Moving Into My Dorm RoomMy brother and I have always been close. We literally did everything together. He was a few years older than me, though it didn’t matter much to us. My name is Scott and my brother is David. I’m shorter with brown hair and David is tall with black hair. Over the years I developed a little crush on him. I’d sneak peeks of him in the shower or when he changed. We shared a room and he usually slept in tight fitting underwear that left nothing to the imagination. Then when I turned 18 and finished high school, he started sleeping naked sometimes giving me a boner on the nights he slept in the buff. I was going to the same college as David, but we weren’t roommates. David was helping me move into my new place, which gave me a chance to check out his bulging muscles. It was the hottest day of the year so we were both covered in sweat by the time we were done. “Hey Scott, can I use your shower?” David asked. “Yeah sure, go ahead.” I replied. He went into the bathroom, but left the door open. I carefully crept to the door and peeked around the corner. His back was to me and he had already taken his shirt off. He dropped his jeans to the floor after taking off his socks. His underwear perfectly outlined his amazing ass. He turned on the water, adjusted the temperature then removed his underwear and stepped into the shower. Standing to the side I could see his hairy muscled chest and his perfect cock and balls. His balls were huge and low hanging, but they were nothing compared to his cock which had to be 9 inches hard. I’d never seen it in the light before. I usually saw it when he jerked off at night when he thought I was sleeping. I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my own cock out. My cock was about 8 inches and I was pretty proud of it. David was soaping himself up and rubbing his güvenilir bahis siteleri body all over. then he started rubbing his cock and jerking it off. He turned my way and I instantly ducked behind the door. After a minute I leaned over to see where he was and I froze. He was standing only inches from me, dripping wet and rock hard. It was definitely bigger than 9 inches. I-I-I’m sorry. I just…., he cut me off by motioning me to be quiet. He stood there for a few seconds, then got really close so that we were practically touching. With a mischievous smile on his face, he lowered his hand and grabbed my cock. As I stood there in disbelief, he leaned in and passionately kissed me. Without another word he removed my shirt, then my pants and the rest of my clothes. Now I was also standing there completely naked. “Let’s go wash up, you’re still really sweaty,” he said. He pulled me into the shower and started washing me up. After a few minutes, he turned me around and started working with my ass. I let a few moans escape as he played with my ass. “I can’t wait to put my cock in there,” he said while smacking my ass. Then he had me wash him up. I ran my hands over his hairy chest and played with his nipples. A few moans came from him as I worked them over. He turned off the water and forced me to my knees. His cock was just inches from my mouth. He asked, “Do you want this? If you don’t its OK we can stop right now and never mention this again.” “Let’s see where this goes,” I quietly replied. He then said, “Once we get started, there’s no backing out. Do you understand?”After acknowledging my understanding, he put his hands on the back of my head and guided it towards his cock. I opened my mouth and let him fuck my mouth. His thrusts were slow at first to get me used to his güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri cock. I gagged a few times as he started going deeper. A few minutes later he began full-on face fucking me. It went on for what seemed like forever. Then he pulled out of my mouth and I gasped for air. He praised me by saying, “Not bad. Not too many first-timers can handle me face fucking them the first time.”With a hint of defiance I said, “How do you know it’s my first time?””Well, is it?” he asked.I asked, “Now what?” Hoping he wouldn’t realize I never answered his question. It wasn’t my first time being with a dude, but it was going to be the first time getting fucked. I wasn’t ready to come clean at that time. “We should dry off and continue this on the bed,” he said.We dried off and then David playfully shoved me down on the bed and started sucking my cock. So many fantasies were coming true for me. He also sucked my balls which drove me crazy in the good way. After he was done, he raised my legs and started rimming my ass. I started moaning in pure ecstasy. I’d never felt anything that good in my life and he knew it. He kept pushing his tongue deeper and deeper into my ass. When my hole was lubed up enough, he started pushing his cock inside me. I kinda screamed as I tensed up and gripped the edge of the bed. “Relax and just breathe deeply,” he said reassuringly. I winced in pain as he started thrusting that massive cock of his as it penetrated what used to be my virgin ass. I started stroking my own cock once I got use to his dick in my ass. He must have taken that as a sign to go faster because his did. Instead of feeling a burning pain, I felt a dull pleasure that made me want to get more. I lost all sense of time as he fucked me. “Turn over,” he said and I obeyed without güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri question. My ass was in the air and was wet with his lube. He went balls deep on the first thrust and I yelled in shock. He pulled my hair back and used his other hand to cover my mouth as he mercilessly pounded my ass. My moans were lost in his hand and the sound of him slapping against my ass. The sound was rhythmic and almost hypnotic. He let go of my hair and I collapsed onto the bed and let my screams be absorbed into the mattress. For what seemed like hours he pounded my ass until he pulled out and flipped me on my back. He said, “I’m gonna cum in your face,” with a sense of urgency. I nodded in agreement and opened my mouth. He stroked his cock frantically and let out a long groan as he shot jets of cum on my face. It must have been 7 blasts of cum, most of which landed in my mouth, and it tasted really good. He then scooped up what was left on my face and dumped it onto my cock.”It’s your turn, cum for me,” he said.I started stroking my dick and within seconds I began shooting a sizable load right into his waiting mouth. He looked up at me and said, “That tastes really good,” and began sucking me again to get every last drop. We jumped in the shower to clean ourselves and then lay back down on the bed together. “So where does this leave us?” I asked. “Wherever you want. I’ve had a thing for you for a while now and I know you’ve had a thing for me as well. Why do you think I started sleeping naked and jerking off so much after you turned 18?” he replied.”Seriously though, we can do this stuff again if you want, or never again if you choose. I just saw an opportunity and decided to throw caution to the wind,” he added. “We’ll have to do it at least one more time to see if I really like it,” I said chuckling. “Good, I can start visiting you often. We should get dressed and finish getting you unpacked now,” he said. We got dressed, though David suggested we swap underwear, which I thought was really hot. I went to sleep that night in my brother’s underwear, which I never thought I would hear myself say.



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