There are no underage characters in this story. All characters portrayed are over 18-years-old. This story directly relates to my previous story, Mom’s First, Blind, Internet Date.


Emma forced her son, Michael to have incestuous, oral sex with her. Then, once he was hard, she forced him to make love to her and fuck her. Not an easy thing to force a man to make love and fuck a woman but she was his mother and he was her son. He’d do anything to please his mother, even have sex with her.

Warning from the author: Meant for mature readers, this chapter contains explicitly graphic mother and son sex. Those who are offended by and who don’t enjoy reading adult stories that portray mother and son incestuous, sexual situations, please read my other chapters first. They are more erotic than sexual in nature. Those of you who enjoy reading about mother and son sex, especially when the mother controls her son to get what she sexually wanted from him, please continue reading. All that I ask is that you vote and comment on this chapter before masturbating yourself. Thanks, Violet Christine.

### MyMomChristinetheIncestWhore ###

Continued from Chapter 10:

Once he was hard enough, she abandoned stroking his cock to cup his hairy balls in the palm of her warm hand in the way he couldn’t wait to cup his mother’s sweet pussy in the palm of his horny hand. Once he was hard enough, she stopped stroking him to slide her body halfway down the length of him to take him in her mouth. While staring up at him with her big, beautiful, brown eyes, she kissed his chest and his stomach on her way down while holding his hard cock in her hand as if his stiff prick was a grab handle.

With his mother giving him a blowjob deemed the incestuous point of no return, he couldn’t believe his mother was sliding down lower in readiness to take his erect dick in her mouth. He couldn’t believe his mother was ready to blow him. Only, with him thinking that he’d have to finger and lick his mother’s pussy first before she sucked him, he was glad that she was preparing herself to blow him now instead of later. In the way that his ex-girlfriend, Ginger, always did and enjoyed doing, he’d love nothing more than for his mother to take his engorged prick in her mouth and suck him while stroking him.

While she held his hard, hairy prick in her soft, motherly hand, as if she was someone other than his mother, he watched her finger the head of his stiff prick while slowly stroking his erect prick. He couldn’t believe his mother was not only touching and holding his prick but also stroking his prick. Then, while continuing to stroke his prick, she looked up at him and smiled. Sexually teasing him, she slid a slow tongue across her red, full lips. Obviously suggesting by her body language what was to happen next, his mother was so sexy.

“That feels really good Emma. Apparently, I don’t have to show you how to give a hand job. You already know,” he said with a dirty laugh.

While she held his hard, hairy prick in her soft, motherly hand, as if he was imagining it, he watched her kiss his prick while slowly stroking his prick. He couldn’t believe his mother was kissing his prick while stroking his prick. While she held his hard, hairy prick in her soft, motherly hand, as if he was dreaming it, he watched her lick his prick while stroking his prick. He couldn’t believe his mother was licking his prick while stroking his prick. While she held his hard, hairy prick in her soft, motherly hand, as if sexually fantasizing it, he watched her look up at him while fingering his prick, kissing his prick, and licking his prick.

She stared up at him as if she was someone else other than his loving mother. Teasing him with her lips and with her tongue, she held his stiff prick in her hand while poised to take him in her mouth. As if time stood still, he watched his mother move in slow motion. He watched her slowly open her mouth and lower her mouth down lower and lower to his erect cock. Then, as if the first time she gave him a warm bath, when he felt the warm wetness of his mother’s mouth, he couldn’t believe his prick was in her mouth. His mother was blowing him. His longtime, incestuous, sexual fantasy come true, he couldn’t believe his mother was blowing him.

When he felt her tongue swirling around his stiff prick, he couldn’t believe she was sucking him. His mother was sucking his cock. He stared down at her sucking his cock. Wanting to see, he moved her long brown, lush hair out of his way so that he could watch his erect prick in his mother’s mouth and watch her blowing him.

He couldn’t believe his mother was blowing him. His mother was sucking his cock. He couldn’t believe his mother was sucking his cock. Unable to wrap his head around his mother giving him oral sex, he couldn’t believe his mother was sucking him. His sexual fantasy come true, he couldn’t believe his mother was stroking, kissing, licking, and sucking his cock.

