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Jake walked from the school to his car, a warm May breeze caressed his face. He opened his car door and ducked into his Toyota Prius, turned the key, and began the drive home. While driving he thought about how he just turned eighteen, and this being his final year in high school. Only one month left until he graduated in June. He felt proud because, Brown University accepted him into their environmental science program. The preservation of nature aroused his interest. Unlike his classmates who were more interested in banking and finance, this was the norm for kids growing up in Skillman New Jersey. Being located between Philadelphia and New York, it was not surprising that Skillman is a town over populated with greedy, rich yuppies.

He drove down the long road, and parked in the driveway. Woods surrounded his house; the nearest neighbor is a half-mile away. He exited his car; he took a deep breath and enjoyed the sweet smell of spring. He looked over his left shoulder and saw his mother planting flowers alongside the house. Her long black hair draped down to her waist, streaked with gray stripes that flapped in the gentle wind. She stood over six feet tall, with a stocky figure. She wore a long tie-dye dress that hung to her ankles, with a low-cut V-neck that revealed cleavage of her large breasts, which dangled when she bent down. She never wore a bra. Her large size eleven bare feet were speckled with dirt, she wore a silver anklet with charms, and her painted toe nails gleamed bright purple. Her face was tanned and weathered, she was fifty-five, with a glowing with a natural earthy beauty.

She stood and looked over at Jake with her turquoise eyes, and waved to him. He waved back, smiling at her, as he walked to greet her.

“Hey Mom, these flowers you planted look perfect, he said, while examining the rest of the yard.

She straightened her back and inhaled the aroma of spring blossoms. Then replied, “Thanks sweetie. How was school today?”

Jake sighed, scrunching his face. “It was OK; I can’t wait to graduate and study topics that I find interesting.”

She lowered her head in sadness, and replied, “I’m going to miss you when you leave for college. I will be lonely.” She said in a soft voice.

Jake’s heart dropped, he replied, “I know mom, I’ll miss you too.” He walked into the house with guilt.

He went into his room, sat at his desk, and began doing homework. His Mom just finished planting her last Impatiens. She stood and brushed the dirt from her hands. She looked around to make sure nobody was around, and then she hiked up her skirt and squatted over the flowers. She took a deep breath, held it for a second, and then relaxed as she exhaled. Her bladder opened up releasing the pressure, from her thick black and gray hairy vagina, a strong current of piss sprayed onto the flowers. She finished peeing. She used her hand to wipe herself. She lowered her dress, and then licked her fingers clean.

She went inside the house, cooked an omelet with fresh vegetables, She yelled to Jake,” Dinner is ready!”

As the sun was setting, he entered the dimly lit kitchen and sat down across the table from his mother. They ate together. They heard the crickets beginning to chirp, and lightning bugs flashed outside the window.

His mom finished chewing her food, and said, “Are you volunteering to clean up the neighborhood for earth-day this year?”

Jake took a sip of his green tea, “Yeah. I always volunteer to clean up. Do you wanna to sign up together?”

Her pouty lips spun into a huge smile. “Yes, I would love too, thanks for asking.”

Jake responded with a crooked smile. “You know I share your interest in saving the earth.”

She laughed. “Yes, that’s is true, but not many Moms are lucky enough to have a son like you who cares about helping the planet rather than exploiting it for profit.”

He nodded his head in agreement. “It’s common sense, if we destroy the planet, we are also destroying ourselves along with it. Besides, people need to become more consciences about using the resources freely provided by nature, when they do, there’ll be less to fight about. People should know that money does not provide us with everything we need. Nature does!”

She smiled. Her cheeks blushed.” You innovia escort have a lot of wisdom for your age.”

Jake lowered his head and smiled. “Yeah, I got it from you, mom.”

They looked at each other as they got up from the table. She put the dishes in the sink; her body tingled with happiness from the conversation. She felt proud that he embraced the same values that she did. As she washed the dishes, she looked out the window into the backyard admiring the full moon. She examined the moonlight as it danced on the leaves. Her stomach grumbled, she squeezed her ass cheeks together to contain her bowels. Jake had retreated to his bedroom to study. Now it is time for her favorite part of the evening.

She stepped out the backdoor, the warm night air embraced her. The full moon lit up the yard like a silver sun in the night sky. Lightening bugs flashed around her. She walked to a large nine-foot fence that sectioned off a corner of the yard. With a key that hung around her neck, she unlocked the entrance to her secret garden. The fence protected her garden from animals; also, it hid her pot plants that were starting to bud. The fence was high enough to offer her privacy.

The gate closed behind her, but she was not aware that it was a few inches ajar. From her pocket, she removed a joint and lit it. She inhaled deeply, held the smoke in her lungs, and then exhaled. The sweet aroma of good weed mingled with the fragrant scent of spring flowers pleased her.

