She wanted much much more.

It was no good I just couldn’t get the DVD out of the machine and then ….. woops I broke the small flap door thing on the front.

“Shit and damn, why do they make …. This damn thing,” I screamed at the DVD player.

Mom came over and tried to prise the front open and broke her nail in the process and now she was cursing the thing as well.

“Lets phone Steves brother I think I got his number in my book,” she said “he’ll know what to do”.

Neither of us must have been thinking straight at the time but Alex was phoned, then he came round and with the blink of an eye and a special little wire gadget he had in his tool bag the drawer slid open.

“Oh my God,” said Alex as he gently retrieved the DVD in question from the now open tray.

In the confusion and temporary panic, we both forgot that the DVD was hard porn.

“Yes well …” we both stuttered almost together.

“Mmm … lucky I haven’t seen this one either,” he laughed, pushed the disc back in the machine and pressed ‘play’ on the remote.

He half crawled half shuffled back onto the couch and started to fast forward to the start of the ‘good bits’.

“Well this is cosy and … my my isn’t he a big boy,” laughing as he forwarded to the next scene.

“So … you like that do you?” Mom asked.

“I like big boys yes indeed I do,” he responded quickly ” and …… you two?”

“We like it all,” Mom replied and grinned from ear to ear.

“And perhaps you’re a big boy too?” he asked smiling straight at me.

“Well, he’s not small Alex, I can tell you that,” Mom responded.

By this time Alex had his hand inside his jeans and was playing with his meat as he watched the black guy shafting the blonde. Mom sat down on one side of him and I sat the other, as we all watched the same scene again.

“Going to let me see what’s in there then?” Mom said as she looked at his jeans bulge.

“I was thinking that this young man could perhaps give me a helping hand,” he said smiling at me again.

“I have to approve all activity in this house my man,” and she started to unzip his jeans and tugged at the top of his boxers. In a second she had his jeans front opened and his boxers pulled way out in front of him and there was his hard meat poking out of the top of his fist.

He was no longer than I was but he was thick as thick could be. I was fascinated by the thickness and found myself peering round his arm to get a better look from a front angle at his cock. He turned towards me and slid his jeans and boxers round his ankles and gripped his cock at the base and wrenched it down pulling the foreskin way back. It stood up stiff and hard, gradually going purple as he yanked at it and the glisten of pre cum on his slit looked very inviting.

His fist was very low on his cock and with a nod from Mom I grabbed at the top half of his cock and slid my hand up and down over his ring.

He was topkapı escort leaning way back and had his legs stretched out taut in front of him. He was breathing heavy and bucking as I pulled his cock skin tight back away from his ring. He was riding my fist and with his free hand trying to twist his own nipples. Mom got down onto the floor and in a single movement came over on her knees and took out my stiff cock and sucked on it for all she was worth.

“Now that’s what I would like young man,” he said as he watched Moms head bobbing up and down on my shiny mushroom head.

I lowered my head onto his cock and sucked for all I was worth, licking his ring and running it all the way round his dripping cock head.

It took what seemed like a matter of seconds and he blew his load in my mouth, over my face and down the front of my T shirt.

Closely followed by me unloading in the same manner from Moms attentions to my hard cock.

“Do you fancy spending the rest of the evening with us, for perhaps a little more of the same?” Mom asked

“You bet I do,” he responded eagerly.

Now this guy was keen, as keen as keen could be, and he wanted to please. He could see that if he was a ‘good boy’ he may get on the gravy train and get what he wanted. I wasn’t sure straight away what he wanted, but I felt that it was ME he wanted most of all.

We all stood up and made our way into the kitchen area so we could get a drink and maybe rustle up a snack. As we moved through he was touching and feeling my back and ass cheeks. He was about the same height as me with sandy coloured hair cut in close army style. He had a good physique and when we had his pants off, huge powerful thighs and calves. It became rapidly more obvious that although he had his arm affectionately round Mom it was me he wanted to play with.

We drank coffee at the kitchen breakfast bar and ate a sandwich. All the time as we chatted about this and that, he rubbed my back and shoulders with his free hand.

“You two boys enjoying one another’s company then?” said Mom.

“I think so,” he said quizzically, glancing over to catch my eye.

“Yeh we’re OK,” I responded.

Almost at the same time he rubbed my outer thigh with his hand, and Mom suggested we go back into the living room.

Again he sat in the centre of the couch, flanked by both of us. He half turned towards me and kissed me full on the lips, taking me completely by surprise.

I put my hand on his shoulder, not to stop him but to steady myself, partly from the shock.

He took this as a positive sign and kissed me harder, putting his hand round the back of my neck and pulling me to him strongly. We went at it more and more strongly and passionately twisting and turning on the couch. I was getting really horny from all this attention. He put his hand inside my T shirt top, by sliding his hand up from my waistband.