‘Oh, my God. Oh, esenyurt ucuz escort my God. Oh, my God. This is so amazing,’ he thought. ‘This is it. This is really it. I can’t believe it. I can’t believe this is really happening. My mother is sucking my prick. My mother is blowing me. My mother is stroking my prick while sucking my prick.’

Chapter 11:

Yet, up one minute and down the next, Michael ruined his incestuous, sexual good time, as soon as he thought of God and his mother in the same thought. No ands, buts, ifs, or maybes, he knew he’d be going to Hell just for the incestuous thoughts of having sex with his mother. For what they were about to do, he knew they’d be burning in Hell’s flames for all of eternity.

What’s wrong with him for even thinking about having sex with his mother? This was his mother and not some whore? What’s wrong with him for wanting to see his mother naked? What’s wrong with him for wanting her to see him naked? She’s his mother and he’s her son. He shouldn’t be thinking of his mother in such a sexually forbidden way. He suddenly had the urge to fall to his knees and ask God for forgiveness.

Never mind actually going through with having sex with his mother, just for fantasizing about having sex with his mother while masturbating himself, was reason enough for him to be doomed and destined for Hell. He couldn’t count how many times he masturbated himself over the thoughts of imagining his mother in her bra and panties, topless, and/or naked. He couldn’t count how many times he masturbated himself over the imagined thoughts of his mother blowing him and him making love to and fucking his mother.

Afraid that he was invoking the wrath of Hell upon his head, he envisioned himself in Dante Alighieri’s Hell’s Inferno. He imagined the 10th circle of Hell, a newly created circle of Hell below even that of the sacrilegious, murderous, and greedy Bishops, Cardinals, and Popes who blurred the lines between church and state, right and wrong, and evil and holy. As soon as he had sex with his mother, he’d be doomed. As soon as God knew what he had done and as soon as he told Saint Peter what he had done, they’d reserve a special place in Hell for him and for his mother.

With God showing them no mercy and no forgiveness, burning in Hell’s fires 24 hours a day, seven days a week, they’d be feeling the pain of their incestuous, sexual actions for all of eternity. Knowing that they’d be going to Hell for having incestuous sex, would it be worth going to Hell then to have sex with his mother now? Was it worth burning in Hell for all of eternity to see one another naked and for them to have sex with one another? Knowing they’d be damned for forever, what may be worth the price of admission to Hell now surely wouldn’t be worth the price they’d have to pay later?

Trying to justify having sex with his mother, he thought of all of those who were damned and doomed to Hell. He thought of murderers, serial killers, and terrorists. He thought of rapists, kidnappers, and pedophiles. Hiding behind the cloak of serving the public while privately enriching themselves, he thought of crooked politicians who hurt millions of citizens by referring to the unemployed, the elderly, and the mentally ill as entitled. Entitled? How dare they?

The only ones entitled are the crooked politicians who deem themselves entitled enough to pass pork barrel laws in their favor and payback legislation for donations to their campaigns. The entitled are greedy politicians who decimated manufacturing and sent jobs overseas in exchange for payola. While we work 40-years without retirement benefits and/or medical coverage, the entitled are greedy politicians who earn retirement benefits and lifelong medical coverage for serving one term in the senate or in the house. The entitled are those evil politicians who send our sons and daughters to fight and die in a war for oil and for money. Surely those greedy politicians deserve a special place in Hell more than he and his mother did.

He thought of greedy investment bankers, the insurance company executives, the derivative brokers, the Wall Street stockbrokers, and those financial consultants, who crashed the financial markets while earning hundreds of millions of dollars without spending a day in jail. He thought of all of those responsible for causing people to lose their homes, their jobs, their life savings, and their retirement plans. What gives them the right to dump so much misery on hardworking people? Tell me. Who are the entitled ones now?

He thought of priests, teachers, and relatives who sexually abused children. He thought of all those lords of war and murderous dictators who deserved a special place in Hell. How dare they? Surely they deserved a special place in Hell more than he and his mother did. All they were intent on doing was showing their love for one another by having sex, albeit incestuous sex.

When he compared himself to esenyurt üniversiteli escort all of those evildoers listed above who’d surely be doomed to Hell, when he compared him and his mother to all of them, he couldn’t see why they should go to Hell? They paled in comparison to the real sinners who the Devil should reserve a special place in Hell for them. What are they doing other than loving one another? Having sex with a blood related relative shouldn’t be deemed a sin punishable by eternal damnation.

