Everybody in this fictional story is over the age of 18.

Please read part 1 before you read this story.


It was only last night when Mum, Dad and me had given in to our longing for each other, entering into a perverted sexual relationship. I awoke in my room remembering every sordid little detail of the encounter. It was the most erotic and fulfilling night of my life so far. I could feel myself getting aroused again thinking about how deprived and dirty it was. Hearing my dad loudly get into the shower down the hall I see my chance to get a bit more perverted action before breakfast. I leave my quiet room, completely naked and make my way down to the bathroom door. I push open the door, revealing a hot steamy room and my dad quietly humming to himself behind the shower curtain. I slowly approached him and pulled the curtain back to reveal Dad, soapy, wet and lathering himself up. His cock hanging there, water from the shower dripping down from its tip. Before he could realise what was happening, I jumped inside with him and squeezed his chunky dick.

“Mmmm morning Daddy. Need some help?” I moan as I feel my asshole tingle with anticipation. Dad looks up at me, shocked and pulls my hand away from his soapy manhood.

“What’s wrong?” I ask him with a confused tone in my voice.

“Jamie don’t, enough. I need to get ready for work.” He tells me behind a blank glassy stare. Confused, I step out the shower as he pulls the curtain back around. I decided to try my luck with Mum instead. I wander down the hall and into their bedroom hoping Mum is in a better mood. She was sitting up in bed reading her book, barely noticing that I had just come in the room, my cock in hand.

“Don’t you have work today?” She lazily asks without looking up, her eyes remaining on the pages.

“No… not until tomorrow. Mummy look what I’ve got for you.” I say seductively as I present my growing cock towards her.

“Not now Jamie, I’m busy.” She replies sternly, still not taking her gaze away from the novel.

Annoyed and confused I reluctantly return back to my room, my cock becoming flaccid with disappointment. Last night Mum and Dad couldn’t get enough of me, but this morning they seemed cold and trying to avoid my advances. I wondered if they were starting to regret what we had done. Dismayed I get dressed and decide to take a slow walk to the shop for some milk.

It was quickly approaching Christmas and all the houses along my street were fully decorated with lights, plastic reindeer and other Christmas themed decorations. Walking along, my stomach felt like an empty pit and hoping that we hadn’t made a big mistake in my parents eyes. After getting the milk I took the long way home, looking in the high street shop windows as I went. I stopped and stared into the sex shop window taking note of the sexy lingerie, imagining my mother in it before continuing home.

Two long weeks pass and still no acknowledgement from my parents about ‘that night’. I had tried to give little hints to them such as leaving the bathroom door wide open while I showered and keeping my bedroom door ajar while I changed, but to no success. I was starting to second guess myself, thinking that it had been some wonderful dream, a fantasy my mind had created. What made things worse is that sometimes I would hear my parents in their room at night. Nothing particularly sexual sounding, just the odd bed movement and low hushed voices but it reminded me just how close in proximity they were to me. I would close my eyes and imagine that I was in there with them, stroking my cock as I listened to anything that could be construed as sexual. It was no use, it wasn’t the same. I would find myself just getting frustrated, soft and annoyed. If I was to ever get over them I was going to have to distance myself, I could no longer feel tempted by them.

The next day was Christmas day. I awake dreading the thought of spending the whole day with my parents, trying to act like nothing happened. I go downstairs to find both Mum and Dad drinking champagne, waiting on the sofa for me. Smiling, Dad hands me a big glass of bubbling champagne.

“Merry Christmas Jamie!” They both sing loudly to me as I take a sip from the glass. Both of them were dressed very festively. They both had a red Santa hat on which jingled festively when they moved their heads. Mum was wearing a white low cut top, jeans and an apron with a holly pattern on the front. Dad was wearing his cheesy red Christmas jumper and jeans.

“Merry Christmas!” I reply awkwardly, looking everywhere but their faces. I move to sit in the armchair in the corner as my dad lands himself on the sofa, turning on the TV. Mum turned and walked back into the kitchen to continue preparing our Christmas lunch. This was pretty much the usual Christmas morning in our house. My sister Lily was usually here with us at this time of year, but for the last three years she had been away, studying overseas. I started to wish şirinevler türbanlı escort that she was here to wind me up like she usually did, anything to stop this day feeling awkward. After what seemed an eternity Dad finally opened his mouth to speak.

