Motorcycle Rose?Motorcycle RoseFather’s Day dawned crisp and clear. At least that’s what I was told. It happened about 3 hours before I crawled out of bed. By the time I got my eyes open it looked like a great day for a ride. Unfortunately the ride would have to wait for a while. Since the closest of my k**s lives about 1000 miles away, we no longer have family gatherings on these special occasions so we had made arrangements with our friends to meet for lunch at the local truck stop. They had advertised a special Father’s Day prime rib dinner, including beverage and desert, for 17 bucks. Who doesn’t like prime rib? The special was to start at 1:00, so we arrived at the restaurant at about a quarter to. The place was packed. Quite a few of the folks who came for the brunch special hadn’t cleared out yet, but after a wait of about 15 minutes we got a table for 4. Christie came over and took our beverage order. That was a little disappointing. Christie is a very good waitress, but I was hoping for someone else. When Christie returned with our drinks she said she was sorry, but a party of 10 had just come in and the only place they could make room for them was in her section. She hoped we wouldn’t mind but she was going to have to turn our table over to Chastity. Those of you who have read the first installment of my story about Chastity will understand my elation at this news. However, this is not really part of Chastity’s story so I will just say that she did her usual outstanding job of tending to our needs and desires. I left her a 20 dollar tip on the 34 buck check.We returned home after the excellent meal with enough leftovers to last for 2 more days. I changed from my good jeans and dress boots into everyday jeans and riding boots, gathered the garbage together for the next day’s pickup, and headed out to the shop to fire up my Honda Shadow VT700. I have about 4 loops that I choose from for my usual Sunday afternoon rides, averaging around 20 miles each. That day I chose one that has about a 5 mile stretch of good curves where I can exercise the bike at about 50 mph in 4th and 5th gears, followed by a long straight stretch where I usually have room to get up to about 75 in 6th. Two gentle curves past the end of the straight you come to the entrance of the State Park. I like to motor through the campground loops just to see what’s going on. I went to the South loop first. It looked pretty full. About a quarter of the way around I noticed a little girl, maybe 2 or 3 years old, holding her mother’s hand standing in one of the campsites. She pointed at me and said something to her mother. I waved to them and the little girl jumped up and down, happy that she had been acknowledged by the guy on the motorcycle. I hope she remembers that incident for a long time. By the time I completed the loop I found that there was only one empty campsite in the whole loop.Heading back toward the park entrance, I next turned into the Middle loop. I didn’t find anything exciting going on there, but noticed that there were only 4 or 5 empty sites in that loop. The last loop, the North loop, is the oldest loop in the park. It’s laid out differently from the other two. It consists of a large outer loop with a small inner loop in the middle, and the restroom/shower building in the center. The entrance to the inner loop is about 3/4 of the way around the outer loop. About 2/3 of the way around the outer loop I noticed a motorcycle in one of the campsites, with a girl standing next to it. I figured there must be a boyfriend or husband around somewhere (I know, I know, a sexist attitude, but that’s life), but in conformity with the unwritten rule that bike people always wave to other bike people I waved to her and she waved back. From the quick look that I got she seemed to be pretty attractive. Two campsites later I came to the entrance of the inner loop. I turned in there, motored around the loop, and returned to the outer loop, heading back toward the entrance.As I rounded the next curve I saw the girl walking in the same direction. Of course she heard my pipes coming up behind her. She turned around and raised her hand, not in a wave this time but indicating that she wanted me to stop. She was tall, probably about 5’8 or 5’9, and slim, medium length brown hair, wearing jeans and a blue and white knit sweater which was tight enough to show off a rack that was larger than I expected based on the rest of her frame. I’m not a very good judge of age, but my guess was that she was probably in her mid 30s. I pulled up next to her, and she said “If you want to camp back there with me, you’re welcome.” That kind of threw me for a loop, being totally unexpected. It was definitely the best offer I’d had in a long time but my mind seemed to be in overload. I did have a few functioning brain cells so I noticed that she said “with me”, not “with us”. All I could think of was to tell her the truth, so I explained that I wasn’t camping, just checking out the campground. She said “Are there more of you?”, apparently thinking I might be the advance guard for a bike tour group. pendik escort Still not totally