Patti and Sally have just barged in and caught Paul and his mom dancing nude, with Paul copping a feel. I thought I’d be able to end this with this chapter, but… As usual, will try to acknowledge all signed comments. Anon comments given the attention they warrant. Votes of course welcome, esp. 5’s. Enjoy. Jb7


Patti stopped, frozen in space while Sally stormed forward, screaming “You fucked my daughter last night!” Patti started at her mother’s rant, then turned to leave, her face pale, her mind in a turmoil, not believing what she had just seen.

Paul pushed his mother into Sally’s arms and ran after Patti. Catching her at the front door, fumbling with the knob. He grabbed her from behind, his arms a round her waist. “Patti…”

“Take your hands off me!” Her voice was loud, harsh.

“Patti, come…”

“I said, take your hands off me.” She was still forceful, firm.

“Not until you agree to come back and talk to me.”

‘Why? What is there you can say that will change what I saw?”

“Nothing that will change it, maybe something which will help explain it.”

“There isn’t anything which will explain it. It’s just plain…”

“Plain what, unnatural, wrong, un-human? It’s not just plain any of those. There is a whole specialty in psychiatry dealing with the desire of men to mate with their mothers.”

That piqued her interest. “What?”

“There are therapists who specialize in helping men come to grips with their desire to sleep with their mothers. Society says we mustn’t, but there isn’t a man alive over the age of 13 who hasn’t experienced the desire to take his father’s place between his mother’s thighs. So, how can it be wrong, or unnatural, or un-human?”

“You’re trying to confuse me. If it’s not wrong, why does Society condemn it?”

“Three basic reasons. Come, sit down, and I’ll try to explain.”

Patti turned from the door and let herself be led into the living room. Sally was sitting on the couch, fuming. “You son of a bitch,” she hissed when he came back into the room. “You fucked my daughter, with me right up there in the kitchen…” She stood up to confront him.

“Is that what you told your mother? That I fucked you?” Patti shook her head.

“I said we had made love,” Patti replied, in a soft voice. Paul bent down and kissed her lightly on the lips. She started to return the kiss, and stopped, giving him a quizzical look.

“That’s what I’d call it, too,” he whispered to her. He looked at Sally. “Yes, Patti and I made love in your basement last night. You knew I wanted to, and, from what Patti told me, you suggested as much to her. Why is it a problem?”

“B…b…be…” Sally stood there, her mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water. “Because, because, I.. wasn’t.. ready.. to share you.. with anyone but Rita. I know you suggested it, and I mentioned it to her, but I wasn’t ready for it to be real. Shit, what does that make me?” She plopped back down on the couch.

“Human,” Paul replied. He turned to Patti. “This is sort of an example of why society condemns what Mom and I are doing. Way back when civilization was just starting, and communities were still nomadic tribes, children were discouraged from having sex with parents to keep peace in their tents.

“Think what would have happened if a father and son were to fight over who was going to mate with the mother/wife; or if the mother preferred the more virile son.

“And if the son was having his needs met by his mother, it would have discouraged him from visiting other tribes looking for a mate, establishing ties between tribes, until he was nearly at the age where it was difficult to conceive.

“In addition, it was believed that the seed of younger stock was stronger, and, when paired with similar young stock, resulted in healthier offspring. The owners of the flocks applied that same thinking to their children, encouraging the young men to mate with young women.”

Rita tapped Sally on the shoulder and led her to the kitchen. “I think we should leave them alone to work this out. Anything we try to add will only muddy the water.” Sally nodded.

“Do you have anything stronger than coffee?” She asked. Rita nodded and pointed her to the cupboard.

Back in the living room, the couple had seated themselves on the couch. “You said there were three reasons,” Patti reminded him.

“Property rights. A man had to be certain that all the children in his tent were his and had a right to share his estate. If sons could mate with their mothers, it would have muddied the inheritance question beyond solution.”

“And you think that’s all there is to it? What about all the stories about birth defects and malformed children, children with mental defects or crazies or…”

“Many of them are like urban myths, based on situations resulting from generations of in-breeding, or cases involving young girls who were abused by parents or older relatives, brothers, uncles, even grandparents.

“On one of my career exploration site visits, I had a chance to interview a woman who had been eve gelen escort involved with her father, her mother’s two brothers, both grandfathers, a younger brother and her mother. None of that was causing her any problems, even though it had gone on for eight years. She even laughed about her mother’s father trying to feel her up at her wedding.

