Mrs. Smith {Part I}Mackenzie:Out in my backyard, hanging my laundry, I didn’t have to turn around and look to know that Sally’s 18 year old son, Ponti, was watching me from his upstairs bedroom window. He always seemed to sense I was out here, rushing to his window peeking out from behind his curtain thinking he was concealed from view.I purposely dropped some clothes pins, bending over to retrieve them, giving him a perfect view of my ass pressing against my too tight jeans.I knew it was wrong to tease him, but at 38, it felt nice to be ogled again. I waited till the end to hang up the small pile of my panties, each one sexier than the last, my secret fetish.Once done I went in to finish my other chores. When I came out later on to retrieve my laundry I noticed my favorite pair of panties were missing from the line. Looking sideways I saw Ponti again at the window. I wondered if he was using my panties to stroke himself. I knew I should be mad, horrified, maybe even embarrassed, but the truth was I found it rather erotic.Ponti:Looking out at the window at Ms. Smith, or Mackenzie as she wanted to be called was enough to make my cock hard. When she bent over to pick up her clothes pins my boner ached to be released. When she left had to rush over to her yard and snatch the last pair of panties that were hanging on the line.I rushed back up to my room and put them to my nose and inhaled. Knowing full well that there was not going to be any odor left on them, but just wondering what her pussy smelled like made it even harder to not touch myself.“Be cool” my mind was trying to tell me, but my dick was screaming “jerk off”. I just laid down on the bed and held the panties to face and rubbed myself though my pants and thought about what it would be like to be with her. She was still hot at 38, and being as old as she was she had to know how to fuck, unlike the girls in high school. It was getting close for her to come out and gather up her laundry and I wanted more for my collection.I grabbed my camera and ran to the window. When she bent over to pick up her laundry basket I started snapping pictures of her ass. I knew her routine so well. I knew/hoped that she was doing this for me. Did she get as turned on as I did?She got her stuff and went back inside. After she left I pulled off my shorts wrapped her panties around my dick and began bahis firmaları stroking myself. Every so often I would take a picture of her patines around my cock. As I got more turned on I forgot to take pictures.Fantasizing about her and the feeling of her panties made me cum in short order. I made sure to get the vast majority of it on her panties. I took one last photo of her panties covered in my cum.I had to let her know how she made me feel! I took out the memory card and printed out the photos I took for the day. Watching them come out of the printer I finally knew what to do. I grabbed an envelope and printed out her address on it.In the pictures went, making sure her panties covered in my cum was the last one and I walked calmly down to the post office box and dropped the envelope in. I felt weak in the knees after that, but what was done was done.Mackenzie:I had a date with tom from work so began to get ready. I don’t know why I broke my cardinal rule about not dating any co-workers, especially since he was my superior. But he was persistant and besides, he was always a gentleman so I figured what harm could one dinner date do?I went into my bedroom and stripped, getting into my robe. I laid out the clothes I planned to wear but when I went to pick a pair of panties I thought of Ponti and the nerve he had stealing my underwear. If his mom wasn’t my best friend id surely confront him.I started the shower and opened my medicine cabinet to get my razor to shave my legs when I remembered adding razors to my shopping list just the other day. I rarely wore pantyhose but I knew this would be one of those rare occasions where I’d have to wear them. It was either that or wear slacks but I knew that would look too much like my work outfits.I showered and dressed, finishing my makeup just as my doorbell rang letting me know he was here.Dinner was great and he was wonderful company, making me laugh while maintaining his gentleman demeanor. I enjoyed it so much that during the ride home I decided I would allow him to kiss me good night, maybe even parting my lips and allowing his tongue to enter my mouth.We came upon a rest stop and I was shocked when he pulled into it and shut the car off. I looked around and saw we were the only car there.”Why are we stopping here?” I asked”Well, the night’s been so nice I figured we could kaçak iddaa get to know each other before I take you home”“It’s getting late and we both have work tomorrow. I