So what if they have sex, incestuous sex, they’re both mature, consenting adults. What’s wrong with him lusting over his mother and his mother lusting over him? What’s wrong with him seeing his mother naked and her seeing him naked too? What’s wrong with him fingering and licking his mother’s pussy and her stroking and sucking her son? What’s wrong with him making love to his mother before fucking his mother and his mother making love to him before fucking him? Michael didn’t understand why they should be doomed to Hell. He didn’t see their sin. He only saw their love, albeit their forbidden love.

Yet, in the way that evil took hold of him to sexually and incestuously lust over his mother, good took control of him now for him to see the folly of his mistakes. Just as it was wrong for him to sexually lust over his mother, it was wrong for him to have incestuous sex with her. It was as if he had God on his right shoulder commanding him and the Devil on his left shoulder tempting him.

Now that she had his penis in her hand and in her mouth, how could he look at himself in the mirror? How could he look at his mother without thinking of his hard, hairy cock in her mouth? He needed to stop this right now before it went any further. He needed to apologize to his mother for sexually taking advantage of her kind and loving nature by incestuously lusting over her.

### MyMomChristinetheIncestWhore ###

“Mom. Mom, please. Mom, no. Mom, stop. Mom. I can’t do this. This is wrong,” he said trying to move his penis away from her mouth. “This is so very wrong. Mom, you mustn’t do this. Please stop. Please don’t.”

In the way that Vincent wouldn’t take no for an answer with her, Michael’s mother, Emma, wasn’t taking no for an answer with him either. No turning back, as if she was a whore he paid for the night, she continued stroking her son while sucking her son. Obviously determined to have him cum in her mouth, she stroked him faster while sucking him deeper. In the way his mother was stroking and sucking his cock, giving him an even better hand job and blowjob than Ginger ever gave him, there was no need to teach his mother anything about stroking and sucking cock. With him nearly ready to cum in her willing mouth, she was an expert at stroking and sucking his cock.

Only, suddenly realizing again the price he’d pay in eternal damnation for having sex with his mother and for his mother giving him a blowjob, he couldn’t do this. Sounding good in his sexual fantasies at the time but now that his sexual fantasies were his realities, eternal damnation was much too high of a price to pay for the sexual pleasure of his mother’s mouth. He couldn’t go through with it. He didn’t want to spend all of eternity burning in Hell for the incestuous, sexual mistakes he made with his mother in life.

This was his mother and not some whore who looked like his mother that he picked up in a bar and went home with her for sex. He couldn’t cum in his mother’s beautiful mouth, he just couldn’t. Bad enough that his mother had seen him naked and touched, felt, and fondled his naked body, he needed to control his incestuous lust for his mother. He needed to be the strong one. He needed to stop this forbidden, sexual behavior. He needed to refrain from having incestuous sex with his mother.

He had more respect for his mother than to treat her in that deplorably wicked, sexual way. He’d never forgive himself if he ejaculated his cum in his mother’s mouth. He’d never forgive himself if his mother swallowed his warm, oozy load. Her blowing him would haunt him for the rest of his life. He could never look his mother in the eyes again without being reminded of her with his cock in her mouth.

He tried to move his body away from her while gently pushing at her shoulder and at her head. For him to release the hold she had of his prick with her hand and with her mouth, he finally had to push her to the floor. Once she was stroking and sucking his prick, as if a dog with a bone, she didn’t want to let go. Once his prick was in her hand and in her mouth, she was determined to give him an orgasm.

“Emma, God damn it, Michael. Emma. My name is Emma. Jesus, Michael. Call me Emma, you little shit,” she said looking up at him with anger instead of with love or with lust. “Fuck! You’re ruining my good time and my mood. Now I must start all over again stroking your cock and sucking your cock,” she said with etiler escort a dirty, little laugh.