“We were thinking of going for a walk a bit later after lunch if you fancied joining us son,” He said, not taking his eyes away from the TV, ” Uncle Lee and Ian are not due here until later tonight, so we thought it would be nice to go before they arrived.” Uncle Lee was Dad’s younger brother and Ian was his son, my cousin.

“I will see how I feel later.” I replied quietly. I didn’t want to spend much time with them at the moment, not until I had got my thoughts under control that is. I sat and watched the TV in silence with Dad, sipping on the sweet champagne that he had given me, the alcohol slowly going to my head. I felt like a spoilt brat sitting there moping but how could they both carry on like nothing had happened?

After a while Mum returns back into the family room, signalling that it is time for us all to open the gifts. My dad bends down in front of the tree to reach the neatly wrapped gifts from under it and starts to slowly hand them out to me and Mum. I watch as Mum opens her gift from me, an expensive silver heart shaped charm to go on her charm bracelet. She shrieks with excitement as she realises what it is and gives me a kiss on the cheek, thanking me. As Her soft lips lightly caress my cheek I take in the rich scent of her sweet perfume, I feel a slight rush of excitement as this is the first contact we have had since that night. Dad is next to open his gift from me, various shirts and jeans and a bottle of premium scotch. He thanks me and gives me a one arm hug, patting me on the back. It was at that moment that it finally sank in, we really were doomed to be a ‘normal family’ from now on. I sighed and slumped further back into the sofa.

“Don’t forget your presents son,” Dad tells me as he leans over and hands me a tiny wrapped present along with a much larger box, “Open the smaller one first.” He adds as he gets up and stands next to Mum. I put the larger gift aside and slowly opened the small gift, tearing away at the paper quickly. Inside there is a box which contains two tiny silver keys. Puzzled, I looked up at my parents who were now staring down at me, standing closer than they were a moment ago.

Sitting down either side of me in unison, they whisper softly into both of my ears,”Merry Christmas honey.” Puzzled at the odd gift they had just given me, I pick up the keys and examine them closer. One had a tiny ‘D’ on its handle, while the other had a small ‘M’.

“What are these for?” I ask rolling them between my finger and thumb, inspecting the keys from every angle.

“That will become clear soon dear.” Replies Mum, who is now looking at me longingly over the top of her glasses. I look over at dad the other side of me who is now biting his lip as I feel something move on my leg. My head spins around towards Mum who is now caressing my inner thigh. Dad starts to do the same to my other leg, gently squeezing it.

“Wait!” I exclaim loudly, “The last two weeks I’ve thought you were regretting what we did and now you’re telling me that you both are still into it? Why did you push me away?”

They both chuckle softly, “Well, it wouldn’t have been much of a surprise gift otherwise would it.” Dad replies with a wicked smile.

“You can blame your dad’s sick sense of humour for that one honey,” Explains Mum as she works her hand slowly towards my crotch,” He wanted to make you go crazy over us.” I was almost speechless. Had they really done this just to increase my sexual lust for them? Well, it had worked more than they knew.

“I’ve not been able to jerk off in weeks!” I groan jokingly.

“You’re not the only one Jamie,” Dad tells me, laughing as he and Mum both unzip their jeans to reveal metal devices inside. Dad had a large silver cage strapped around his cock, heaving as it barely managed to contain his now growing dick. Mum had a similar device on but hers was like a metal and leather thong that barred anything from entering her pussy. The realisation of what the keys were intended for hit me and my cock started twitching with excitement.

Mum leaned in and continued to stroke my thigh once again, now starting to rub the side of my cock through my jeans with her little finger, “Me and Dad haven’t had any sexual contact with each other since our night with you. We thought that it was only fair that you are involved in our sex life now,” She explained, “It’s driven us wild not being able to fuck you. We almost caved once or twice, but we felt the wait would be worth it. Well, what are you waiting for? Your daddy looks like he is about ready to explode out of his prison.” I look down at dad’s cock which was now dripping precum with excitement.