“She was having a problem accepting that her father had admitted to her he was gay, and her two siblings were half siblings, each by a different uncle with her mother. The children all looked normal and functioned in society without problems.”

“But, this is all aside from the issue at hand. I don’t plan to have children with my mother. The only woman I want to have children with is you. I realized that this morning, but, if you can’t accept my relationship with my mother…”

“What about your relationship with my mother?”

“Like I told you yesterday, we had sex once, totally spur of the moment, maybe to be repeated. It pretty much depends on you and her.”

“So, you’d continue to sleep with your mother, but not mine. Why?”

“All of this assumes that we are involved in a sexual relationship, is that right?” Patti nodded. “That means that you have accepted, if not approved of, my continuing to have sex with my mother.

“If your mother wanted to have sex with me, occasionally, regularly or sporadically, since you would be my primary partner, we would need your permission, blanket or episodic, to engage in any sexual activity.”

“Primary partner? What does that mean?”

“Mostly it means, you are the woman I must satisfy. If we are involved in any kind of group situation, unless you say otherwise, you are my first partner, and regardless what else happens, you are the last woman I’m with each night. And there is no sex with any other woman unless you give me permission.

“What if I want to have sex with another man?”

“I could hardly say no, but I would hope you would let me know before hand, and honor my feelings about it. There are certain people I would rather not see you involved with, but ultimately it would be your decision.”

“Christ, Paul, you make it sound like a business transaction. If the client wants option A, then…if not, then option B and C will entail…”

“I guess in some ways, it is. Most couples get to work this out, implicitly over a few months. We’ve had it pushed in our face after, what, two conversations and one date…”

“Could you at least put your shorts back on while we talk?”

He grinned. “Only if you strip down to your panties.”

“What!!” she shouted, “why?”

“Because, we practice casual nudity at home, and I like to look at your bubbies; they’re cute.”

Patti looked like she was going to explode. Briefly, Paul thought he had just blown any chance of saving the relationship he wanted with her. Then she laughed. “Be serious,” she said, earnestly, slapping his thigh. “This is important. We’re talking about our future here.”

“Are we, Patti? Are we talking about our future?” he asked softly.

She recognized the import of what she had said, and the implication in his question. She realized the man she had been with last night was the man she wanted to be with the rest of her life. She also knew she would be sharing him, with his mother, with her mother, and probably, with her sister.

Patti pulled off her tee shirt. “I’m afraid so. Ours, our mothers’.” She stood up to remove her slacks. “I hope you’re up to this, ‘cuz you’re gonna be one busy fucker.”

Paul stood and put his arms around her to unfasten her bra. “Are you sure? Is this what you want?”

“Is it what I want? I… I don’t know. I know I want to be with you; that means accepting your mother into our lives in a unique way. And if I do that, I can’t very well exclude my mother, or my sister. Is that what you want?

“If what you said earlier, about wanting to have children with me is true, then, in accepting you and your mother, I’m bringing you a harem of sorts. Are you ready for that?”

“Who in hell knows? What happened between me and Mom was an accident, neither of us were looking or prepared for. If she hadn’t hurt her wrists, it probably would never have happened.

“Somehow your mom clued into it and suggested a threesome occasionally. I was in the kitchen and overheard her, so I called her out and arranged for her to stop by tomorrow so we could surprise my mom. Things sort of got out of hand and we had a quickie threesome on the spot. My mom invited yours to come over tonight to spend the night, but that’s probably out of the question now.”

He pulled her bra down her arms and dropped it on the couch. His hands slid down her sides and into her panties, caressing her buttocks. She grabbed his hands. “Sorry, not a good idea. I’m surprised you didn’t taste the blood last night. I was a bit of a mess when I woke up.”

“Damn. When?”

“My first two days are usually the heaviest, with probably more flow than you want to deal with on the third day. By Tuesday, she fatih escort should be open for visitors,” Patti smiled. “Just for the record, all that stuff before about us having children, and who could sleep with who, was that supposed to be a marriage proposal?”

Paul cocked his head to look at her, his hands still in the back of her panties. “And if it was?”

“No, no,” she chided him. “None of that; yes or no?”

“Then,” he hesitated two or three seconds, watching the smile in her eyes trying to avoid her mouth. “Yes.”

