The next day, I saw Nora getting in to her car. We exchanged good morning greetings, but she said nothing about the night before. That evening she joined us for dinner, and she gave no sign of being awkward or uncomfortable around me.

After dinner, my wife left to meet gal pals for a night out, and I walked Nora to her door and politely ushered her inside. She was still nonchalant about last night, and I wondered what she was feeling.

My guess was that she had led a standard sex life, not a lot of dating, one husband to whom she was loyal, and her personal interests fulfilled through family and clubs and tennis. If men had tried to catch her attention, she just wasn’t interested. This is why my experiment intrigued me. Could I give Nora something to look forward to, a treat for herself now that she was getting older?

At her door she said, “I slept very well last night.”

I replied, “I hope you’ll pardon what I did to you last night, but I thought it might relax you.”

“Oh my god, it sure did,” she said.

She was giving me a green light, and I stepped into her living room. “Nora, was that your first time to feel that way?”

“Let’s just say, I’m glad you married my daughter,” Nora told me. And we both chuckled. Then she added, “I’m not very experienced in that way.”

My cock stirred as she spoke. “I guessed that you would enjoy it, and I hope you won’t be upset about it.”

“Upset?” she said, “No, but I was surprised by how I felt.”

“Now that you’re free to enjoy life,” I said, “You can find new ways to satisfy yourself.”

She looked thoughtful, and we sat quietly for a moment. We both knew she could light up like a torch and exhaust herself just from gentle touches, I was eager to take the next step.

“Nora, I’ve got to let the dog out, but is it okay if I come back?”

“My door is always open,” she answered.

I took my time to let her anticipate what might come next. When I tapped at her door, Nora answered dressed in her nighty clothes. A silky top fell down past her waist. If she thought that I would repeat her treatment halkalı otele gelen escort from the night before, she was mistaken.

My plan was grander. I wanted to see if Nora could be turned into not just a pleasure seeker but a crazy-for-cock aging cougar. There were logical steps to take, but each one would require forethought and care. Each step should widen the variety and offer more surprises and make her feel the joy of letting go. There should be no exact repeat of anything.

As Nora curled her legs up on the sofa, I saw that she wore not panties tonight. Little curly brown-blonde tendrils of her pussy hair flashed. It probably would have been easy to fuck her, but that wasn’t my plan.

We sat and talked while she made no effort to hid her pussy from my view. “Let’s try something new,” I said.

I stood and took her hand. As she stood up, I faced her and put my hands on her waist and lifted her straight up in the air. Her small body was easy to hold, and her little feet dangled down by my waist. Her pussy was at my eye-level, and it was the first time I saw closely even though my fingers were thoroughly familiar with it. The patch of pussy hair could not quite conceal the furrow of her pussy.

I held her aloft and drew her pussy to my lips as my tongue found her slit. Holding her up high, I walked to an easy chair and sat down. She rested her feet on the arms of the chair and held my shoulders, squatting with her pussy turned to my face. I drew her ass cheeks toward me and she arched to bring her pussy to my tongue.

Nora remained in this position while I teased her lips with soft gentle tongue touches. Her reaction made me suspect that it was the first time someone licked her pussy. I could tell she was taken by surprise, but she was compliant and willing to experiment.

This evening, I would only use my tongue to guide Nora to satisfaction. Probing long licks alternated with darting tiny touches around her clitoral area. Her yoga exercise served her well as I put her legs over my shoulders and halkalı rus escort she leaned backward with my face between her legs.

It didn’t take long for Nora to show signs of losing control. That’s when I backed off. I worked her to an edge of climax, then stopped. I propped her over the back of the sofa with her legs bending over the back and her pussy completely open and exposed. In that position, I licked her slit from ass to pubes with long, slow deep tongue strokes. Each time, she got excited as my tongue approached her clit, and each time I avoided to by sliding slightly to the left or the right. Then I started again from deep below and lapped her like a happy puppy. She was becoming verbal, calling out as she felt that her clit was about to be touched.

Then I would stop and walk away. I looked out the window and said, “Such a nice night,” as Nora lay there exposed and longing for more attention.

I returned and just tickled her between her legs with tiny light tongue touches. From bottom to top, side to side, as she struggled to direct my tongue to her magic button. I stopped and started over and over, building her into a state of near-panic.

Finally, I spoke, “This is the first time a man has licked your pussy, isn’t it?”

She had to gasp for enough breath to answer, “How could you tell?”

“And you know that I won’t let you have an orgasm, don’t you?” I said.

Nora groaned and pushed her torso upward, making the curve of her cunt raise up higher toward my lips.

“I’m going to lick your nipples now,” I said, and I pulled her to me so that her breasts were accessible. Each nipple was treated with TLC, licked and sucked, while Nora sat across my leg, struggling to stimulate her clitoral area on my leg.

“Some women can cum just from having their nipples sucked,” I told her. “Let’s see if you can.”

Poor Nora had worked herself into a such a state of arousal that her entire body was becoming a hair trigger. Even nibbling her ears aroused her. In her mind, she was probably thinking that I was getting halkalı türbanlı escort her ready to fuck. That was wrong, but I didn’t mind her expecting it. I was pretty sure she had only been fucked by her husband, but now she was ready for a new cock. It would not be mine, but she didn’t know that.

I returned to her pussy and repeated everything, being careful to take her to the edge but to pause and just watch her catch her breath. Her eyes pleaded with me to finish her off.

Experience had taught me that this kind of stimulation could only last for a while. Eventually, the lady would become so excited that she would cum from just the slightest touch. And dear Nora was getting there.

As I repeated my pace of fast firm licks followed by slow ones that barely made contact with her folds, her body was shaking and ready to break. At last, my tongue finally gently touched the point of her clit. She had been straining and moving for the last hour to have me touch it, but I saved it for this last moment.

She took off like a rocket. As she moaned and cried out, I casually flicked her pleasure point with the tip of my tongue. She had to be held firmly in place so I could be accurate, but her arms and legs and head were turning in all directions.

Once she had climaxed thoroughly, I lapped her slit with long extended tongue strokes, each time flatting my tongue and pressing firmly over and into the entire length of her pussy, ending with a long dancing finale over her clit as her orgasms just kept coming.

Limp as a noodle, I picked up Nora and took her to her bed. As exhausted as she was, I expected that she wanted to be fucked and expected to be fucked. And I wanted to fuck her. But that was not in the plan.

I covered tucked her in to bed and snapped off the light, “Good night, Nora,” I said as I closed her bedroom door.

The next morning, as my wife and I had coffee we saw Nora outside working in her flower garden. My wife smiled and said, “It looks like mom is happy here.” I nodded in agreement.

Then my wife told me, “We had a nice time out last night, and guess who we ran into at the club?”

I sipped coffee and asked, “Who?”

“Big Bill! You remember him?”

I certainly did remember Big Bill. In fact, he had been on my mind for the past few weeks. I wanted to introduce him to Nora.

I replied to my wife, “Why sure, Big Bill is a nice guy. We should invite him over.”



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