Tom had just printed out tomorrow’s Arrivals and Departures list. Ms Mary Kelly was arriving tomorrow morning. She came for a week’s holiday three times a year. Tom managed the hotel for his mother who inherited it when her father died six years ago. Paul had been accepted for University the summer his grandfather died, as he had worked in the hotel since he was eight years old and knew how every department worked. Paul lived in his grandfather’s old house next-door to the hotel. His mother lived across the road in a luxury apartment. Fred, his dog, and his mother would be happy that Ms Kelly was coming as she took Fred for walks and his mother would spend a lot of time with her. His mother would invite her for dinner one evening and she would invite his mother on another evening in the course of the week.

As Tom walked to his house he noticed his mother’s lounge light was still on which meant she was still watching television. His father had died three years ago, his mother, Kay, had sold the family house and bought the apartment. The hotel was a busy hotel with one hundred and ten bedrooms, a ballroom that could seat just over four hundred for a Dinner Dance. It also had a Spa with swimming pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi and fitness center. It also had a hairdressing and Beauty Salon. Kay swam in the pool every day and was forever saying how much better she felt for it. She also helped out at the weekends which made Tom’s work easier. Kay kept herself busy with her yoga, keep fit and Bridge, she was a very good bridge player.

Paul poured himself a glass of wine and called his mum. She answered with, “I knew that would be you, I was watching a very interesting film but it’s now finished so I will be off to bed. How has your day been?”

Tom replied, “It was a good day. I’m having a glass of wine now, I called to tell you that Ms Kelly is arriving tomorrow just in case you didn’t know.”

Kay answered, “You are a darling, Mary and I were Skyping tonight planning our week. She told me weeks ago that she had booked, she’s looking forward to her week and taking Fred for his walks. She will arrive around lunchtime so we will swim together in the afternoon, she’s bought a new bathing costume, I liked her old one and bought a similar one, it’s so comfortable to swim in, it’s a very tight fit and it feels as though it is part of you. Mary and I have very similar figures and it is difficult to find a suitable costume. Thanks for thinking about me, probably see you tomorrow, bye.”

Tom topped his glass up and Kay was right, his mum and Mary had wonderful bodies. Both were tall and big bested. A few months ago Tom had been in Spa and had seen Mary coming out of the pool and her costume was so tight. She had a wonderful camels toe, the tightness of the costume highlighted this. Mary had everything that Tom liked in a woman, big tits and a long swollen sex slit. A few weeks later Kay had a similar costume then Tom realised his mum had a beautiful sex slit too.

Tom was not dating at the moment but was seeing Spa member whose husband was much older than her. She was twenty years older than Tom but had big tits and a beautiful body. She would message him when she wanted sex and he would message her when he needed sex. Tom preferred older women as they knew what they were doing in bed. Sal, the married woman he was seeing loved Tom’s massive cock. She was excellent in bed and took it in every hole. She sarıyer escort was good for sex and that’s where the attraction ended. Mary was a woman that he could take out socially and he would enjoy being in her company. He fell asleep thinking about Mary’s sex slit.

The next day Mary arrived and took Fred for a long walk. Tom saw her at the reception in one of the Hotel’s toweling dressing gowns walking to the Spa. He said, “Good afternoon, it’s great to see you again. How was your drive down?”

Mary replied, “Tom, it’s wonderful to see you again, I feel as though I have come home. I had a good drive down. I’m supposed to meet your mum at three so I had better get a move on. I bought a new swimming costume and because I know that she likes the same I bought her one too. Because of our size it is very hard to find. Hopefully I will see you later, Kay is joining me for a glass of wine in the Spa and this will be the start of my holidays.”

Tom waited twenty minutes then went to the Spa. They were sitting in the bar of the Spa drinking wine. Tom joined sat with them and ordered a coffee. They were both wearing their new costumes and they looked stunning. Both their sex slits were highlighted and Tom didn’t know who had the longest. Kay asked, “What do you think of our new costumes? They are so comfortable and I can move so freely in it. It feels as though it’s part of my body.”

Kay looked around then stood up and made several movements that highlighted her gorgeous sex slit. Tom said, “They look wonderful and also show your beautiful flat stomachs.”

When Tom said this Kay’s nipples hardened and they were big and hard, Tom said, “Mum, you and Mary are two very attractive women, there’s not many women around that look as good as you.”

Mary replied, “Thank you, flattery will get you everywhere. They are so comfortable to wear. It’s so nice to be complimented at our age about our figures.”

Tom could feel his cock hardening, he gracefully excused himself, finished his coffee and left. Kay asked him to reserve a table for two at seven in the restaurant for them. As he went back into the hotel he thought to himself that he would love to fuck both of them. They both were so attractive. Tom wondered why Kay was not dating anyone as she had so much going for herself.

Tom next saw the two of them at nine thirty in the residents lounge of the hotel. The were sitting chatting with a glass of wine. Mary asked if he would like a glass of wine, Paul replied, “I never drink in the hotel, would you like to come over to my house as I have a nice bottle of Champagne there?”

Kay said, “This will be the first time that I have ever drunk alcohol in your house. We would both love to join you, we have been drinking alcohol since three this afternoon but it has been a great day.”

They walked to the house and Fred was so excited to see Mary. Tom got the Champagne, Mary and Kay sat on the sofa and Tom sat in an armchair. They chatted generally for thirty minutes then Fred needed to go out for his evening walk. Tom excused himself and took Fred out. He walked him for twenty minutes then noticed that a gate into the back garden was open. He then went into the rear garden and everything was OK. He looked into the lounge and was astounded to see Mary and Kay kissing and fingering each other’s pussies. Both had their skirts up and neither were wearing sefaköy escort any panties. Both were wearing self-supporting stockings and both had their legs spread wide open. He watched as Mary went down on Kay and was now eating her sex slit. He watched for another five minutes then made a lot of noise when he opened the front door.

