Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consentual or reluctant sex.


I hadn’t seen my sister in about 8 months since I had gone to university. And honesty I had been a terrible son and brother in that time. There was no effort on my behalf with phone calls and texts. Just a ghost. Don’t get me wrong, I had a load of fun… but eventually when the dust settled (usually on my laptop keys) I just felt a bit empty.

My sister Hattie was a year younger than me. She had just turned 18 and not yet at university but had already been accepted on an unconditional offer the next year. She was a bit of a prude and annoyingly smart. I had missed seeing her the first time I went home for a family barbecue because she was at an open air gig with friends. Lots of family stayed over that night (most of them drunk) and I ended up staying in Hattie’s room. The double bed in my old room had been taken by Aunt Maureen and Uncle Dave. My experience in Hattie’s room was a strange one. Not only being at home again after being so free at university but also sleeping in a small room with a single bed. It wasn’t too dissimilar from the student life. I changed a bit that night. Everything was so similar but then looked so different afterwards.

I was tall but not particularly athletic. Long and dark I suppose. Not fat but not ripped either. Solidly average. The girls at my campus did not seem to respond to my ‘conversational’ approach to interaction. They were more interested in one word sentences and hearty, guttural mumbles that would preferably end in “bro”. Naturally, I had not yet perfected this language and so remained on the outside of the ‘potential-sexual-escapade pool’ for my first year in higher education. I was funny though. I made people laugh. But only people I knew. People I was comfortable with.

Hattie had a string of relationships over the 2 years she had been dating (or allowed to be dating). Our parents were not too strict on boyfriends and girlfriends and allowed the guys to stay round in the family home if they’d been dating for at least 6 months. I’m sure Hattie fudged the figures at times with that rule. I could not keep up with the names of her assignment buddies. It helped that she was incredibly smart (at least for our family) ad got the grades. I still remember vividly the night our parents were eve gelen escort out. As an older brother, the noises I heard coming from her room on a research day with one assignment buddy. The worst thing. I didn’t walk by or tell my parents, I listened. I strangely found it fascinating. I hadn’t had sex yet. Why would I. I was 17 and awful with women. This was the closest thing to the live porn I watched every night. It didn’t make sense to stop and listen but then it didn’t seem to make sense to move on.

So I listened. There were your usual audible cliches through the door. Wet slaps, smacks, groans from both parties (more from Hattie). But the strange thing. My sister would say these random one liners to this guy. Who I will never know to this day (never saw him). Things like “Tell me a fact stupid boy?”… to which there was no response. And then “Hey, dum dum! You’re fucking me. Entertain me!”. and then “How was public school?”. “Talk to me about public school dummy!”

It was insane. I left after 5 minutes and could never look at my younger sister the same again. Just one year younger but so much more advanced and sexually confident (and active) than myself. I did not even feel remorse as I touched myself to the thought of her that evening. Those odd sexual words I didn’t quite understand.

I hadn’t mentioned any of this to Hattie. We led a normal family life. We lived together, chatted in passing and carried on our normal teenage lives. Here comes the bit. It had been 8 months and I had visited home again for the second time. Hattie was there this time and we both have a lovely Sunday dinner at the table with our parents. Four of us. We had split 3 bottles of red and being honest, dad and I had the lion’s share. Dad was done (myself also) and Mum and dad went up to bed at 9/10pm because they had work in the morning. Naturally, being the silly unemployed bums we were. Hattie and I did not. Instead we moved on to the sofa in the living room, cracked another bottle of wine and threw on a movie. I still remember the movie. Magic Mike (her choice, obviously).

Hattie nailed a large glass in seconds and said thank god the parents had gone to bed. She talked for 2 hours about the fear of going to University (whilst drinking) and the family pressure. We opened another bottle of fatih escort red. Eventually she fell asleep in my lap. We were so wasted I fell asleep too watching the movie. I don’t remember the story but remember laughing with her about the premise whilst they guys were dancing. Male Coyote Ugly! She talked about their bodies for a loooong time. Unprompted and frankly unwanted. It was strangely arousing however which concerned me. We were so drunk and incoherent we fell asleep before it finished. She asleep on my chest and I followed suit shortly after.

