Moving Violation”Step out of the car please sir” you say in a commanding voice. You are the most beautiful cop I have ever seen. “What’s the problem, Officer?” I say as I step out of the car. “Turn around and face the car”. I comply and you handcuff me like a real criminal. “Get in the back of my vehicle” you command and I obey again, but now I’m really getting nervous. You get in the front seat and start driving. “What’s the charge” I ask, panic in my voice. “Driving while hot” you answer in a cold voice. “What? canlı bahis Are you out of your mind?” I ask increduously. “Yes” is your curt reply. Now I’m starting to seriously worry. You pull into a secluded area, park the car, and get into the back seat with me. You force me to my knees on the floor, pull your gun out of it’s holster and put it to my head!! “You’ve got two choices – eat my pussy or eat lead” you say in a voice even colder than before. I go with the first choice and with incredible speed and agility, bahis siteleri you pull off your gunbelt, lower your pants, and pull my head into your panty-less crotch, still holding the gun to my head! “DO IT!” you shout and I start licking like my life depends on it, which it does! I’m so afraid the gun will go off when you grind your pussy hard into my face as I lick faster and faster. As my tongue lays into your gyrating vagina with ever-increasing intensity, I hear a strange cat-like moan well up from deep güvenilir bahis in your throat. Suddenly you CUM with a blood-curdling scream EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! while you brutally SLAM your pussy against my mouth! I feel like I am drowning as your juices flood into my mouth and up my nose! Finally it is over as your body relaxes and you release my head from your vise-like grip leaving me coughing and gasping. Your cruel lust satisfied, you yank me by my hair out of your car, pull up your pants, and laugh saying “Don’t look so scared – it wasn’t loaded”. You point the gun at me and pull the trigger…CLICK. You laugh wildly again, remove the handcuffs, and drive off leaving me prostrate and terrified…… and strangely exhilarated!



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