They had fooled me. Here I was şirinevler ucuz escort thinking that it was back to acting as a ‘normal’ family, but in reality they had been planning this ever since our night of passion. I wasted no more time thinking about the last couple of weeks, my parents have wanted this just as much as I had. I smile seductively as I lean into my dad and start kissing him on the mouth deep and slow. We both moan with relief as both our longing came to an end. I turn to Mum and kiss her twice as hard, grabbing her hair in mild frustration for what she had put me though. Our wet tongues meet and eagerly explore each other’s mouths. Mum moans into our kiss, clearly getting wet already. I stand up from the sofa and pull my dad’s jeans the rest of the way down to his ankles, kneeling in front of him as he sits on the sofa. His cock-cage was reflecting red light from the tree lights as I gently used the key with the little D for Daddy on the lock. The cage snapped open and his cock was now free to grow to its usual full erect size. I glanced over at Mum who had now taken her jeans off too, rubbing at her cage desperately trying to pleasure herself. She clearly was getting impatient.

“Daddy first I’m afraid Mummy.” I tease as I quickly take my Dad’s fully erect dick into my mouth. The fastness of my movement shocks him as he lets out a deep gruff moan.

“Oh, fuck Jamie. You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this again. My god I think the lack of touch has made it more sensitive.” He groans as he tilts his head back before looking back down at me. I had dreamt so much of experiencing this again with him and I’m finally here once more, pleasuring the two people who brought me into this world. I grab onto his Christmas jumper that he is still wearing as I start to slowly move my lips up and down along his long hard shaft, getting faster for one moment then slowing down again just to tease him. Dad groans a chuckle, knowing full well that it was my intention to tease him.

I slurped his dick out of my mouth with a wet pop, “Mmm it tastes better than I remember,” I whisper to myself, just loud enough for him to hear, “But I think Daddy is going to have to wait a bit longer, just like I did.” Dad groans as he slumps back, arms along the top of the sofa.

“You little fucking tease.” He growls as I now move over to Mum who is sitting next to him. I look up at Mum who is biting her lip with impatience. I get the other little key out of the box and unlock her cage slowly until I hear a click. I remove the belt and toss it aside. Mum crosses her legs timidly, slightly embarrassed about how wet she is.

“Now Mummy, don’t be shy.” I say softly as I open her legs to reveal her glistening pussy. She had trimmed her pussy hair a bit neater since the last time I had seen it, but her bush was still slightly thick like most women of her age tend to keep it. I kiss the soft beautiful stretch marks that made their way up the inside of her thigh, leading me towards her now soaking pussy. The scent that it was giving off was mesmerising, sweet and musty it beckoned me in closer. I started to tenderly lick the outside of her lips with the tip of my tongue, slowly making my way to the centre.

Mum grabbed the side of the couch tightly and let out a timid high pitched moan,”Mmmmm, god I’ve missed this.” She laughs as she pulls my head in closer, her shyness lifting. As I continue to explore her sweet tangy pussy I hear Dad breathing heavily. I turn my head and see him now slowly stroking himself, watching me and Mum.

“No Daddy, no touching until I say so.” I say with a smile on my face. He returns the smile, knowing his place. I turn back to Mum’s pussy and slowly insert a long finger into her warm hole. She gasps as I start to finger fuck her slowly while gently lashing the tip of my wet tongue onto her quivering clit. I add a second finger into her as she shudders with pleasure. The motion of my fingers gets faster as I build up speed with my tongue, reacting to her movements and body language telling me where to lick. I glanced over to my dad’s cock which was now twitching, my dad sweating with frustration. I glance back up at my Mum who has started tweaking one of her dark erect nipples from underneath her top and apron while her other hand is gripped tightly to the sofa, bracing herself. She puts one leg up onto my Dad’s lap, opening up her legs wider so that her whole pussy is now in full view.

“Mmmm fuck, you’re good with your tongue Jamie. Where did you learn to do that? That’s it, get deep inside your mummy’s hole you dirty boy.” She moans as she presses my face into her groin further. I speed up my tongue movements and suck on her clit as I feel it get bigger in my mouth.

“That’s it son, fuck your mummy with that talented tongue of yours,” Dad encourages from the side of me, “Make her shake and cum all over your face.”

“Oh my fucking Christ! Oh god, oh god! That’s it şişli escort honey! Right there, don’t you dare stop,” Mum moans loudly, her eyes closed tight and her mouth wide open as she prepares to climax, “I’m going to cum! I can feel it! Fuck, fuck! Jamie, you’re making your mummy…CUMMMMM!” She screams the end of her sentence deeply as her body starts to shake erratically and her eyes roll into the back of her head, the bells on her hat start jingling loudly as she grabs on to my hair. She groans a deep throaty whimper as I slow down to a stop as she recovers from her intense orgasm, licking my lips as I taste my own mother’s juices running down my chin. As I leave the warmth of her thighs I kiss them gently on the way out, leaving her breathless. I stand and kiss my mum on the mouth, leaving a string of her juices and my saliva between us as I pull away. I turn to look at my father who is just about ready to explode.