She had about 2 bottles of wine and this is the only reason I can justify what happen next. For myself also. I woke up to my sister rubbing my penis. I was wearing loose tracksuit bottoms (I was at home – nobody to impress) and I had a hard on. She was rubbing it over the fabric and had not really moved from when I remember falling asleep. Head just slightly lower than chest, closer to my crotch. We had sat upright so it was most likely gravity/drunkenness. She continued to rub me and was torn. Honestly. Terribly. It felt great but I’m pretty sure I was still drunk. Just woken up, confused. It took me a few minutes to even register what was happening and by that point I was raging. The tip of my penis was poking up from the top of my tracksuit bottoms.

I had a moment of sanity as i woke up a bit – but still drunk – and called out my sister’s name. Nothing. I moved slightly (More of a fidget really – and I hate this because I know I could have left at any time but I didn’t. It felt so fucking good I wanted it, but obviously felt I needed to try and stop it because she didn’t know what she was doing and is my fucking sister!) I tapped her (not very hard) said her name numerous times (not very loud) and allowed her to jerk me off. I checked her eyes. They were closed, breathing steady. She wasn’t turned on, I can only assume it was a natural habit from an old boyfriend or ‘study partner’.

As she continued, and in my drunken state, I pulled down my tracksuit bottoms so my naked cock was bare. I wish I could say I contemplated it for a long time but i really didn’t. I was drunk. I was tired. A girl was touching my dick and I wanted it to continue. I wanted to cum. I didn’t care where. I wanted to cum. That’s all that filled my mind. Hattie wasn’t halkalı anal yapan escort even my sister anymore. She was the girl that goaded and belittled a young man that was fucking her. She was wise beyond her years. She was smart. And now she was wanking off her own brother.

The more I thought about that, the more I wanted. I wanted to show her. To prove something to this intelligent, clever young girl that would down on her older brother. The torment inside me as I decided what was next. How do I even get out the situation now. Do I stand up? Wake her up with my cock out! Do I move her aside? Wake her up with my cock out! Or do I pretend to be asleep and she wakes up with my cock in her hand. Who’s fault is that? Mine. Hers. Did I touch her? No. All I did was pull my trousers down, thats all. She touched me. I’ve been wronged.

This all went through my head as a did that stupid, stupid thing. Pulled them down. Now she was getting faster. I couldn’t stay silent. I had to try and ‘wake her up’. There was a small part of me that believed she was awake and messing with me so I said again. Tap on the top the head ‘Hattie… Hattie wake up!’. Nothing.

Her head lowered at the tap.

I could feel her hot breath of the tip of my bare erect penis. I didn’t think twice. I am not a nice guy and this is not nice story. I pushed my hips up (without thinking) and entered her mouth. It certainly wasn’t deep and I clipped her top teeth but she automatically opened her mouth. She was still asleep. I’m sure. How many guys had she done this to. Pissed out of her mind giving mediocre blow jobs too.

I couldn’t believe I had done it. At the time it made sense, there was no other option. Now I see hundreds. It didn’t matter then. Hattie was still half asleep so just moved her tongue. She moved it slowly around my tip as I gently pushed deeper into her mouth.. I pushed to about three inches and she stirred. Grabbing the shaft of my cock low by my balls. She pushed back and out of her mouth violently (eyes still shut). I was fucked. She knew. I was fucked.

I was about to explain when she said ‘Hurry up Thicko, I need to sleep, my bro’s here this weekend!’ ad turn over with her arse up. Again, this is the part of the story I should have been a normal fucking person and ran. But I pushed it. I wanted to push it. I wanted to feel danger. To feel her cunt. My sisters pussy. I touched it first. Smelt my fingers. Debated. Put two fingers inside. Debated. Three. She moaned. That same moan I had heard all my life from non-sexual situations. Now I was hearing it because my fingers were inside Hattie’s pussy… and she didn’t know.



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