy to be there as I covered her body with mine and slid my rigid cock back into her waiting pussy. We started making out as I was thrusting in and out of her, feeling my orgasm continuing to build. She wrapped her legs around mine and grabbed my ass to pull me more deeply into her while I fucked her with long, slow strokes, continuing to relish the hot slickness of her pussy.

As my orgasm got closer, naturally, I started fucking her harder and faster. She was practically squealing with each thrust by the time my cock began to swell as I was on the verge of cumming. She was raising her hips to meet each of my incoming thrusts while holding me tightly against her as we continued to make out. Finally, I exploded into the condom with a cry of relief, still pushing into her with each spurt until I was spent. I pulled out as I started to go flaccid, not wanting to risk spillage from the condom, and moved over to lie beside her. It had been a long night and I was feeling pretty tired so I grabbed a tissue and slipped the condom off, handing it to Sarah to drop in the trash can. We hadn’t turned the light off yet but I was definitely starting to doze when her phone rang.

She reached over and answered it, then said “Yeah, he’s here. Hang on,” and handed the phone to me. It was Buck; he’d awakened and found my note and called to see what we were up to. I told him that we were getting ready to go to sleep. He lowered his voice, as if Sarah could hear him over the phone, and asked if I was going to fuck her. When I told him that I already had, he sounded pretty disappointed that he wasn’t getting a little, too. Knowing Sarah as I did, I thought the odds were pretty good that she’d be willing to accommodate him, so I asked her if she was interested in taking on another cock. She left no doubt that she was, so I told Buck to come on over and take over for me. I pulled my clothes back on and, when he knocked on the door moments later, I let him in and introduced him to Sarah, who was still lying naked on her bed. As I let the door close behind me, I could hear her telling him the same thing she’d told me about his accommodation not being free.

Rather than go back to my room and crash on the floor in Buck’s vacated spot, I decided to first see if the lounge was empty at that late hour, figuring one of the short couches would be more comfortable. I was pleased to find that it was deserted and curled up on one of the short couches, falling asleep almost immediately. I don’t know how long I had been dozing when I woke to find that I was not alone.

“This must be a dream,” I muttered, “because that is the only way I could ever wake up next to Gloria.”

Gloria lived in the room next to mine and was dating my friend, and our R.A., Paul. She was a really cute Asian chick, with the requisite straight black hair and almond eyes. I believe she blushed before asking me why I was sleeping in the lounge. I explained about my friends, leaving out that I had planned to sleep with Sarah, but that Buck was currently screwing her. When she offered to let me sleep with her, I told that I didn’t think it would be a good idea with her dating Paul. She responded that Paul had gone home for the weekend and that, if we were careful, nobody would know. If she’d said that “if we explain the situation, nobody will think twice about it” rather than “if we are careful, nobody will know” I would have known that she was just innocently offering to do me a favor. The way she said it, though, suggested that she had something else in mind. Either way, I wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity to end up in bed with her.

She led me back to her room and, once we were inside, locked the door behind us. She looked me up and down and said that we couldn’t have me sleeping in my clothes. I replied that if I wasn’t sleeping in my clothes, then she probably shouldn’t either and she agreed. She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts pajama set under the robe she’d pulled on to go down to the ladies’ room when she’d found me. She hung the robe on the back of her door, then reached out to help me out of my shirt. I returned the gesture by helping her out of her shirt, revealing a small but perky pair of tits topped with small pink areolas and hard nipples. I caressed the soft, smooth flesh and brushed my palms over her nipples as she worked on unfastening kültür escort my jeans. She took my jeans and underwear down and helped me step out of them, my steadily growing cock ending up temporarily right at her face level.

She didn’t take it into her mouth, but stroked it briefly as she stood up again before I took her shorts down, exposing her trim, black bush. Since we were both now naked, she indicated for me to lie down on her bed and straddled me, taking my cock in her hand and guiding it to her pussy. I couldn’t believe how hot and wet her pussy felt and, compared to Sarah’s, it was a bit tighter, too. With my hands on her upper thighs, I watched her perky titties bouncing as she rode up and down on my throbbing cock. My hands gravitated up to her waist, then on up to fondle her tits some more as she fucked me. With the light still on, I was able to admire her body, which I had wanted to see naked practically since I’d met her. It was so much better in this situation than it would have been peeping through a hole in the wall, which I had considered on more than one occasion.

As she leaned forward, supporting herself with a hand on each side of my head, my hands went from her tits, back to her waist, and around to her ass, which I realized I would want to see naked while I had the chance, in case this was a one-time thing. It sure felt great as I massaged her smooth cheeks and pulled her down harder as I was thrusting upward into her. She leaned down far enough that we started making out, her tongue slipping into my mouth as I appreciated her being so aggressive because I never would have put a move on her given that she was dating my friend. She was rocking backward as I pushed up into her, relishing the feel of her hot, snug pussy, while our tongues explored each other’s mouths. When she eventually pulled her mouth away from mine to let out a soft cry, I got the impression that she was building toward an intense orgasm.

She was riding me harder and faster, breathing heavily as I gazed up at her cute face, raw with passion. I could feel her pussy becoming more engorged the closer she got to cumming and it was making my cock feel even better with each thrust. When she let out a long, ragged breath and I could feel her body trembling, I knew that she was experiencing the ultimate in pleasure and I was delighted that I had been able to get her there. She let out a long sigh when she was done, then looked down at me and said that she assumed it would be okay with me if she sucked my cock. I replied that it would be even more okay if she let me eat her pussy at the same time. She smiled and kissed me before repositioning herself over me in a sixty-nine.