“Then,” she said, reaching up to pull his face down for a kiss, “yes.” Her eyes were dancing with happiness when she broke the kiss. “I think we should go tell our mothers. Mine is going to flip her lid.”

They walked into the kitchen, hand in hand. As soon as she saw Sally, still fully dressed, Patti went, “Tsk Tsk, Momma, you’re over dressed. Paul told me this is a nude zone. Hurry and get stripped, we have some news for you.”

Open mouthed, again, Sally stood up and pulled her top off. “Can I help, Sally?” offered Paul, walking to her and unfastening her bra. Rita joined in and managed to grab the zipper pull on her slacks. Sally unfastened the button and Paul pushed slacks and panties to the floor, then rejoined Patti. He whispered something to her, eliciting a saucy smile.

“Momma, you didn’t tell me you had been invited to spend the night here tonight. I was going to invite Paul to spend the night with me, but I guess I can’t do that now.”

“Patti, last night was bad enough. If Di had been home, I would have come down and made Paul leave.”

“Oh, Momma! You’re not protecting Di from anything. She knows all about the birds and bees, and men and women. She’s already surveying her classmates to find her date for New Years Eve so she can give up her cherry after midnight.”

She turned to Paul, “Di was born on New Years Day, can you believe it? We’ve talked a lot about what she should be looking for. She’ll freak out tonight when I throw my fiancé into her bunch of guys to consider.”

Sally looked at her daughter, consternation on her face. “What bunch…Fiancé? Who…when…what…Patti! What the fuck are you talking about?”

Rita had walked around the table and was hugging the two young adults. “I guess that means you two have settled Patti’s concerns.”

Paul nodded. “She’s going to go home tonight to stay with Diane, while you and I entertain Sally as we had planned.”

Rita looked at Patti, the question plain. She nodded. “My period started this morning and I’m not in any shape to participate. This seemed to be a good way to announce my acceptance of the situation.

“Paul has promised that when I do join the group, I can be first if I want to, but I will definitely be the last one in the group he fucks.”

Sally had made her way to the group. “Patti, baby, are you sure?” She looked her daughter in the face. “Are you sure this is what you want, this kind of open marriage?”

“Momma, Thursday morning, I saw Paul in the Student Union, and when I saw he left me his cell number, I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t stop smiling all day. And yesterday, after we made the date to go to the movies, I felt like I was floating all day. And last night…mmm!!

“This afternoon, when we barged in, I was shocked, as much at the nudity as at what Paul and, may I call you Rita, Rita were doing. His explanation reminded me of some other stuff I had read, and since children won’t be an issue with them, the fact they are mother and son isn’t anybody’s business but theirs.

“I’ve come to expect that men are going to cheat. I saw it in high school. I’ve seen it this year on campus, you say Daddy did, my friends’ dads did. Hell, I knew of at least two of my high school teachers who were cheating on their wives, with other teachers! At least this way, I know who with, and with the three or four of us, we should provide enough variety to keep him home.”

“Four?” asked Rita.

“Paul, close your ears. If you hear this, she’ll kill me.” He grinned and went to the bathroom. “Di has had a crush on him for years. I’ve heard her call his name sometimes when, you know. I’m sure when I tell her he will be available for her on her birthday, she’ll stop hunting for so…”

They heard the toilet flush. “So, anyway, you three can have your good time tonight. Paul said I had to give you both my permission, and you have it, whenever he isn’t busy in my box; just remember we all have to share, so be gentle with him,” she laughed.

Paul walked Patti back into the living room and watched her as she dressed. “Damn,” he said. “I wish…”

“Me, too,” she said, smiling. “Tuesday. We can send Di back here to help Rita, and you can spend the night with me and Mom. Will that make up for having to wait?”

“Probably not, but it’ll help. Next weekend, you’ll stay here?” He bent down to nibble at her neck.

“You, sir,” she moaned, “are a fucking tease. I’m so glad you encouraged me to use that word. It has come in very handy.” Paul laughed and released halkalı anal yapan escort her.

“If you’re gonna go, go. As far as I’m concerned, messy is no impediment to making love. Which I will demonstrate to you sometime soon.” He smiled at her shocked expression.

“It turns a lot of guys off, but I’m not one of them. In my sophomore year, I dated a girl who had painful periods; her roommate told her sex was a sure fire way to relieve the pain. Twice a day and she was pain free, mostly.”