in control of my brain, I said “No, I live near here and I just cruise through from time to time to see what’s going on. But I do appreciate the offer — it’s tempting — really tempting.” With that she smiled, turned, and started walking again. My brain, now desperate, slowly started to come to life. I pulled up beside her again and asked if she was going down to the registration board. When she said yes, I said “Hop on, I’ll give you a lift.” She unfolded the foot peg and swung up on the seat behind me. As she wrapped her arms around my waist I was pretty sure that her arm brushed the butt of the pistol in its holster under my denim jacket. I wondered if she realized what it was. As I motored down the road as slowly as I could, enjoying the feel of her breasts pressed against my back, I decided that I would try to work something out. When we got to the registration board I steered to the opposite side of the road, made a wide loop, and pulled up in front of the board facing back into the campground. I killed the engine and we both dismounted. As she began to fill out the registration form I started up a conversation. “Hi, my name is Dick.” “Hi Dick, I’m Rose.” “Very pleased to meet you, Rose. I’m sorry I can’t take you up on your very tempting offer, but I have commitments that I have to honor tonight. But I could keep you company for a little while. We could compare war stories, see who can tell the biggest lies, that sort of thing.” “Sure, sounds good.” She slipped the completed form into the slot and we remounted the bike and headed back to her campsite.I parked the bike and we sat on the picnic bench, leaning back against the table top. The weather was great, so I slipped my jacket off. “So where are you from?” “I live out east of here, over near John Day.” “And where are you headed?” “I’m just cruising. I’ll probably go to Crater Lake next, then maybe over to the coast for a while.” “It’s really unusual to find an attractive girl travelling alone on a bike.” “Well, I’m used to taking care of myself. I’m packing, just like you are.” (So she did recognize my sidearm.) She continued “My dad bought me my first 22 rifle when I was about 10, so I’m really comfortable around guns. And I love the outdoors.” “Sounds like you’ve got it covered. What’s your carry pistol?” “A 9mm, with an extended 15 round clip. And 3 extra clips. You?” “I usually carry a 9mm too. But today I’ve got my Taurus Judge. You familiar with them?” “Is that the one where you can fire different kinds of ammo?” I pulled it out of the holster to show it to her. “You can mix .45s and .410 shotgun shells in the same cylinder. I’ve got it loaded with .410s now. With this short barrel you get a really wide pattern.” I opened the cylinder and showed her a shell. “Interesting. I’ll have to look into one of those. Hey, I can manage it by myself but if you want you can help me set up my tent.” “Sure. Anything for a pretty lady.” She went over to her bike, where I noticed that she had several canvas bags bungeecorded to the luggage rack. She released one of the bags, opened it, and pulled out one of those two person tents with a folding springy frame. I’ve never put one of those together before but with Rose’s instructions we had it set up in no time. Another bag came off the bike and produced a sleeping bag, which she laid out in the tent. “Would you like a beer, Dick?” “Sure.” I didn’t have far to ride, and I planned to stay around for a while so I figured it would be safe. Then she showed me one of the neatest things I’ve ever seen. Behind her bike seat was a small box, about big enough to hold a six pack. She opened the box and pulled out two cold beers. I’ll be darned if it wasn’t a little cooler which plugged into the bike’s electrical system. How handy would that be?Back at the picnic table, we popped the beers open and engaged in some small talk. She was sitting closer to me this time, only a couple of inches away. After a couple of minutes of talking she shifted her leg a little and her knee came into contact with mine. I expected her to jerk it back, but she left it there for at least 10 seconds before moving slightly away. Was it an accident or was she trying to send me a signal? My brain was now functioning pretty well so I decided that if it didn’t happen again I’d consider it to have been an accident, but if it turned out to be a signal I’d be ready with a plan to take advantage of the situation. After another 2 or 3 minutes her knee again made contact with mine. I waited a few seconds to be sure she wasn’t going to pull away and then I put my hand on her thigh. She didn’t object but just kept on talking. It was time for me to start directing the conversation. “Rose, I’ve always had a thing for women with long legs.” “Are mine long enough for you?” “I think yours would be just fine.” “Just fine for what?” She had a kind of grin in her voice, like she was teasing me, playing innocent. “Just fine for wrapping around my neck.” “What good would that be?” Still teasing. “Then I could escort pendik French kiss whatever I find there.” She put her hand behind my head and the next thing I knew her tongue