think we should call it a night”He looked annoyed but then he smiled and said, ” I guess you’re right. How about a quick kiss and then I’ll get you home”He leaned towards me and I turned my face to his, letting his lips settle on mine. His kiss felt nice so I let it linger a bit longer but just as I was about to end it, I felt his hand on my breast, squeezing it. I grabbed his arm and tried to pull his hand off my tit but he continued feeling it up. I let out a breath of relief when he finally removed his hand but it was short lived because he suddenly jammed his hand between my legs. He formed a fist, parting my thighs just enough so that he could slide his hand up to my crotch. I tried in vain to pull his arm off me as he began rubbing my mound, his finger trying to rip a hole in my pantyhose.I gave up trying to remove his hand and instead I raised my own hand and slapped him across the face hard.”Bitch” he said, rubbing his face.”Take me home” I said angrily.” I’ll take you home when I’m ready” he snarled, grabbing my hair. With his other hand he undid his pants and took out his erection, pushing my face down to it.”Suck it” he ordered.”Fuck you” I yelled, fighting to keep my face away from it. Not knowing what else to do, I grabbed his dick and twisted it, making him cry out in pain. He looked like he wanted to kill me but instead he reached across me and opened my door.”Get the fuck out” he said”Are you crazy. Were 5 miles from my house””You should have thought of that before you hurt me. Now get out”He sped away as soon as I got out, letting the cars motion to close the door. I took off my high heels and started walking. By the time I got home the soles of my pantyhose were shredded and I could feel calluses forming. I saw Sally moving around her kitchen. I had promised her id call when I got home to tell her about my date so I figured id go over instead. As soon as she answered the door she said, “You look a wreck. What happened”?”I had to walk home””He made you walk?””It was either that or suck his dick””Shhh” she said, “Poky is asleep in the living room”Afraid that he might have heard me I peeked in but thankfully he seemed to still be asleep. kaçak bahis Seeing him in pajamas reminded me how young he was and once again I felt bad about teasing him. While sally made me a cool drink I hiked up my skirt and removed my ruined pantyhose, tossing them in the kitchen garbage pail. Over the drink I told her about my nightmare date and then went home.Ponti:I’m not sure what made them think I was actually asleep. Well, I was asleep, but when I heard her voice I woke up. I was kind of groggy but I heard the whole story about Tom. What a jerk, if only she knew how I would worship her and do and how I would treat her.“Poky” my mom whispered in my ear and shook me “awake”. “You should really go sleep in your bed.”“OK mom” I replied trying to sound sleepy and then just rolled over waiting for her to go upstairs.Once I heard the pitter patter of her feet going up the stairs I got up and went to the kitchen to get a drink of water before I went to my room. As I was filling up the glass I looked over to the trashcan and saw a piece of pantyhose sticking out. I knew right away that they were Ms. Smith’s and bee lined it straight to the trash to rescue them from where she threw them. Thankfully they were not sitting on top of any real garbage.Feeling the excitement rush over me I found the crotch and pulled it them up to my nose and took a big whiff. The smell was exotic mostly sweat but there was the deep rich aroma of her pussy. My cock was so hard my pajamas were standing out like a tent.I stuffed them down my pajama pants and got upstairs as quickly as possible. With each step the nylon was rubbing against my cock and I could feel the pre-cum coming out. It was an amazing feeling and my mind was racing as fast as I was.It felt like forever and day until I got to my room. I hopped into bed and pulled out my copy of the photos from earlier today. Off came the pajamas and my dick was in my hand. As I stared at her pictures when she was fully clothed my mind wandered to what she would look like bending down with just these pantyhose on her shapely ass pushing against the sheer fabric and the hint of her pussy rubbing against them.My mind was racing about how great it would feel fucking her, how she would react the photos I sent, and that dove me over the edge. With her pantyhose over my face ribbons of cum came shooting out of my cock and hit my chest.I just laid there in bliss letting my orgasm wash over me. I wanted to keep her pantyhose free from cum right now. So I cleaned up with a sock, put away her pantyhose away, hid the photos, and fell fast asleep.



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