Jake in his room working on a paper about microbial ecology for school, needed his mother’s advice on how a bacterium supports the life of plants and animals. He walked into the kitchen to find she was not there. He looked outside the kitchen window and saw the gate to her garden slightly open. He strode out into the yard and peeked through the opening of the gate. He watched her peeking through the gate, admiring her splendor, his cock hardened.

She looked up at the stars, her long black hair fell to her waist, the streaks of gray and silver glowed in the moonlight. She unfastened the front of her dress and stepped out of it, and then hung it on a hook. Her large breasts sagged almost to her belly button. Her thick bush illuminated in the brightness of the night’s clear sky. Jake gazed at her, as his cock swelled.

She squatted down between two tomato plants. Her large, strong buttocks parted. She held herself up with the poles, which held the tomato plants. She leaned her head back; her hair swayed just above her the crack of her hefty hindquarters. A stream of warm piss trickled from her lush pussy, and then steadily it became a gushing flow. Her piss poured into a puddle that developed between her legs. Then it returned to a trickle, and then she was done. Jake observed his mother, while rubbing his cock through his pajama pants, while staring at her.

She held her position, took a deep breath and relaxed further. She felt her bowels loosen, as a firm log approached, her puckered hole opened. The brown tip of a turd revealed itself. She held her breath and gently pushed. A long soft loaf of shit flowed from her ass. It broke off, then another one appeared. She pushed it out, then another spiraling brown log of excrement slid out. She inhaled another deep breath and a few smaller pieces of pooh dropped from her huge ass onto the fresh pile of steaming dung. Jake stroked his hard shaft, and his balls ached, while he played with himself, his pajama pants now down to his knees. He gazed at her.

Jake’s mother reached between her legs with her left hand. She dipped her fingers into the mound of excrement. She then closed her eyes, inhaled the stout aroma of her shit mingling with the fragrant spring flowers, she began licking it from her fingers. Jake’s ankles were tied around his pajama bottoms. He lost his balance and fell to the ground, causing the gate to open. She heard the gate creek. She turned her head and saw him there, watching her with his firm cock in his hand.

“Jake, what are you doing out here?” She asked, while staring at his erection.

“I wanted to ask you a question. I saw that the gate was open” He replied, swallowing a nervous lump in his throat. Jake’s mom pulled herself up. She was over six feet, Jake examined her naked body shimmering istanbul escort in the moonlight as she walked towards him. She looked like an aged amazon goddess. The streaks of silver in hair blazed in the moonlight. Her eyes were fierce. He was afraid and did not know what to say.

She offered him her hand, and said, “Allow me to help.”

She pulled him up, then said, “Don’t worry, it’s ok, I’m not mad at you for watching.”

Jake looked down at his formidable cock, then into his mother’s eyes. and said, “Are you sure? I feel like I’ve done something bad.” He seemed ashamed of himself.

She smiled, as she took his hand to lead him into her garden and said, “It’s natural for you to feel this way. You’ve done nothing wrong. I’ll answer all of your questions.”

He stepped out of his pajama pants and followed her into the garden. She closed the gate. The garden filled with flowers, and vegetables. The green leaves swayed in the moonlight. A sweet, earthy and hearty smell permeated the fenced enclosure. He admired his mother’s bulky, strong stature. His eyes gazed at her enormous rolling breasts, and her light brown nipples. Jake relished her curves, her elegance, and her strength, highlighted with a natural, unpretentious presence that was dirty and rugged. Most of all it was her thick black and silver bush that encapsulated her pussy that captivated him.

She gently caressed his cock, and said, “Relax, it’s ok, you are a man now and you have permission to enter my secret garden”

His hard shaft twitched in his mother’s hand, as he replied in a shaky voice, “What are you doing in here?”

“I am giving back to the earth that which she has freely given me” She replied with an angelic tone in her voice. She softly stroked his stiff rod.

Jake replied, “I understand that, but I saw you eating your own poo and enjoying it.”

“All I can say is, I like the taste.” She said, looking squarely into his eyes.

“Are you sure it is safe to eat?” He responded.

Still holding her gaze, she smiled, and answered, “Yes, dear, of course It’s safe, and it’s natural. Our vegetables grow from it, we eat them, and then I return them to the garden in the form of excrement. Therefore it’s safe and it tastes good too. Do you want to help me with my garden?”

He nodded his head and said, “How can I help?”

“I want you to pooh over here, these plants need some nutrients.” She pointed towards the corner of the garden.

He replied, “Ok, I’ll give it a try.”

He took off his shirt and carefully moved to the spot his mother pointed. She admired his firm young body, smooth chest, strong abs, and his slender legs. Most of all, she was surprised by his large cock, which jutted out his thick black pubic hair. A trait he inherited from me. She thought. He squatted facing her. His cock erect, it pointed towards the stars. He relaxed and pushed. He felt his ass hole opened and his pooh easily slid out onto the ground. His shit came out in one log that spiraled onto the soil. His mother smiled as she watched him.