He rubbed my chest and türbanlı escort ran his soft and gentle hands over both my nipples, tweaking each one in turn as he did.

I was getting more and more horny every second, and finally had to break away from him and pull my jeans away from my expanding crutch area. He laughed and looked down to my groin to see what effect he had been having.

He unzipped his own zipper and put his hand inside, pulling and tugging at his cock inside. He nodded and I reached inside my own pants and did the same. I had a nice hard cock and it was really hot, he obviously had the same and he pulled his hand out of his pants and as he did, so did I. He slid his hand into my pants and I put mine inside his. His thick hard cock awaited me there, and as I was gently squeezing him he thrust his hand into my pants, grabbed my cock and started to thrash it up and down.

With his free hand he undid my belt and loosed off my pants and dragged my boxers off my hips down to my knees.

He really started out on me, pulling and stretching my cock in all directions.

“Put your feet up flat on the couch will you,” he said and without thinking I did as I was told.

With no sign of what was to come his index finger on his free hand started to explore my asshole. His other hand was still working my foreskin up and down and stretching my shaft as far as it would go.

It was then that I noticed Mom watching intently from the other side of the couch. She had taken her thong off and it lay on the floor in front of her all wet and transparent. Her right hand was rubbing her clitty and her other hand steadied her as she leaned to get the best view of the cock tugging that was going on. She had the occasional grunt as she rubbed like a wild thing at it. Her clitty was a deep shade of red going on purple and it was shining wet.

The action was getting very hot and steamy and the finger rubbing my ass was occasionally going into my ass for a short way. I had never had that done to me and it felt strangely good in an odd way. He kept the finger in and pushed it further up until he got to my spot. I knew it straight away and so did he, as I slightly jumped and my cock double twitched.

He rubbed it and stroked me at the same time. I wasn’t doing anything for him now just holding onto his thick meat as best I could.

“Let’s just concentrate on you for now …. Eh?” he said.

I was speechless and mumbled back at him as he started a unique rhythm rubbing my ass and cock in a synchronised way. What a master.

In less time than it took to blink I could feel a load coming from my balls without the usual feeling in my cock. He still tugged at my cock but it wasn’t that that was getting my spunk rising and a string of cream flew in the air and pulsed out in a single solid jet some 12 inches high.

He stopped on my ass and tugged and rubbed my cock with both hands. I could feel tüyap escort the familiar tingle in my cock end now and without warning I had another load to blow. I blew it even further all down his hand and arm and onto the couch. He didn’t stop straight away and it felt real good.

“Ohhhh yeeeess …. Yeeeesss,” was the only sound I heard then, as Mom came with her clitty rubbing.

“Only me now,” he said as Mom and I started to get ourselves together again.

“Your right and lets get to it,” I said.

I sucked and pulled his cock gagging on his thick meat as Mom sucked his nipples one at a time, going from left to right in a frantic effort to get him off.

He warned us both he was coming and I backed off my mouth and just using my hands I held his cock upright. He groaned and grunted as he shot a huge string of cum straight up in the air, this was followed by several more as he arched his back and stretched out his legs tensing all his leg muscles as the spunk flew everywhere. There looked to be gallons of it as it landed on my hands, his belly, his cock and his balls.

Mom had stripped off the rest of her clothes and I did the same.

“Fuck me now babe,” she said to me and without ant further words I turned her into doggie position and sank my cock deep into her from behind.

Alex watched from the couch as I stuck every inch of my now rock hard cock into her. Her tits were swinging in time with my thrusts into her, but he wasn’t watching her tits, he was watching my cock strokes. He had his cock in his hand as it started to revive and pulled it up then stretched it back exposing his huge mushroom head.

“You want to take over from me?” I asked as he gazed at me.

“No thanks but your really cool,” he replied.

He got off the couch and came over towards us both as I pummelled her hot steamy cunt for all it was worth. He put his hand out towards my cock and gripped it with a circular motion right down at the base. It felt really good and then he put his right hand finger into my ass. He more or less held his right hand still and as I went in and out of Mom his finger rammed in and out of my ass.

He put more effort into finger fucking me and soon I could feel two fingers in there and then I was being distracted and there were three fingers in there.

In a plan enacted as if it was well rehearsed, he moved behind me and in a second he had his cock head into my ass and I am now fucking Mom and myself all at the same time.

He pushed closer and got more of his cock into me I was as deep as I had ever been into Mom and she cried out, get him all the way up and then take me over the top.

Just for a second I pushed back on him and he finished the job by thrusting all the way into me. We moved in unison from then as I pushed deeper into her.

He came first and I could feel his red hot sticky load leaving his cock end pulse by pulse. I carried on pumping at her cunt until we both came and I filled her up.

He slipped out of me and I pulled what was left of my now very wilted cock out of Mom and we lay in spoons position on the floor exhausted.

I think she wanted his thick meat, but I don’t think he wanted to give her it.

So …. All the more pussy for me.



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