Patti shook her head. “Reverse Psychology, and now naturopathic medicine. Any other talents you’re hiding.”

“I’m a fair cook of microwave meals, and play a mean shoe horn in the hat band. That’s about it.”

“You’re crazy, but I love you.”

“Love you, too, babe. I’ll drive Sally home tomorrow. See you then.” he said, kissing her lightly. “Now, go, or Di will be calling the cops looking for you and your mother.”

“You be good to momma; she’s had a hard afternoon. Make it a harder night.” She laughed and ran out the door and down the driveway, feeling, again, like she was floating.

Paul walked back into the kitchen. Rita was sitting at the table sipping at her drink through a straw. Sally was bent over pulling on her panties, her back to the door. Paul signaled his mother not to say anything, then sneaked up behind Sally and pulled her panties back down. She fell on to the table, enabling him to pull them off her feet. “Paul!” she screamed. “What are you doing?”

“Don’t you remember, this is a nude zone. And Patti gave me some very definite instructions regarding you. She said you’d had a hard afternoon, and I was supposed to make it harder.”

He reached for the voluptuous blonde. When she felt his hands on her waist, she twisted away and faced him. At five-three, she had to tilt her head back slightly to look at his face. The nine inch differential in their height was substantial.

“Make it harder? What does that mean?”

“I heard her give you and Mom permission to avail yourselves of my service whenever it was available to you, so I expect she meant I was to make whoopee with you; isn’t that what the song says?”

“I can’t do that with you now; you’re my future son-in-law.”

“True, your future son-in-law who has been instructed by his future wife to fuck the bejeezus out of his future mom-in-law. You don’t want me to get into trouble with my future wife, do you?” He moved toward her, she side stepped away from him.

“Rita! Speak to your son! Make him behave!” She had run into the wall, and was looking for a way to avoid him. Suddenly, he was hoisting her over shoulder. “Paul! Put me down, right now!” she screamed. “Rita! Do something!”

“I’ m sorry, Sally. There’s nothing I can do,” she said, holding up her casts. “Besides, isn’t it a little hypocritical of you, saying it’s okay for me to fuck my son, my blood relative, but it’s not okay for you to fuck someone who is only going to be related by law some time in the future.”

Paul looked at her, sitting there, nude. “Why don’t you come join us in a half hour or so? Will you be okay until then?”

“I’ll be fine. Will that be long enough?”

He reached up and pushed his fingers into the space between Sally’s thighs from the back, searching for her lady. When he found it, Sally shook her hips to dislodge his finger. Feeling the moisture, he just grinned at his mother. She laughed.

“Paul Tomkins! You put me down right now,” Sally ordered him.

“In a minute, Ma.” he replied.

“Ooo!” she growled. “You just wait until I tell Patti what you’re doing. She won’t stand for this.”

They were in the upstairs hallway. Paul flipped her over and pulled her down so he was cradling her in his arms. “Now that’s about as empty a threat as I’ve ever heard. I’m only doing what she told me to do.” He turned into his room and carried her to his bed. Knee walking up onto the bed,he dropped her in the center. After the bounce, he lowered his head and caught one of her nipples in his mouth.

“Oh god, you little…unnnh”, she reacted to his teeth grazing the tip of the nipple. “Damn you. What are you going to do to me?”

He turned so he could look at her face without relinquishing the breast. “Evwe fwing,” he said around the nipple.

“Ooohhh!” she said, her eyes wide. “Oh, no, not…you can’t try to put that thing up my butt! You’ll kill me!”

“Okway,” he replied, “evwe fwing elph.” grinning.

She laughed and collapsed on the bed. “Oh, shit! What have we got ourselves into?”

Paul let go the tit and pulled himself up beside her, capturing her mouth in a tender kiss. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to do this with you? Do you remember the first time we met?

“It was ten years ago, you and Mom had just started working for the doctors, and they were having their annual beach picnic for the families. You were there with the girls, and I was with Mom. You were wearing a brown and black bikini and brought your blanket to lay down by ours.

“You said hello to Mom and introduced your girls to her, then Mom introduced me to you. I thought you were the prettiest woman I’d ever seen in real life. When you turned away to take your cooler to the picnic area, I told Mom some of your pussy hair had escaped from your suit. She caught up with you and said something. I could see the blush from where I was.



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