“Jamie, please,” He begs,”let me fill that little hole of yours. I’m dying here.”

“Sorry Daddy, I’m afraid you are going to have to wait.” I tease as I kneel back in front of him and place his throbbing cock back into my mouth. His cock glides in and out of my throat with ease, the wetness of Mum’s juices adding extra lubrication in my mouth. I go full force, lashing my tongue over his cocks enlarged head. My dad doesn’t last long, his body stiffens as his cock shoots ropey white cum down the back of my thirsty throat. I gag loudly as dad empties himself deep into me, holding my head down forcefully, not letting me up for air as I try hard to swallow. He finally releases his grip and I gasp for air. Him and Mum lay back on the sofa relaxed as I squeeze in between them and cuddle up. All three of us fall asleep satisfied.

I woke up an hour later to the smell of burning. I shoved Mum awake as I realised we had left the cooking on. Mum and dad rushed to the kitchen, both bottomless to turn the oven off.

“Well that’s lunch ruined.” Sighed Mum as dad gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze in support. They both put their jeans back on and went out into the garage to fetch some frozen pizza as a replacement. None of us really minded that the lunch was ruined, the high of what we had just done was keeping our spirits high. I decided to go shower myself off while the pizza was cooking. Mum and Dad have had their orgasm, I was planning on getting mine from them after lunch. I couldn’t wait to feel Mum’s tight pussy around my cock again, pumping the cum right out of me. Maybe it was Dad’s turn for me to fuck his hole. I was rock hard with the limitless possibilities that awaited me that afternoon. That was, until I heard the doorbell chime.

After drying myself off and getting dressed I head downstairs to the family room. Turns out that Uncle Lee had decided to arrive a little earlier than originally planned.

Annoyed but still happy to see him, I greet Uncle Lee with a warm hug, “Hey Uncle, good to see you again.” I say with a smile. Uncle Lee looked a lot like my dad, but he was larger and rounder in body shape than dad was.

“How was the journey little bro?” Dad asked excitedly as Mum gave Uncle Lee a hug.

“Not bad thanks, traffic was okay. Thanks for the invite.” He replied with a smile. Uncle Lee only lived a few hours’ car journey away but only really came to visit on special occasions. His high paying job kept him quite busy, but he had recently decided to take early retirement after his wife Liz had left him for another man.

“Well you’re always welcome any time in our home Lee.” Mum said, putting his bags by the stairs.

“You all remember Ian I of course.” Lee said as he motioned to the young man standing by the door. Ian was Uncle Lee’s 18 year old son, my cousin. I had only met him a few times in my life but Mum and Dad had been seeing him constantly throughout the years when they visited Uncle Lee at his home. The last time I had seen Ian, he was about 10 years old. Although Ian looked a bit like Uncle Lee in the face he was thin and had medium jet black hair which covered most of his pierced face.

“Hey Ian, remember me?” I ask as I limply shake his hand. Ian shyly looks up at me and shakes back.

“Yeah, yeah I remember you Jamie, how’s it going?” He asks me in a cute shy way smiling. We proceeded to spend the night having a few drinks and catching up with each other. Uncle Lee told us all about his wife Liz leaving him and Ian, running away to France with one of her old boyfriends. The day started to get late and we all decided to head to bed. Uncle Lee was spending the night on the sofa while Ian was going to sleep on an air bed in my room. I privately protested to Mum and asked why he couldn’t sleep downstairs with Uncle Lee, but she informed me that Uncle Lee was a loud snorer. On my way to my room after brushing my teeth Mum stopped me in the hallway.

“I think it goes without saying honey that what me, you and your dad get up to behind closed doors stays between us three. I’ve told your dad to cool it for a couple of days until your uncle and cousin leave. We can continue where we left off then.” She told me in a hushed tone. I nodded in agreement and continued to my room. Does she really think I would go around telling others? They were my fun, dirty little secret and I wanted it to stay that way.



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