She went to the mound of shit that she had just expelled a few minutes earlier. Her large bare feet sinking into the moist, soft ground. She smelled the humid and pungent odor, which delighted her. A warm spring breeze washed over her nakedness, causing her nipples to harden. Her pussy became wet, she felt the droplets of nectar forming on the tips of her coarse pubic hairs.

Looking at Jake, she exclaimed, “This is how I mix my excrement into the soil” She stepped into the pile of shit. Her beautiful large feet with pretty, purple painted toes sunk into the mound of strong smelling poo. The warm, soft feces squished underneath her feet. The shit oozed between her toes, molding to the shape of her arches. She stepped up and down, doing a little dance in the light of the moon. She swung her long hair from left to right. The brown excrement coated her gigantic, but gorgeous feet. Jake stroked his cock as he watched her.

She finished, looked towards Jake and said, “Now it’s your turn.”

Jake repeated the actions of his mother, but with less gracefulness.

“Now we need to get cleaned up,” She said.

Holding hands they strolled to the other corner of the garden to a bench with a stool kadıköy escort in front of it were arranged. She sat on the bench and put her filthy feet on the stool, she held up a towel and said, “Jake, can you clean my feet for me?”

“Yes,” He replied.

He took the towel and knelt beside the stool, her toes and her feet caked with shit. The smell was strong and imbued his sinuses and his palate with satisfaction. The combination of seeing his mother naked, along with the intoxicating earthy aroma of her feces made his hormones soar. He felt the blood rushing to his cheeks. Enchanted by his mother’s magnificence radiating in the light of the moon, he put down the towel. His mother’s clit swelled as she watched him.

Leaning forward, he licked a sample of excrement from her foot. He rolled it down his tongue. It had a bold, robust flavor that delighted his taste buds. The shit tasted like a French roast coffee, with a touch of sweet fruit added in. He swallowed, and again licked more excrement from the bottom of her foot. He opened his mouth to suck her toes. She opened her legs just enough to allow herself to play with her pussy, as she stared at him while he licked her feet clean.

She felt the warmth of his lips engulfed her toes, the shit melted in to his mouth.. The frenzy began. He furiously and meticulously licked clean every inch of her of size eleven feet. He sucked each toe, then licked between them, making sure he consumed all of her earthly excrement. The nectar poured from her pussy. He finished licking her feet clean, and looked up at her. He watched her as she fingered herself. His cock pounded and his balls clenched, he needed to unload.

His mother’s body glistened in the moonlight. Her breasts spilled over her belly, her hair spills over her breasts. Jake eased his mother’s legs further apart; he moved his face between her chubby thighs smelling the musk of his mother’s vagina. He saw the beads of her nectar dangling from her thick black and gray pubic hair. He tasted her juices. Then he licked his mother’s cunt.

She felt the tip of his tongue gliding over her clit, her body shuddered in ecstasy. He explored her black forest with his mouth, savoring every cranny. The moist domain of his mother’s pussy tasted like a swamp of endless flavors and textures. Her body shook, and convulsed. She shot a stream of piss into his mouth. He swallowed and continued eating her.

She raised her head and said, “Son, fuck me.”

She turned over so she was on fours and Jake got behind her wide ass. His cock was stiff. It slid into his mother’s wet cunt without hesitation. He penetrated into her hot pussy the warmth engulfed his cock. He fucked her from behind, with every thrust her sagging breast dragged forward and back in the dirt. The sensation of the cool ground on her nipples, while being fucked by her son, made her feel like a wild woman.

Jake pumped harder and faster. His mother’s body bounced on his cock. The moonlight made the silver streaks in her hair look like lightning. They moved in unison. Faster and harder, his cock swelled ramming deeper inside his her dripping cunt. It felt as if there was a furnace inside of her heating the head of his manhood. Her tits dug gullies into the earth as they swayed. Jake’s body quivered, his muscles tightened, and his mind exploded with rapture. He convulsed as he squirted hot cum into his mother, one stream of cum after another shot inside of her, finally his cock softened as the remainder of his hot semen dripped into her hungry cunt.

Exhausted, they collapsed into the soft moist dirt. They held each other, looking up at the twinkling stars. His mother’s breasts covered with dirt. Thick white semen dripped from her black and silver pussy onto the rich moist soil.

His mother regained her breath and said, “I love you, Jake.”

Jake replied “I love ya too, mom.”

She looked deep into his eyes, and said, “I’m so happy that you returned the pussy that gave birth to you.”

The moonlight shined on their naked bodies while the crickets sang. The earth absorbed the semen that dripped from her hairy cunt, as they held each other. The ground rumbled and shook. They pulled each other closer. Their hearts beat faster with fear, not knowing what was happening. Vines exploded from the ground beneath them, and wrapped around their naked bodies. Jake and his mother screamed. The vines tighten around them. The earth opened, and the vines pulled them in, dirt piled on top of them. The earth swallowed them. The old witch and her son were gone. Returned to earth witch gave them life.



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