was halfway down my throat. After about 5 minutes of severe mutual tongue lashing she disengaged and whispered “Let’s go into the tent.”I’m a little slow sometimes but I’m not stupid. I stood up, offered her my hand, and pulled her to her feet. Our lips met again and our tongues did battle. After a minute or two she pulled back and, still holding my hand, led me to the tent. She got down and crawled into the tent first, laying on her back on one half of the sleeping bag. She patted the other half of the bag with her hand, indicating where she wanted me. I laid on my side, my body pressed against hers, my arm d****d across her stomach. More kissing, and still more kissing. We broke for a breath and she asked if I was serious. “About what?” “About the legs … and the kissing.” “Absolutely. Here, let me help you with your boots.” I had already kicked mine off when I entered the tent. As I pulled her boots off she was busy undoing the snap fastening at her waist. I moved my hands to her waist and, as she raised her hips, slipped her jeans and panties down to her ankles. Then she raised her feet and I finished that part of the job. She had a well-groomed little patch, just the way I like it. “May I help you with the top, too?” She sat up and lifted her hands as if in surrender. I eased the sweater over her head and off. As I put my arms around her to undo her bra we kissed again. Bra out of the way, I nuzzled each of her beautiful nipples in turn before kissing my way down her flat stomach and probing her cute little innie with my tongue. She said “You know, it’s not fair for me to be the only naked one in here.” I was out of my shirt, jeans, and socks in record time. (I really hate those porn videos where the guy never takes his socks off.)I repositioned myself, kneeling at her feet, lifting and spreading her knees so that her feet rested flat on the ground. As I began kissing my way up her inner thighs she moaned softly and squirmed. I worked my way up as slowly as possible, trying to build up the maximum level of arousal. And it was working. Her moans became louder, more urgent; her squirming more intense. She quivered, she bucked. And I hadn’t even reached the good parts yet. I realized that she had locked her ankles behind my back, literally wrapping her legs around my neck. When I finally reached her honey factory she was already soaking wet. I nibbled her lips, I licked between them, I sucked her magic button, I put my tongue as far into her as I possibly could. She was like a woman possessed. Between moans she managed to gasp out “Move yourself around here — I want to give you some too.” She released her hold on my neck and I crab walked around the semicircle on my knees and elbows, my tongue never leaving the place that it now considered home. As I moved my body over her head she almost literally swallowed me whole. The warmth of her lips, her mouth, was amazing. Our lips and our tongues explored each other for at least 15 or 20 minutes. At one point I raised my head slightly while still keeping my tongue active. I found myself looking out of the still open tent flap. A young couple was standing in the road staring at us. Her eyes and mouth were open as wide as they could go. He was grinning from ear to ear. The thought crossed my mind that they would have either the best or the worst night of their lives tonight. But I had urgent business to attend to. I was approaching the point of no return. She had already passed hers at least a half a dozen times. Her moans would have been screams if her mouth hadn’t been so busy. In spite of her passion I wasn’t sure if she wanted to receive my load orally. I started to pull out but she had other ideas. Her hands were locked behind my back. I was her prisoner of love. She pulled me in deeper than I thought possible. A few more frantic pumps and I was finished. But she wasn’t. She continued to suck until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I begged for mercy and she finally released me. I repositioned myself and took her in my arms again. I didn’t know if she would want to kiss me with my beard and mustache sopping wet with her essence, but again she took control and pulled my mouth to hers. Our lips met, our tongues meshed, she hadn’t swallowed. We savored each other’s juices, swapping back and forth, finally swallowing. She was absolutely delicious and our mixture defied description. She looked at me, giggling. “I wasn’t sure how you would take that. I’m glad you’re not mad at me.” “I could never be mad at you. I’ll never find another woman with your class and passion.” “We’re quite a pair, aren’t we?”We lay in each other’s arms for a while, kissing, nuzzling, caressing. I caught myself drifting off to dreamland. I began to realize that time had been passing. I could be in a lot of trouble if I didn’t get home soon. But I sure didn’t want to leave. “Rose, I’d sure like to stay here in your arms forever.” “Ummmm. Me too.” “But pendik escort bayan I told you that I have prior commitments that I absolutely must honor. I’m really sorry but I have to go soon.” “Can you come back later?” “Oh how I wish I could. If I