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It would be the understatement of the century to say that Alka was confused. At 18 years, she was shrewd enough to gauge many things that happened around her with the exception of those few strange happenings inside her own house. She wasn’t unduly concerned about Atul, her elder brother. She dismissed his frequent gazes as one among those inevitable hazards of growing as a beautiful girl. However, she couldn’t digest her mother’s gradual transformation for more than four years which suggested that there was something fishy going on between Atul and her mother.

The sequence of events looked so simple and obvious. Not so surprisingly, they all happened on weekdays when Alka’s father would be away for work. Atual invariably followed her everywhere in the house and was more than curious to have some conversation going. She felt extremely delicate watching her own brother lustily gazing her breasts and legs as they spoke. The spark in his eyes resembled that of those shameless onlookers she came across every day whenever she ventured out. He once even attempted to have a handful of her breasts which she ignored as he apologized at once saying that it was accidental. But, what she witnessed soon wasn’t accidents by any means.

It was a Saturday and Alka’s mid term exams were about to commence from the next week. After a few hours of serious study, she decided to retreat to her room for some sleep. Just as she was about to enter her room, she casually looked down from the stairs and found that her mother and her brother had vanished from the sitting room. Her heart began thudding fast as she stood perplexed for a while. She didn’t know if it would be decent to go downstairs and see what her brother and mother were up to. She also knew that whatever it be, they were not about doing anything decent either.

She came over her initial hesitation and walked down the stairs like a cat. She froze to notice that her mother and brother were inside the bedroom and the door had already been closed. She knew that she could get a clear view of inside if she manages to get to the rectangular hollow box in the wall which was made for bringing an additional power line. Once she did, her eyes swelled in shock which soom turned into excitement.

Mom was leaning on the wall while Atul watched her from the bed. They were smiling at innovia escort each other till Mom pulled of her nightie over her head much to the delight of her horny son. She didn’t stop there as she unhooked and got rid of her bra before sliding her petticoat down her legs posing to her son with just her panties on. Like a typical nymph, she ran her fingers on her breasts and squeezed her nipples. Atul was seen pulling out his dick after unzipping his trouser and his eyes gazed at his mother while his dick began growing. Mom kept caressing her left breast while her other hand reached well below her abdomen right in between her legs. Soon her eyes closed as she let a couple of her fingers into her clit daring through her public hair.

Alka kept watching as the sense of disgust was dying a natural death while her curiosity took over. Her eyes alternated between her mother and her brother as she was about to witness the unprecedented.

“Still need more?” Mom asked Atul.

“Yes,” Atul asserted. “Your nipples aren’t harder yet.”

A mild lightning struck Alka listening to the erotic talk of Atul. Mom resumed playing with her clit by thrusting her fingers faster and deeper.

“I want you inside,” Mom said pleadingly. Atul kept watching as Mom went about fingering herself in frenzy.

“Atul, My son,” Mom moaned. “I can’t wait any longer; take me.”

“Come here,” Atul sounded as though he was issuing an order. “Suck my dick first.”

Alka shook again as she watched Mom almost jumping on Atul’s dick. The young girl’s eyes widened seeing her mother softly stroking Atul’s dick. Mom leaned forward and almost rested her head on Atul’s laps before taking his hardened long dick inside her mouth. Alka wasn’t batting her eyelids while she watched her brother’s long boner being devoured by her mom. Atul’s head swayed from side to side feeling the softness of his mother’s mouth engulfing his shaft and soon he was letting out moans of pleasure. Mom seemed to have settled down after her initial desperation as she was seen sucking her son’s cock very slowly. Alka was clever to know that Mom wasn’t going to let Atul explode soon. While Mom kept sucking Atul with enormous patience, Alka stood anxiously to see when Atul would eventually cum inside Mom’s mouth.

“Mom, my wonderful istanbul escort cock sucker,” Atul admired in an exciting tone. “I bet you love my dick.”

