Ms Rachel – My Owner (A Cappsters Short Story)Just a short story I decided to put together based off a post I read a while back having to do with the idea of copulins. If you like it please let me know and contact me before reposting.Cheers!”I have developed my vaginal muscles through kegel exercises for many years. It’s easy for me to squeeze my husband’s semen back into his scrotum during his orgasm with such force the it causes him pain. At that point any ejaculation he has goes nowhere at all. I’m also able to pump vaginal fluid into his testicles once I have pushed his semen back into him without much effort using muscle contractions sometimes bringing on my own orgasm causing even more fluid pumping into him. This is proper control over the male orgasm, filling his balls with vaginal fluids” – JanDuring a date a while back I glanced over and crossed eyes with a woman sitting alone sipping on some red wine. She was staring right back at me, a confident seductive smile on her face. I felt myself getting flustered and immediately looked away. It felt like she was looking right through me. As the night went on I could feel her gaze. I felt her examining me like prey. I needed to get control back. As my date got up to use the restroom, I took a deep breath and decided to stare this woman down. I was no prey, and it was time for me to prove that.As I looked over to where she was sitting I saw she walking towards me. I locked eyes with her again but this time I couldn’t look away. She had perfect big tits, long blond hair and was wearing tall stilettos. Her long coat barely hid her curves. With every step closer I felt my confidence slipping…When she reached my booth she sat down across from me smiling, I looked down and saw just how big her tits were. Her coat couldn’t contain them and they were on the cusp on popping out when she leaned forward.”Like what you see don’t you?” she said to me. I looked up, realizing now that I had been staring. I didn’t know what to say, I just sat there like an idiot. “Poor thing, you looked like you were gonna say something to me when I walked over. What happened to that confidence you were mustering illegal bahis up?”I needed to say something. Now was the time to speak up. I was about to say something when she got up and grabbed my crotch. I was hard as a rock and was about to protest but I fell silent when I saw the confident grin on her face. She leaned in and whispered in my ear.”Your little date is over, time for you to come with me.”Without thinking I simply got up to follow her. She grabbed my crotch and was leading me to the bathroom where my date had gone. “Wait, no. I-I shouldn’t do this.” I stammered on. She didn’t care what I said though. She instead gave me a little squeeze and pick up the pace to the washroom. On lookers just stared on, watching as this woman pulled me away. I was embarrassed but still hard. What was happening here?Karen, my date came out of the washroom when we were less than 10 paces from the door. She look at me, confusion and shock in her eyes.”K-Karen, it’s not what it looks li-” “No, it’s exactly what it looks like.” the woman said, cutting me off. “Your little date is actually a submissive who needs to be broken, and I’m the one to do it. So excuse us.” We continued into the bathroom leaving Karen standing there.When we got in the room she locked the door and took off her coat revealing just how voluptuous she was. She was wearing nothing but a fishnet body stocking.She rushed me, grabbing and kissing me all over. My mind was swimming, and I couldn’t get a grip of things now that she had rushed me like this. I felt her grip my cock tight, followed by her lips as she began to blow me. In mere moments I was already about to cum, but that’s when I heard a click and felt something tight around the shaft of my penis. “That’s good for now. Now it’s your turn to prove you’re worth my time.” she said. I looked down, confused when I saw a ring around the base of my cock. “To keep you from cumming.” she said “I could tell you were about to and you haven’t earned that yet.”She got up, standing nice and tall and spread her legs. “Time to lick me bitch boy. You wanna get to cum don’t you?” Eager to please I got down and began licking illegal bahis siteleri her. After a minute or so she was really getting into it. She grabbed the back of my head ” Open wide, I wanna cum in your mouth.” she said. I’d never had a woman cum in my mouth so I panicked and tried to resist, but I couldn’t pull away. She was strong, and held me in place as her fluids began gushing into my mouth to the point of overflowing. I looked up at her and tried pulling away again but she wouldn’t let me go. She just looked down at me with a smirk on her face, no mercy for me in her eyes. The closest to mercy I got was her blowing me a kiss as I knelt trapped. I began to swallow her cum as fast as I could. I couldn’t breathe and was going to drown if I didn’t.After a little more time went by and she was content, she pushed my head away. I feel on my back gasping for air, unable to think. My face and my shirt was covered in her juices. I needed to get out of here but didn’t have the strength to get up. That’s when I felt her warm vagina envelop my cock. “P-p-please let me go. I’ve had enough.” I pleaded. “The only way you’ll leave is by surrendering to me and accepting your place as my sex toy.” she cooed.She was insanely tight, and in moments I was ready to cum, but the cock ring held firm, driving me more insane. I was falling apart beneath her and she knew it. She really was breaking me. She began taking her time. Fucking me to orgasm, masturbating and cumming on me, she even pinned me and almost drowned a couple more times.At my wits end, I surrendered. “I am your sex slave.” I pleaded “I submit. So please let me cum and let me go.” She leaned in close and whispered in my ear. “Good boy. Time to give you your reward”. As she began sliding down my cock, she stopped and undid the ring. In mere seconds I would cum and this would be over, and with that thought she tightened and I began to cum. Or at least I should have.As I began to cum, I felt her kegel muscles tighten and begin pushing. The semen in my shaft stopped dead in it’s tracks and I felt balls begin to ache like something was being pushed back into them. I looked canlı bahis siteleri at her with pleading eyes but I realized she didn’t notice. She was lost in ecstasy and as I felt her push again I realized it was at my expense which truly scared me. She was cumming hard, but as she came it felt like she was pumping her own fluid down my shaft. I felt my orgasm recede as my balls began to ache more. What is happening? Is this real? Is she pumping her cum down my shaft? This was worse than being on the edge. I begged and pleaded for her to stop but it only seemed to goad her into to pushing harder. She locked eyes with me and I fell silent. I began moaning as quietly as I could, almost as if to try and not disturb her. I felt like an ant beneath her boot that she could snuff out at any moment. I was afraid and she knew it but I couldn’t look away. So instead I just stared into her eyes and let her have her fill.After a couple minutes I felt her release her firm grip as she got to her feet. Still rock hard I watched on in amazement as her cum mixed with mine began slowly leaking from me. I laid there, mind was a haze as she spoke to me. “My names Rachel by the way. Every couple days I’m going to do this to you. I’m going to pump you full of my cum and in time you’ll be addicted to it and me.” She reached in my pocket, grabbed my phone and put her number in the contacts and took my number as well. “I’ll call you in a couple days and give you more of this feeling.” With that she put on her dress and left.I just laid there. the room smelt completely of her and my clothes were soaked from her, but this feeling of yearning wouldn’t go away. I was afraid but my mind couldn’t think of anything but her and that feeling. As I got home and hour later my mind was still swimming and I was hard again. I needed more of her.I needed more of that feeling. As if on que my balls began to ache again and it really sunk in that she really did own me now. I pulled out my phone and called her, and after the third ring Rachel picked up. I felt my heart jump and my cock stiffen when I heard her voice. She got right down to it skipping pleasantries. “You need me don’t you?””Y-yes” I stammered.”You want more of that feeling already? It’s addictive isn’t it?”Yes!” I cried out.”Be at my place in 2 hours, no later.” She gave me her address and hung up.With that, it was official.I was addicted to Ms Rachel…



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