Obviously, not taking no for an answer and for her to react in such a violent way by calling him a little shit, she was sexually frustrated. Obviously, not happy with him stopping her from stroking him and blowing him, angry with him, she was unhappy that he rejected her. Not allowing him to take control of this sexual situation, while Michael stuffed his cock back in his underwear, Emma stood and was ready to unbuttoned and removed her blouse. When he sat up ready to leave her bedroom, as if she was a sailor away at sea too long and he was a hooker hired for the night but prematurely leaving, she shoved him back down on her bed.

### MyMomChristinetheIncestWhore ###

“Mom, what are you doing? God! Jesus! No! Please don’t remove your clothes in front of me,” he said. “God! Oh, my God!”

He looked at her with confusion and misgivings mixed with sexual excitement while she looked at him with incestuous lust and sexual arousal. She now looked at him in the way he always looked at her. He knew by the crazed look in his mother’s eyes that he’d be having sex with her. He knew that when he died, he’d be going straight to Hell.

“Stay there and don’t move, you little pansy,” she said talking to him as if he was her dog instead of her son and soon-to-be lover. “And stop calling me Mom. My name is Emma. Call me Emma. I need to play this role of incestuous detachment for me to have sex with you. Otherwise, I can’t have sex with my son. Having sex with my son is gross and nasty but if you refer to me as Emma instead of Mother, I can remove myself from the thought of me as your mother and you as my son.”

As if she was a stripper on stage doing a private striptease show, she unbuttoned her blouse to show him her the tops of her meaty breasts, her long line of sexy cleavage, and her low cut, sexy bra. As if doing a bra commercial or a sexy, lingerie fashion show, with her as the Victoria Secrets’, supermodel star but without the angel wings, she removed her blouse while turning one way before turning the other way. As if he was dreaming of his mother undressing, Michael couldn’t believe he was finally seeing his mother in her bra. Something he had never seen of his mother before, he couldn’t believe his mother was immodestly and immorally standing before him in her skirt and bra.

Then, if seeing his MILF of a mother in her sexy brassiere wasn’t shocking enough, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. As if waiting for an imaginary drumroll to finish prior to the sound of the symbol, taking her sexy, sweet time, she slid her bra straps from her shoulders and arms, first one and then the other. Holding her bra cups in place with both hands, she slowly removed her bra, first one bra cup and then the other. Recording the images of her naked breasts as if his eyes were video cameras, he’d remember this moment when his mother strip off her bra for the rest of his life.

‘Her breasts are incredible,’ he thought. ‘They’re so big, bigger than I even imagined. My mother’s tits are as big as my ex-girlfriend’s tits.’

Indeed, such a forbidden and erotic sight to see, his mother was topless. He couldn’t believe his mother was topless. Her big, natural breasts were right there and not three feet away from his horny eyes. They were so big. They were so shapely. They were so beautiful. They were so lovely. Except for Ginger’s big, shapely, natural tits, his mother’s breast were the best breasts he had ever seen. Her areolas were perfect and her nipples were erect and huge. Nothing more than a forbidden fantasy before, never had he imagined that tonight would be the night that he’d be having sex with his mother.

As if he was a man dying of thirst in the desert, he couldn’t wait to touch her big boobs. He couldn’t wait to feel her tits. He couldn’t wait to fondle her breasts while fingering, turning, twisting, and pulling her erect nipples. As if she was his lover instead of his mother, he couldn’t wait to suck her nipples.

Only, not wanting to be damned to Hell for all of eternity, needing to control himself, he didn’t dare do any of those things. Bad enough he was thinking of doing all of those things, he had to continually remind himself that this was his mother and what they were doing was incest. Under the eyes of God and the Catholic Church and illegal in most states and countries, what they were doing was wrong. What they were doing and about to do was forbidden, gross, and nasty. She was his mother and he was her son. How dare they even ponder the forbidden thought of having incestuous sex?

### MyMomChristinetheIncestWhore ###

While staring at him with the same sexual lust that he stared at her over the years, with her not done stripping, she unbuttoned, unzipped, and removed her skirt while staring at him staring at her. Topless now and naked but for her white, sheer, bikini panties, she posed for him as if she was stripper on stage. He could clearly see the dark shadow of her pubic hair and the shadow of his mother’s ass crack. Then, without further delay and without warning, she pushed down her panties. Within two minutes of not allowing him to leave her bedroom, she was naked. His mother was naked. He couldn’t believe he was seeing his mother’s naked body.



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