He went into the lounge and they were both sitting very prim and proper on the sofa. Tom asked if they would like some more Champagne, Kay replied, “That’s so kind of you and we would both like to be invited another time. We are a bit tipsy, could you walk Mary back to the hotel then come back and walk me back to my apartment?”

Tom agreed and walked Mary back to her room. As they walked Mary said, “Tom, thank you for inviting me and Kay back to your home, that was so kind of you. Would you like me to come with you on Fred’s walk tomorrow evening?”

Tom replied, “Sure, that would be nice, I usually take him at nine, is that good for you?”

They arrived at Mary’s door then she replied, “I look forward to seeing you then. Thanks again, I enjoy being with you.”

She then put her arms around him and pulled him close to her, he could feel the weight of her massive breasts on his chest. Her tongue was now deep in his mouth. She moaned with pleasure when he squeezed her left breast, it was big and her nipple was hard. His hand moved south and he was feeling the swollen mound of her sex slit. Mary said, “Darling, not tonight, tomorrow after Fred’s walk now walk Kay home.”

She kissed him on the cheek then opened her bedroom door. Tom then went back to his and then walked Kay back to her apartment. As they walked Tom asked, “Is Mary married as she wears a wedding ring but refers to herself as Ms Mary Kelly?”

They arrived at Kay’s apartment. Kay smiled then said, “Come in for a glass of wine as I need one, to tell you her story.”

Kay got the wine and they sat in the lounge, Kay said, “Mary was at the same school as me and we were good friends. She went to University and got a first class degree in Maths. She then did the training to become a teacher. She is an excellent teacher. She had a couple of bad relationships and the next thing she did was become a nun and joined a teaching order. She worked in a convent school.”

“A few years ago she was the only nun in the convent, all the others had died. The powers that be then to sell the convent and grounds for a housing development. Luckily, Mary had kept her parents home when they died and she rented it out. If she had told the order they would have made her sell it and give them the money. She applied for Head of Department in a very good Public school. She got the position and an excellent salary. In the convent school she didn’t receive a salary as all her needs were looked after. She moved into her parent’s house and started to enjoy life.”

“She has stopped attending mass and is now non religious. She realised that if she hadn’t her parents house she would have had to move and she wasn’t prepared to do that. Mary is a very attractive woman with a fantastic body. She often gets approached by men looking for excitement, she shows them the ring and that’s the end of the matter. She likes you a lot, you should ask her for dinner one evening, I am sure that you both would enjoy it.”

Tom smiled but said nothing. They had finished their wine. silivri escort Tom stood up and Kay took him in her arms and said, “That was so nice of you to invite us to your house tonight, we both enjoyed it. I think that you and I should spend more time together. You were nineteen when my father died and thrown into the Hotel and you run it so well. For the last six years we have not spent anytime together. I get very lonely over her on my own. I enjoy the weekends when I am working in the Hotel. I do things during the week to keep me busy. We should go out for meals and spend time together, I am sure that you won’t regret it.”

She then reached up and their lips met, her tongue then inside his mouth teasing everywhere it went. Both their hands were exploring the others body. He slid his hand under her top and undid her bra hook. He then took her left breast out and started sucking her hard nipple, she said, ” When you were a baby you used to make me cum when I breastfed you. For two years you made me cum at least eight times a day. After you were two, if I wanted to cum then I had to do it myself Let’s go to bed and make me cum again.”

They went into Kay’s bedroom and they both stripped naked. Her sex slit was amazing, it was easily eight inches long. When Kay saw the size of his rigid cock, she said, “Wow, that’s amazing, I have never seen one as big and I have watched a lot of porn in my time. Let me make this big boy very hard.”

She then went down on him, her lips, tongue and fingers were everywhere. He adjusted himself into a position that allowed them to sixty-nine. Tom was amazed at the size of her clit when he spread her cunt lips open. It was huge, he started to suck on it as he finger fucked her with three fingers. She was very wet and her cunt juice was sweet and delicious. She was moaning with pleasure, she loved oral.

She was now taking his full length, the bulbous tip of his cock was banging against the walls of her throat. He slid a finger into her ass and moaned with pleasure, she said, “Mummy, fucking loves that.”

Tom replied, “Let me do your beautiful cunt first and I will ass fuck mummy later.”

She answered, “Talk dirty to me and mummy will become your cum slut.”

He replied, “Mummy’s got to tell me what she likes then I will squirt cum inside all her beautiful holes.”

Kay answered, “I love everything, I love to be dominated in bed, fuck me hard and deep and I want fucked now, do me doggy style and the rougher you are the more I like it.”

Tom then got her on all fours at the end of the bed, he stood at the end of the bed as he could get more leverage when he standing. He soon had a powerful rhythm going her massive tits were bouncing all over the place. He was fingering her huge clit as he banged into her. She was having lots of small orgasms as he could feel her warm cum on his cock. He then upped the tempo banging into her so much faster. Then they both had massive climaxes within seconds of each other.

He pulled out and turned her around and they kissed passionately and with affection. Kay said, “The last man to fuck me was your father, I am no angel, I have been with several women. That was the best fuck of my life, I came a lot but what an orgasm to finish with. Darling, I am tired and I have had too much to drink, can we continue this in the morning?”

Tom answered, “I would love to, we will definitely be spending more time with you, I want to be honest with you, I am seeing Mary tomorrow night.”

Kay replied, “I’m happy to hear that, Mary is wonderful in bed and like me loves it in every hole, I am seeing her later in the week, maybe we can a threesome, I know that she will love your cock.”



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