can work anything out I will, but I really don’t see how I can at this point.” “This has been a really special day, Dick. It’s something that I will remember forever.” “I will never forget it either, Rose.” I started to get dressed. Rose noticed that the tent flap was open. “Dick, has that flap been open the whole time?” “Uh-huh.” “Do you think anyone saw us?” “Yep.” I told her about the couple. “Oh no! What if he comes back tonight?” “I think he’ll be pretty busy tonight. Besides, he probably thinks I’m a permanent fixture around here. Just be sure that you zip up the flap tonight. And keep your gun next to your head.”By this time I was dressed and ready to go. “Dick, I’m a little bit naked. Would you mind getting the green bag from the back of my bike?” “Rose, if you were mine I’d see that you were naked 24/7.” “If I was yours I’d want to be naked 24/7. But you’re leaving now. The green bag, please.” I couldn’t argue with that logic so I got the bag from her bike. As I turned around I saw her standing just outside the tent, stark naked. I took the bag to her. She quickly ducked back into the tent. “Oh wow! That was exhilarating. I’ve never done anything like that before. I hope I gave someone a thrill.” “You definitely gave me a thrill. I like your sense of adventure.”I figured if I didn’t make a quick exit I might never be able to get away so I got on my bike, waved goodbye, and fired up the engine. One nice thing about a beard is that I can take a woman’s scent with me for a long time. Unfortunately, if I went straight home and my wife smelled pussy on me it would be the end of life as I know it. I didn’t dare put my full face helmet on as the aroma would be overpowering and I would want to run back to the tent and bury my face between her legs again. I motored the short distance to the inner loop and the restroom building. At the sink, I inhaled as much of her aroma as I could, licked as much of her juices from my beard and mustache as my tongue could reach, and then reluctantly scrubbed my face. Coming out of the restroom, I found Rose sitting on my bike, dressed in a skimpy halter top, what appeared to be a bikini bottom which didn’t match, and sandals. As she swung her leg over the seat to dismount I could see that the little bit of fabric that was covering her mound was already damp. “Your pipes told me that you came over here. I just threw something on and ran over. I need another kiss.” “Well, your aim was pretty good. You almost got those little bits of fabric in the proper places.” We kissed, and she said that I smelled real nice, soapy. I said “That’s good.” “No it’s not. I liked you better when you smelled like pussy.” As I kissed her again I squeezed the nipple that was trying to escape from her halter. I debated whether to adjust the top or to let her thrill anyone who happened to see her on the way back to her tent site. I decided that even if she was as well covered as possible by the little bit of fabric she had, that should be enough of a thrill for anyone. I adjusted the little top, kissed her again, held her at arms length, and whispered “I have to go.”. A tear glistened in the corner of her eye, and things started to look a little misty to me. I didn’t dare offer to give her a ride back to her tent as I knew that I’d never leave. I put on my helmet so I couldn’t kiss her again, fired up the engine, and eased the bike out of its parking spot.I couldn’t think of anything else but Rose for the rest of the evening. I went to bed and tossed and turned for a couple of hours before finally drifting off to sleep. I woke up in the morning with my head full of Rose and my hand full of hard meat. All I could think of was to get back to the park. The morning was still cold, temp in the mid 30s. I don’t usually go riding until the afternoon when the temperatures are more comfortable. To go out in this weather would undoubtedly raise suspicion. I puttered around the house, keeping one eye on the thermometer. About 11:00 the temp was up to 60. I made my break. Shadow seemed to know that we were going to the park. She took the most direct route right to the gate. I didn’t hardly have to steer at all. I went directly to North loop. I motored around the loop hoping she would hear my pipes and be out to meet me at the road. As I rounded the last curve and approached site 129, my heart fell. There was a small pickup camper and a young family in the site. Rose was gone. I headed toward home with a heavy heart, but I just couldn’t go there, or anywhere else for that matter. I pulled off into the little parking area next to the bridge and sat on the bank staring into the river for a long time. Finally I pulled myself together and headed home. My wife, as usual, asked how my ride was. “Oh, fine.” I lied.I have cruised through the park at least once a day since then, hoping that she would return this way when she got tired of the road. Since she didn’t have any itinerary there’s no way to know if or when she might be here, but I’m going to keep looking, at least until it gets too cold to ride, or until I find her.



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