Mom seemed apparently pleased with her son’s appreciation as she picked up her momentum in her prolonged sucking session. Alka’s heart almost stopped listening to Atul’s loud groan after he exploded inside Mom’s mouth. For the first time since she started watching, she felt an itch underneath her panties. “I like it,” Atul spoke while gasping for breath. “You never waste a drop.”

“Why should I?” Mom giggled and got to the middle of the bed.

Atul pounced on Mom’s breasts holding them in each one of his hands, and buried his face in between them. He began with a very gentle squeezing which soon became harder and firmer. His thumbs got into the act by rolling her nipples around making Mom moan mildly. From her expressions, it appeared as though Mom loved to let her breasts and nipples teased. Her arms came around Atul to rest on his back.

Alka knew that her nipples were hardening beneath her bra as she watched her brother going at her mother’s breasts mercilessly. Mom was squealing in pleasure while Atul kept squeezing her breasts and kneading them as though they were made of wheat flour.

“Maul them, you bastard,” Mom screamed. “Don’t show any mercy on your mom’s tits.”

Atul was in a rage now as his hands held each one of his mother’s breasts with a demon strength and made his Mom squeal very loud. He pinched her nipples and tweaked them. Mom’s legs went wide and high while her son kept mashing her globes mercilessly. Mom’s hand grabbed his dick and began rubbing the head against her pussy lips. She flexed her body to let her son’s dick a little inside her pussy.

Alka kept watching with more of a delight than disgust as her brother mounted on her mother.

Mom let out a prolonged moan as Atul started thrusting his hard meat inside her pussy. They lay still for a split second as Alka realized that Atul’s dick had made its entry inside her mom’s pussy. The mother and son smiled at each other before Atul started pumping her very slowly. Atul’s dick wasn’t finding any difficulty in diving in and out of his mother’s pussy largely due to the countless experiences he had with her before.

“It comes kadıköy escort easy to you,” Mom admired. “Start now and don’t stop till I say.”

“Oh Yes,” Atul said with a smile as he motioned his body faster.

Alka felt as if her body was being set ablaze seeing the erotic adventures of her brother and mother. Mom had closed her eyes as if she was enjoying every bit of what her son was doing to her. She kept biting her lower lips in pleasure and did everything possible to excite Atul as he kept rigging her like a machine.

“I am going to cum,” Mom screamed all of a sudden.

Atul changed gears swiftly and he began fucking his mom in lightning speed. He was apparently excited to hear that she was on the verge of explosion and went hard at her making her moan louder and louder. His eyes grew in size as he watched his mom shaking her head frantically while her body was still humping up and down to let her son’s dick accomplish its mission.

“I can’t hold back anymore,” She screamed again.

Alka’s hands were tightly gripping the window beams as she kept watching her brother having a go at mom like a beast. It was amazing to hear the strange noises of erotic groans which her mother kept letting out which sounded like music to the rhythm of their bodies banging against each other. Atul seemed to have gained a lot of experience as his dick drove in and out of his mother’s cunt with amazing speed.

Alka’s eyes were now fixed at her brother’s monstrous meat which kept pounding mom’s pussy. As Atul spewed hot thick loads of semen into mom’s womb, she convulsed with the loudest of squeal. They gasped and grunted after their simultaneous explosion. Mom and Atul hugged each other after the gripping climax. It took a while for Mom to open her eyes and look at Atul who was looked like the most fulfilled man on earth.

“You are simply marvelous,” Mom admired.

“Thanks, mom,” Atul acknowledged the compliment.

“You are a wonderful mother-fucker,” Mom laughed.

Alka felt a shade of disgust creeping in her mind again. She has seen the unbelievable. Her hands reached between her thighs and her fingers at once felt the moisture on her panties. She couldn’t resist stroking her fingers against her pussy lips as she watched her naked brother get off the bed. Suddenly, she realized that she needed to vanish before getting caught by either of them.

Once she reached inside her room, she locked the door from inside and jumped on to the bed. She began eschewing the scenes she had witnessed and a huge question emerged from the bottom of the heart.

“Is sex so exciting?”



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