I ran my hands over her ass again while lapping at her pussy, tasting her pungent juices as I felt her mouth sliding down my throbbing shaft. I couldn’t help but softly moan as the heat of her mouth engulfed me and she started to gently pump the base of my shaft. After spending some time slurping up her flowing juices, I started licking and sucking her clit while sliding a finger into her slippery, snug pussy. She moaned around my rigid tool, sending pleasurable vibrations through it, but continued to suck and pump it while I slipped my finger in and out of her. I could feel my second orgasm of the night steadily building the longer she spent sliding her mouth up and down my shaft, but was getting the sense that she might experience her second before I did. Her pussy seemed to be getting even wetter the longer I lapped at her clit and she was taking more frequent pauses to gasp or softly moan.

She finally got to the point where she had to take my cock from her mouth entirely, though she continued to slowly pump it, as she reacted softly to the effects of my tongue on her clit and my finger pumping in and out of her pussy. Her breathing rate continued to increase until at last she let out a long, soft moan and I felt tremors coursing through her body. Once she’d let out a long sigh again, she immediately returned to sucking my cock with renewed vigor. I dropped my head back onto her pillow and slipped my finger out of her pussy, sucking it clean before reaching down with both hands to fondle her dangling tits as she expertly blew me. I was just relaxing and enjoying the feelings that she was providing as the rate that my orgasm was approaching was increasing exponentially.

I didn’t want the pleasure to end and hoped that I’d have another opportunity to be in this situation again, but I could feel my cock beginning to swell even more and not only couldn’t, but didn’t want to, do anything to stop it. Gloria kept up her efforts, never slowing down even when I eventually exploded into her mouth with a low groan. She continued to suck and pump until I was completely spent, then raised her head and moved to sit beside me on the bed.

“That was fun,” she said softly, “We should definitely plan on doing this whenever we can as long as we are discreet.”

“What markantalya escort about Paul?” I asked, surprised that I’d bring it up and risk everything, but having to obey my conscience.

“Paul and I are dating, but we’re not talking marriage,” she replied “And when he is home on these weekends, there’s a girl he sleeps with when he’s there.”

When I raised my eyebrows, she continued.

“His Italian immigrant parents don’t want him to marry a Korean, so they told me about this other girl. I never told Paul they’d told me because, not only don’t I want to cause any family problems, I don’t want him thinking that he wants to marry me just because his parents don’t want him to. I like dating him, but I don’t want to marry him and, nothing personal, I don’t want to date you, I just want to screw you.”

I was okay with that and I told her so. She leaned down to kiss me and we made out for a few minutes before she suggested that we get to bed. We crawled under the covers and she reached over to turn off the lamp beside the bed, then we pressed our naked flesh together and were soon asleep. Light was filtering through the blinds as I felt her stirring and awoke enough to watch her ass as she crossed to the door and pulled on her robe. She stepped out and I could hear some male voices talking in the hallway before the door shut behind her. She was back a few minutes later saying that my friends were looking for me so it might be a good time to sneak out. I pulled my clothes back on and we kissed deeply while I massaged her ass before she took another peek into the hallway to make sure the coast was clear.

She waved me out and, since there was no one to be seen, I stole another quick kiss before opening the door to my own room and stepping in. Jim and Mike must have still been out looking for Buck and me because Irene was the only one still in my room. From within her cocoon of my bedcovers, she told me that Jim and Mike had gone to find me so I asked her to play along with me. I crawled into my bed, between her and the wall, and covered myself completely with my bedclothes. I whispered close to her ear to just see how long it would take them, once they came back, to realize I was there. I didn’t expect it when Irene let out an “ooh” and a shiver passed through her but it made me wonder how sensitive her ears were. I made sure to exhale as I asked her if my breath in her ear had caused that and she let out a soft moan. I couldn’t resist, even though her boyfriend could have walked in at any moment, but figured that I was safely hidden under the covers anyway, so I lightly licked around her ear as she softly moaned again.

I whispered breathily that I was getting the sense that she was turned on, but that I’d have to check, as I reached around to cup her breast, feeling her hard nipple pressing out against her blouse, but not feeling a bra. I continued that she was a bad girl for not wearing a bra and slipped my hand up under her blouse to fondle her bare tits and caress both hard nipples. Since no one had come back yet, I decided to push my luck and whispered that there was one more thing I’d need to check to confirm that my breath in her ear was turning her on. I slid my hand down over her stomach and under the waist of her pants, sliding over the top of her panties to find out how wet they were before slipping into them. My fingertips traversed her trim bush and she parted her legs as one finger slid over her clit and into the sloshing depths of her dripping pussy.

Once I’d determined just how fired up she was, I set my fingertip to work on her clit, stroking lightly and figured, if anyone walked in the door, I’d have it out of her panties before anyone realized it was there. She was subtly humping against my stroking fingertip and my cock had gone rigid within my jeans against her soft ass. We just lay there quietly, other than her breathing becoming more and more labored, both hoping, I’m sure, for just another few minutes so that she would have time to cum. Still completely hidden beneath the covers, I could smell her arousal and hoped that it wouldn’t permeate the room before Jim got back. It turned out that we got really lucky that morning and I was able to keep stimulating Irene’s clit until she came with a soft gasp and I felt her body shuddering against mine.

I slipped my finger from her pants and licked her nectar from it as she asked if there was something she could do for me to return the favor. I thought we’d pushed our luck enough and didn’t think there was anything she could do that wouldn’t be too risky or too messy, so I told her that if she wanted to return the favor, she should consider coming to visit me some weekend when Jim was out with his buddies and had left her home. She promised she would and before too much more could be said, we heard voices in the hallway again.

“They’re still not back,” I heard Jim say as he came in, then it was quiet for a second and Irene said something too late that might have been “Look out” before I felt a heavy weight land on me.

“Hey, lard ass,” I yelled from under Jim’s dead weight, “get off, your girlfriend and I were in the middle of something.”



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